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project details

project nameAcasa New Cairo
unit typeapartments
owner companyDar Al-Alamia Development Company
installment systemsclient pays 10% of the unit value as a contract provider, with the remainder paid in 7 equal installments.
locationIn the heart of New Cairo, specifically in Katameya in the Fifth Settlement, where luxury and luxury, while also being close to vital places and service facilities

Are you looking for opulence and distinction? Acasa New Cairo is looking forward to seeing you!

Welcome to Acasa New Cairo, where you will find a uniquely urban life that spans 5 acres and is defined by modern architecture, gardens, and attractive water features, as well as all the amenities that make for an exceptional living experience.

Dar Al-Alamia Development Company has implemented the compound in an attractive strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, which is known for its high-end neighborhoods and is far from sources of pollution and city congestion, and has provided housing units with amazing designs in order to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere within the compound.

Do not delay in booking your apartment in Acasa New Cairo to take advantage of a fantastic variety of integrated services and perks that will prepare you for the perfect life you have always sought, all at incredible costs and with simple and convenient payment methods.

Every day, the compound delivers a fresh high living experience that you have deserved.

Get to know the beautiful Acasa Fifth Settlement location

Acasa embodies one of the most important modern residential projects that many clients and investors flock to; the real estate developer has taken great care to design it in a modern and breathtaking European style, as well as the scenic landscape that all of the residential units overlook, to provide a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and psychological comfort.

Because selecting a high-end location is the first step in ensuring a project’s success, the company chose an appealing strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in Katameya in the Fifth Settlement, where luxury and luxury, while also being close to vital places and service facilities such as international schools, universities, hospitals, and government departments, as well as the most important roads and main axes that make the process of moving a breeze.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of the project location:

  • The Central Ring Road is about a 5-minute drive away.
  • The American University, which provides the greatest educational services for the people of the complex, is only 3 minutes away.
  • In the Fifth Settlement, the compound is a minute away from Seychelles Hospital.
  • The project is roughly a 15-minute drive from the new administrative capital.
  • Located in close proximity to Cairo International Airport; As the distance between them is about 25 minutes.
  • The compound is close to a group of the most luxurious residential complexes, including; Regents
  • Park Compound Fifth Settlement, Akoya Compound New Cairo, La Mirada Fifth Settlement, El Patio 7 Compound Fifth Settlement.

Acasa New Cairo Compound design

Acasa New Cairo was created with you and your family in mind for a comfortable and classy lifestyle

The owner company was responsible for the proper planning of the compound; they did not overlook any details, from the facility location to the design of the residential buildings, which are modeled after luxurious international styles, to the indescribable landscapes of stunning green spaces and sparkling crystal water, to the distinguished services provided to residents and other distinguishing features that make every Individual in comfortable luxury housing. dream come true.

Acasa Fifth Settlement Compound is meant to give a comfortable, upscale, and private lifestyle for its residents. It ensures that they may live in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by beautiful plants.

What are you waiting for?!! Now is the time to get your luxury apartment and experience an atmosphere of elegance, beauty, and charm that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most lovely features of Acasa New Cairo Compound

The compound was established to provide a diverse range of unique human experiences in order to foster a close-knit community; the property is an ideal location for a variety of leisure activities; and Here are some of its most striking qualities:

  • Walking, running, or cycling the spacious routes surrounded by the scenery in every direction is a daily delight for everyone who lives inside Acasa Compound.
  • Two security gates and a state-of-the-art parking garage.
  • Residents not only have easy access to their houses, but they also have a lovely atmosphere that fosters relaxation and psychological comfort thanks to the availability of tranquil green spaces.
  • The compound is nestled between four valleys, each with lovely gardens and swimming pools.
    Residents enjoy privileged access to the commercial sector from a private entrance.
  • Individuals’ privacy is respected within the compound, since admission and exit are restricted to their own cards, and there is a 20-meter space between each structure.
  • The excellent location in Katameya’s Fifth Settlement district, which comprises some of the city’s most exclusive residential communities.
  • Yoga can be practiced in the midst of some of the most stunning scenery in the world, allowing you to breathe in the freshest air possible.

