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project name White14 business complex
unit type Shops, administrative offices and commercial units
owner company MBG Developments
installment systems Flexible payment systems with advances starting from 20% up to 35%, repayment periods of up to 9 years, and there is a 45% discount if the payment is made in cash.
location In the new capital on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which helps in transportation to and from it.

In White 14 business complex, you can now own a unit.

If you are looking for a headquarters for your company or office, you will not find it more luxurious than White 14 Business Complex Mall, which provides you with a comfortable and quiet work environment away from sources of noise and pollution, in a place that pulsates with all standards of sophistication, luxury, and beauty.

This mall is “MBG Developments'” third project in the New Administrative Capital, and it is one of the largest real estate businesses in the country. It has worked hard to develop this project in a distinctive and attractive manner, with numerous amenities and factors of success for entrepreneurs.

And here it is innovating once more in this project, as it was created in a modern manner, enhancing the beauty and magnificence of the location, and a number of units were supplied within it, including various areas appropriate for collecting administrative and commercial works, both major and minor.

The location of the project was chosen with great care in the heart of Downtown, which is an important area in the capital and provides project owners with many unique features and services, so invest your money differently and book your unit with us now inside one of the most important projects in the capital, White 14 Complex.

The location of White14 business complex in the new capital

The new capital is one of the most important areas of the future, in which the state made a great effort to design the city in that distinctive way and implement it with such extreme precision. As a result, the project’s execution business was very careful to select the greatest locations in the new capital, ensuring that its location is distinctive and convenient to a number of key areas.

Because this project is located in the capital’s downtown region, which is one of the most important areas due to its high population density, all existing initiatives are guaranteed to succeed and prosper quickly.

  • White 14 Business Complex was built in one of the largest streets of Downtown, and this street has a width of 90 meters.
  • It is located on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which helps in transportation to and from it.
  • It is also not far from the tourist towers.
  • It also boasts a lovely view of the well-known Green River Park.
  • It’s also only a short walk from the well-known Al-Massa Hotel.
  • White 14 Business Complex is also within walking distance of the ministries district.
  • Moreover, White14 corporate complex is conveniently located near the ring road and the monorail station.
  • It is also not far from the government district, the ministries district, and the opera house.
  • As for the new capital airport, it is about 20 minutes away from the mall at most.
  • White Tower 14, the Administrative Capital, is also located next to a group of the most famous towers in the capital, such as Downtown Mall and Capital Diamond Tower.
  • It is also very close to the Mosque of Egypt and a large number of other vital facilities such as major hospitals and famous residential complexes.

Distinctive engineering design in White14 business complex New Capital

Architectural design plays a significant and effective part in the success and differentiation of diverse projects, and attention to external and interior engineering elements adds to the place’s beauty and grandeur. (MBG) has sought to develop a unique and attractive design for its latest project, White14 business Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

The project is distinguished by its unique architectural shape, which resembles the best international malls in terms of attractiveness, as well as its adherence to international safety and security requirements, which protects the safety of all who enter.

In addition to the great attention paid by the design supervisors to the decorations and internal divisions of the project, which gives a lot of breadths and highlights the unique view that the place has on the Green River Garden.

Learn about the various features of White 14 Business Complex Mall with us.

This project offers you many important competitive features that serve entrepreneurs directly and provide them with an appropriate work environment, multiple services, and many other ingredients that provide them with an upscale encouraging atmosphere, and it also keeps them away from any noise or pollution, and we will explain below some of those advantages within Mall:

  • White14 integrated business complex is located in the center of the New Capital, notably in one of its greatest neighborhoods, Downtown, which is known for its high population density and many other benefits that create significant possibilities of success for projects established in that region, increasing the number of investors who wish to purchase units in that important place.
  • As for the distinctive designs, there is nothing wrong with it. It is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind location with a distinct European flavor. It has been thoughtfully constructed, with all available space being utilized to accommodate a variety of units of various sizes, as well as other vital amenities.
  • Providing glass facades made of insulating glass to give more room to the place, in addition to isolating it from all noise causes.
  • In addition, a large fountain was constructed in front of the mall, providing a beautiful aesthetic view of the entire area.
  • A big number of units overlook it, providing a great view of those apartments, and it was also intended to incorporate a green space surrounding it that generates an atmosphere of calm and mental tranquillity for the project.
  • This project is considered an environmentally friendly mall, as it works with a solar energy system that supplies its units and facilities with the necessary energy, and this system does not cause any pollution.
  • To acquire consumer confidence and happiness, the company that built the project provides a variety of amenities and convenient payment mechanisms, as well as a variety of competitive prices.

Distinguished services with high quality that you get only inside White 14 Business Administrative Capital

White 14 project is one of “MBG Developments'” largest and most important projects in the capital. It has invested its experience and architectural capabilities in this project to ensure that it is built on solid foundations and that it is truly unique.

