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Golf Porto Marina Beach

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This summer, come and discover one of North Coast's most exclusive beach: the brand new Golf Porto Marina Beach.

Golf Porto Marina Beach

Visit us to enjoy stress-free transportation to and from the beach, and a day of relaxation or mindblowing activities on the seafront.

Welcome at Golf Porto Marina

The Chairman's Foreword

Mansour Amer, Chairman of AMER Group

This website has been specially designed for you to discover our family oriented resort community, all our landmarks and activities, our tremendous parks and recreation facilities. Built around a spectacular lagoon and covered in luxurious greenery making it an oasis in the desert, Golf Porto Marina attracts international interests for its visual beauty, wealth of sporting facilities, fantastic shopping, lush landscaping and luxurious accommodation. Please enjoy the visit.

Mansour Amer
Mansour Amer
Chairman, AMER Group

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