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project name Ein Hills Sokhna
unit type Studios, townhouse, twin house, chalets and villas
owner company Shahawi Properties
installment systems The customer pays a 10% or 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 or 4 years
location In Ain Sukhna, near important pivotal roads and several other tourist villages, which creates a unique surroundings surrounding the village, and the location of the village of Ain Hills encourages you to spend the weekend there, as it is 127 km from Cairo

Spend a distinct and unique vacation behind the gates of Ein Hills Sokhna Resort

A new start offered by Shahawi Properties is in your hands in the heart of Ain Sokhna, close to the integrated city of El Galala and accessible from the Ring Road, which is Ein Hills resort.

Ein Hills Sokhna has many important ingredients for success, which makes it a very special investment in Ain Sokhna, Ein Hills Resort is located in an excellent location near the various tourist villages and close to important pivotal roads, enabling you to reach it in a few minutes.

Also, Ain Hills resort provides the residents with a variety of wonderful features and services that you will only find in Ein Hills Sokhna, in a specially designed for your comfort and to enjoy a great deal of privacy and comfort and also feel the beauty of the sea view directly.

Shahawi Properties also offers various facilities and prices that are the best in that area, and this is an encouragement to customers so that they can obtain all these advantages with ease and ease by booking their units in the village.

The distinctive location of Ein Hills

The location of Ein Hills is of great importance for the various projects, and Ein Hills is distinguished by it, as it is a huge resort that was built in the heart of Ain Sokhna, and this place enjoys its proximity to several other areas with many advantages.

This location is close to important pivotal roads and several other tourist villages, which creates a unique surrounding around Ein Hills resort, and the location of Ein Hills Resort encourages you to always spend your weekend there, as it is 127 kilometers away from Cairo, which is about 60 minutes by car only and becomes there.

It is very close to New Administrative Capital, about 47 km away from it, minutes away from the new city of El Galala, and a short distance from Porto Sokhna.

All this and more is distinguished by the location of Ein Hills Sokhna, as it is within short distances from several important places, making it easy to reach so that you and your family can enjoy special and fun times.

The architectural design of Ein Hills Sokhna Resort

Shahawy Properties offers many different aesthetic features within Ein Hills village, as it has been designed in the European style, which is characterized by sophistication, beauty, and urbanization.

Ain Hills has a wonderful architectural design, as it is designed in the form of tiered terraces that rise a number of meters above sea level so that all units have distinctive views of the sea and the wide green spaces that adorn the place.

There is a wonderful blending inside Ain Hills resort between the different elements of beauty, as it has a different design that mixes between the pure white sand, the picturesque crystal seawater, and also the very green landscape, which results in a unique image of shape and beauty.

Find out with us the features that you will enjoy in Ein Hills Sokhna

Shahawy Properties once again presents us with one of the most important projects it offers to clients. Ein Hills project is characterized by many unique features and various services that provide a life full of luxury and comfort for the residents inside.

And it also makes them spend very enjoyable times with a great deal of happiness and fun. Let us show you some of those distinctive features that characterize this village and distinguish it from others:

  • An exquisite engineering design that distinguishes Ein Hills from others, as it is in a gradient shape, which makes all units have a stunning view of the wonderful sea beach.
  • A unique location of Ein Hills in the heart of Ain Sokhna that makes it very easy to reach on vacations.
  • The executing company  also took care of the green spaces in Ein Hills that spread in Ein Hills village in a coordinated and harmonious way with the beautiful sand and the wonderful sea, which makes a distinct artistic painting.
  • The presence of large spaces between the units of Ein Hills so that the residents have complete privacy.
  • Artificial lakes of various sizes have been placed in several places in Ein Hills Ain Sokhna resort, which increases its beauty.