Services offered by Dar Al-Alamia within Acasa New Cairo Compound

Acasa New Cairo not only provides essential services but also offers a wide range of entertainment options to its special consumers, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Acasa Fifth Settlement Compound has assigned a private driving lane for cars from the gates to the underground garage to offer a safe and comfortable living experience for customers.
  • The project contains a range of swimming pools suited for both children and senior people, allowing residents to live adjacent to the beautiful aquatic nature. Where everyone may take in the beautiful scenery.
  • There are prestigious restaurants and cafés that sell delicious cuisine and beverages prepared by the best chefs and staff.
  • Inside the compound, there are high-end boutiques that sell a wide range of local and international items to suit individuals with refined tastes.
  • Creating a high-end clubhouse where family and friends may enjoy the most wonderful moments of their lives.
  • Residents’ safety will be ensured by well-trained security and guard staff, as well as the installation of multiple 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Creating a children’s amusement area with a variety of fun games at a location that is safe and away from car traffic.
  • An open gym with the most up-to-date sports and fitness equipment for individuals who want to stay in shape.
  • A supermarket that offers all of the goods and services that a household requires.
  • To perform prayers and other religious ceremonies, a mosque in a beautiful Islamic design is being built.

Residential units and their different spaces in the compound

The architectural design of the compound strives to deliver a modern and exquisite experience in every meaning of the term; the compound consists of 16 modern residential buildings with luxury apartments with high-end finishes; each one enjoys a great deal of privacy and luxury; Residents get amazing views of the greenery, swimming pools, and clubhouses thanks to large windows and high ceilings; every feature of the location is a real expression of a distinct community seeking unforgettable experiences.

Each residential structure includes a ground level and three higher stories, as well as stunning entrances that greet residents and visitors, and each story is adorned with attractive glass facades that represent the project’s sophisticated image.

Acasa Compound includes 148 apartments of varying sizes to meet the taste and needs of every homeowner; which is:

Double View Apartment Units:

  • Ground-floor spaces range in size from 110 to 158 m2, with gardens ranging from 29 to 70 square meters.
  • The units on the higher levels range in size from 140 to 200 square meters.

Triple View Apartment Units:

  • Its spaces are up to 255 square meters.

Acasa New Cairo offers the best pricing and payment options.

Purchase your apartment in the Acasa Fifth Settlement Compound, right away to take advantage of competitive pricing that is incomparable to the number of services and benefits you will enjoy; Residential units are provided in the system that most fits you, whether it is semi-finished or fully finished, and the price per square meter ranges from 13,000 to 14,000 EGP.

In terms of payment, Dar Al-Alamia Development Company presented a flexible and simple structure in which the client pays 10% of the unit value as a contract provider, with the remainder paid in 7 equal installments.

There is an up to 8% cost for periodic maintenance, and you can get your unique property within three years after signing the contract.

All you have to do now is reserve your residential apartment to enjoy a tranquil and pleasant stay in one of New Cairo’s top locations, you can contact us for additional information.

Acasa New Cairo’s real estate developer

Dar Al-Alamia was founded in 1971 by Saleh Mohamed Abdullah as a luxury furniture company with a clear future vision and strategy for the Egyptian wooden furniture industry. It was always striving to provide products of the highest quality to meet the various tastes of customers, and as a result, it was able to gain a share in the local and global wood market.

The company was able to gain its credibility and good reputation through the implementation of many large projects, and established Dar Al-Alamia for Building and Construction in 2010 to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the real estate sector in Egypt, and also established “Dar Al-Alamia for Real Estate Development” through which it aims to launch its projects Leading all over Egypt to provide distinctive living experiences.

Acasa New Cairo Compound is one of the company’s most luxurious developments, combining high-end urban experiences with peaceful natural settings. It has a desirable geographic location near major highways and axes, as well as a brilliant green and aqueous environment that offers inhabitants the highest level of luxury and psychological comfort.

The following are some of Dar Al-most Alamia’s important prior works:

  • Galala University.
  • Japanese University.
  • New Ismailia University.
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