Armonia Walk Mall New Capital

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project details

project name Armonia Walk Mall New Capital
unit type Pharmacy, clinics, shops, administrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner company The Land Developments
installment systems The customer pays a 10% reservation advance of the unit price, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years
location n the seventh residential district R7, and it is considered one of the most prestigious residential complexes in New Capital

Here is the best investment project to achieve your dream for a better future!!

The successes of the land development company follow one after the other, eventually heading towards the launch of Armonia Walk Mall New Administrative Capital, to eventually achieve great success with investments amounting to half a billion pounds, the units within it vary to include medical units, administrative units, and commercial units.

The strategic location attracts many customers to it; As it is located in the seventh residential district, and next to it are many residential projects that improve commercial activity, the mall was built on a very large space to accommodate various units.

The project is considered one of the most luxurious malls in the capital; Where it provides all services, public utilities, and recreational activities that make it an integrated project with facilities, the real estate developer has provided a diverse and different package of unit space, competitive prices, and easy and flexible payment systems.

The prime location of Armonia Walk Mall

Usually, these projects aim to focus on a large residential space that is attractive to many customers, making the location more lively and suitable for investment.

Armonia Walk Mall is located in the seventh residential district R7, and it is considered one of the most prestigious residential complexes in New Capital and contains many services, public facilities, and recreational activities.

Armonia Walk is close to the nearby places where:

  • It is distinguished by its proximity to several residential projects and malls, including the Pyramids Mall, the capital.
  • Close to the Swedish University.
  • Close to the presidential district, the diplomatic district, which is about 800 meters away.
  • Armonia Walk has a direct view of the central axis and is located at the front of the Armonia compound.
  • Near To New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • Close to important roads and main hubs.
  • Close to the green river.
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • The most important project is Capital Prime Mall New Administrative Capital, by Eng. Raef Fahmy.
  • Armonia Walk Mall is 1.5 km from the Opera House.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque is 3.2 km away.
  • Armonia Walk Mall is 4.1 km from Government District, and the Convention Center is 4.8 km away.
  • It is 5.3 km away from the Medical City.
  • 5.5 km from the investment zone.

All these important locations close to Armonia Walk Mall make it an attractive strategic location for investment in the heart of New Administrative Capital.

The creativity of the real estate developer in providing a variety of designs with different spaces to suit all customers at Armonia Walk Mall…

The mall is part of Armonia Compound, which is located on a vast space of about 42 acres. The space of the mall is about 18,000 square meters, with a facade of 250 square meters on the central axis, and the percentage of buildings is 20% and 80% of the various green spaces.

The mall was designed in an architectural style and the units inside it varied, including commercial units, administrative units, and medical units, and the spaces varied as follows:

  • The space of restaurants and cafes starts from 80 square meters up to 160 square meters.
  • While the space of commercial units starts from 24 square meters up to 74 square meters.
  • As for the administrative units, the space starts from 24 square meters up to 125 square meters.

The real estate developer was keen to present a distinct and unique project in terms of attractive designs, all services, public facilities, and recreational activities provided within the project, and was keen on diversifying the units and spaces at competitive and imaginative prices, and very flexible payment systems to suit all customers who wish to own a unit inside Armonia Walk Mall.

Book your unit now and enjoy the various services and features within Armonia Walk Mall New Capital

  • Green spaces spread around the mall to give a wonderful view, comfortable to the eye, the serenity of mind, calm, and unparalleled psychological comfort, along with flowers and trees that emit distinctive scents and purify the atmosphere.
  • A huge commercial area that includes many shops for clothes, shoes, and bags, all of the world’s well-known brands.
  • Restaurants and cafés that offer food and drinks at a high level of service by the most skilled chefs, professionals in their field, and internationally distinguished.
  • A huge hypermarket that includes all the daily necessities you need at home.
  • Armonia Wall Mall features halls for meetings and businessmen and halls for holding parties.
  • It features a fitness center for lovers of sports activities, equipped with the latest devices and modern equipment.
  • The wonderful architectural design distinguishes Armonia Walk Mall from other malls in New Administrative Capital.
  • The project is characterized by the presence of a mosque for prayer designed in a unique and distinctive Islamic style.
  • Enjoy a new and unique banking experience with ATMs and enjoy a range of services such as withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, smart wallet charging, and other distinguished services.
  • An area for children and adults with many safe games so that children can play and spend quality time with their family.
  • Swimming pool for lovers of swimming and practicing various recreational activities.
  • (Cigar Rum) A special area for smokers.
  • 24-hour security and guarding cameras to serve the project, the mall is surrounded by internal and external surveillance cameras to increase security measures.
  • A pharmacy on the ground floor that includes many medicines to serve the neighboring housing units.
  • It features special corridors for people with special needs and the elderly.
  • Escalators and elevators for easy movement between floors, speed of movement, and saving time.
  • Central air conditioning to serve all units.
  • A garage the size of the mall to accommodate many cars and prevent crowding in front of the mall.
  • The Mall provides a fire alarm and an extinguishing device that works automatically when needed.
  • Maintenance services to repair any malfunction that occurs, move quickly, and solve the problem.
  • Signs on the ground. a slow lane to facilitate access to the commercial area.
  • High-speed Internet to serve customers and businessmen.
  • The project is characterized as being environmentally friendly by using solar energy in lighting and providing power generators that operate automatically when electricity is cut off.
  • All units in the project are served by the basement area.
  • It contains 6 passenger elevators and 2 service elevators.

Competitive prices and easy payment systems in Armonia Walk Mall New Capital

The owners of Armonia Compound were keen on the presence of all services, whether recreational or commercial, so Armonia Walk Mall was established within Armonia compound, and it includes medical, commercial, and administrative units, and the developer was keen to provide competitive prices and flexible payment systems to own a unit inside the mall.

The prices were as follows:

  • Restaurants and cafes start from 5,000,000 EGP.
  • While the prices of shops start from 975,000 EGP.
  • As for administrative offices and medical clinics, it costs 800,000 Egyptian pounds.

The company introduced flexible payment systems in order to make the mall one of the most important malls in New Administrative Capital. You can pay a reservation downpayment of 10% of the unit price, and pay the rest over 7 years from the date of contracting in equal installments.

About the real estate developer

Let’s get acquainted together with The Land Developments to mention a quick glimpse of the most important real estate developers in New Administrative Capital, an Egyptian company that has great experience despite its modernity. It was founded by 3 companies, they are: Egyptian businessman Ahmed Al-Tibi, owner of Al-Tibi Real Estate Development, and iPart Import, Export and Trade, and Quality Iron and Concrete Company.

The company aims to unify efforts and take advantage of the many opportunities in the real estate market to develop communities with distinctive architectural designs, and the great experience in the field of real estate is due to Al-Tibi Real Estate Development, which has a well-established name in the Egyptian market since 2006 and has also provided housing units for foreigners residing in Egypt according to standards foreign.

Most important previous works

It contributed to the design of real estate projects for some foreigners working in foreign companies and other embassies in New Cairo and Maadi, City Golf Kattameya, and Sarayat Maadi.