Many services are available to you alone..only in Ein Hills Sokhna

  • At Ein Hills Establishment of swimming pools of different sizes, covered and exposed, to suit all ages and desires.
  • At Ein Hills Providing a huge Crystal Lagoon on a space of ​​4200 meters and designing it in an innovative way that is very similar to the real beaches.
  • Artificial waterfalls are scattered in a striking and attractive form between the different parts of  Ein Hills village.
  • A large hotel with a distinguished group of rooms up to 150 rooms, equipped in a comfortable hotel style to receive visitors to Ein Hills village at any time.
  • The establishment of a new amusement park with a wonderful aqua park with many different beach games suitable for all ages at Ein Hills.
  • Establishing a recreational area dedicated to women, to ensure complete privacy and comfort for them, and is a unique feature that Ein Hills possesses.
  • The presence of an area with many different playgrounds that are suitable for a variety of sports, including football, squash, and basketball.
  • Inside Ein Hills a wellness center with a large gym and well-equipped gymnasium, as well as other recreational activities such as Jacuzzi.
  • The presence of a food court inside Ein Hills with a number of various restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services.
  • At Ein Hills a huge commercial mall with a number of large shops that provide you with everything you and your family need.
  • Insise Ein Hills a mosque with a distinctive architectural design was built on a large space to accommodate a large number of worshipers, and it is continuously sterilized and disinfected to maintain public safety.
  • A private garage to prevent overcrowding and overcrowding in Ein Hills resort.
  • An integrated security system has been provided to maintain safety and security within Ein Hills Ain Sokhna.

Various spaces and different units owned by Ein Hills Resort

The space of Ein Hills Ain Sokhna is about 50 acres, equivalent to 210,000 square meters, and it is a large space that has been divided in an innovative way to accommodate a large number of units, in addition to many facilities, and basic and recreational services that the residents enjoy.

It is also characterized by its design that resembles the gradation of terraces, which gives the entire place a direct view of the seashore, and Ein Hills El Sokhna was divided into parts so that the first part, which carried a small space allocated for the units, and the largest part for the various facilities.

A huge crystal lagoon with a space of ​​approximately 4200 meters, which is a large space, as it is similar in design to the real seashore, which increases the uniqueness of the place and the enjoyment of the residents inside.

There are different types of units vary in size to suit the different needs of customers, and these units are “studios, chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas” and we will present more information about the spaces of your units as follows:

  • The studios’ at Ein Hills spaces range from 44 square meters to 66 square meters.
  • Chalets in Ein Hills with a space of 56 square meters and up to 182 square meters.
  • As for the spaces of the townhouses in Ein Hills, it starts from 215 square meters.
  • As well as the spaces of the twin houses in Ein Hills start from 270 square meters.
  • In addition to the presence of standalone villas in Ein Hills with a space of 345 square meters.

Special prices have been released in Ein Hills

Prices are an essential component of the success of various projects, so Shahawi Properties was keen to provide competitive prices that are not available in that area and easy payment systems so that the customer can easily own a distinctive unit in this unique village.

Below we will explain more information about pricing and payment plans:

  • Ein Hills Studio prices start from 1,216,000 EGP.
  • As for Ein Hills chalets, their prices start from 1,624,000 EGP up to 3,113,725 EGP.
  • And Ein Hills townhouse units start from 5,214,000 EGP.
  • Ein Hills Twin houses with average prices start from 6,750,000 EGP.
  • In addition to Ein Hills  standalone villas, prices start from 8,767,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Ein Hills Ain Sokhna

  • The first plan: 10% down payment of the unit value, and the rest of the value is paid in installments over 8 full years.
  • The second plan: 20% of the total value of the unit and the rest of the amount paid in installments for a period of 4 years.

Book your unit now and enjoy a luxurious life at prices considered the best compared to the amazing services you will get.

You can pay the price of your unit in convenient installments according to the payment systems provided by the company over the longest payment period to suit the capabilities of all customers, so do not miss this opportunity from your hands.

The Real Estate Developer of Ein Hills Project

Shahawi Properties is a high-caliber company in the Egyptian real estate market, as it entered it in 1976 and was famous for practicing many different activities at that time.

In 2005, it began establishing the first companies of its large group, the Arab Cement Company, and also built the rest of the group’s companies, including a company in the field of concrete, a ready-made rock company, an engineering and contracting company, and finally, Shahawi Properties was established.

Shahawi Properties has carried from the first day a new view in developing the field of urban construction and building residential complexes, as it has designed and implemented many major engineering works, especially coastal ones until its name is engraved with letters of light in this field.

In the following, we will explain more information about the projects undertaken by the company, namely:

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