Also, all services and facilities have been placed inside it to assist in the creation of a suitable workplace, which is one of the most significant elements for project success, and we will discuss many of those important services and facilities in the following paragraphs:

  • A kid’s area has been provided with very entertaining games for children to spend fun times inside under supervision and care to keep them safe.
  • A number of elevators and escalators are located within White 14 Business Mall to enable transportation between the various locations.
  • There are also electronic gates that make it easier to get in and out of the building.
  • In the event of an emergency, the entire facility is surrounded by an electric generator.
  • An integrated fire-extinguishing system has been provided with devices and equipment at the highest level, which ensures the complete safety of the place.
  • A substantial section of the neighborhood is dedicated to restaurants and cafes that offer good service in a relaxing and friendly setting.
  • Installing a huge central air conditioning unit to serve the entire project unit in order to create a comfortable working environment.
  • Providing a high-speed internet network (WiFi) across the mall, which helps project owners do business.
  • Cleaning and sterilization services are also provided on a regular basis to ensure public safety inside
  • White 14, as well as a complete periodic maintenance service on all facilities and equipment inside the project to ensure that the owners enjoy exceptional service.
  • Providing a comprehensive security system that includes a large number of trained security personnel and a number of advanced video cameras that monitor all movements within White 14
  • Complex, assuring the greatest standards of safety and protection.

Different areas and various units you can find in White 14 Business New Capital

This large mall is being built on a large land area of ​​about 4,618 square meters, which is a large area that has been divided to contain a large number of distinguished commercial and administrative units. Assign it to other services and facilities.

There are two sorts of units in White14 business project: administrative and commercial. The building has been divided into (ground floor + 14 repeated floors), and the commercial units are located on the ground and first floors only, and from the second to the fourteenth floor it is allocated to the administrative units and we will show in the following More details about the units’ spaces:

  • The space of administrative units in White 14 Mall starts from 37 square meters.
  • As for commercial units, their space starts from 32 square meters.

White 14 Business New Capital offers affordable prices and simple payment methods.

Prices are one of the important attractions in this mall. The developer has provided clients with non-competitive prices and simple payment arrangements, ensuring their comfort and earning their trust. The rates and payment arrangements available within White 14 Business Complex project are as follows:

  • In commercial apartments, the price per meter starts at 90,000 EGP (there are special prices on the occasion of the launch of the project, and a meter starts from 65,000 EGP only).
  • The cost of administrative units begins at 23,000 pounds per meter.

White Mall 14 has several payment mechanisms.

  • First Plan: The total unit price is divided over 5 full years without a down payment.
  • The second plan: a 10% down payment of the unit price can be paid in full, then the rest of the value is to be paid in installments over 6 years.
  • The third plan: Through this plan, 15% of the unit value can be paid as a down payment, and the rest is divided over 7 years.
  • Fourth plan: The possibility of paying a 20% ​​down payment and splitting the rest of the value in installments for 8 years.
  • The fifth plan: providing the possibility of paying 30% of the total value of the unit as a down payment, then paying the rest over 9 years.
  • The last plan: 35% of the unit price can be paid in advance, then 15% will be paid after 5 years, and the rest of the value will be paid in installments after delivering the unit for a period of 3 years.
  • There is a 10% maintenance deposit.
  • To ensure maximum customer convenience, a discount of up to 45% of the unit value has been provided if cash is paid.

Here, and only here, you will find everything you dream and seek, in White 14 Business, by starting an integrated project amidst a distinctive work environment and a unique public environment, and you will also get all the services and many advantages you want.

This mall provides you with a very special opportunity to do your business better in one of the most important areas in the New Capital, in addition to the facilities and discounts that the company provides to all business owners and investors, so book your unit now and get everything you wish for.

The company that owns White14 Business Complex New Capital

MBG Developments is one of Egypt’s and the Middle East’s largest and most important real estate development and development enterprises. It has a lot of experience in this big industry, thus it’s a tough rival for a lot of big real estate firms.

That company’s investments are estimated to be worth around 10 billion pounds, and it also has a substantial stock of residential buildings, numbering around 800, that has been uniquely decorated to appeal to high-end consumers’ tastes.

In addition, more than 40,000 commercial and administrative units were delivered, all of which were designed and equipped to the highest standards, with special attention paid to providing all services and facilities that create an integrated work environment inside and outside the units, allowing project owners to conduct business in a calm and comfortable setting.

MBG Developments has done a lot of huge architectural works that have distinguished themselves from others in terms of location, design, and distinctive features that serve entrepreneurs in a large and effective way, and we will present in what I have some of those important projects:

  1. Pukka New Capital Compound.
  2. River Green Medical Mall.