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project details

project nameCapital Park Tower New Capital
unit typeClinics, shops, administrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner companyRAFCO Real Estate Investment Company
installment systems10% booking down payment of the unit value, 10% receiving payment, and the rest in installments over 8 years with a discount when paying in cash
locationIn the New Administrative Capital is located in the Downtown area in plot G38, the Towers area, includes the iconic tower, Al Masa Hotel, and the Government District.

A prestigious investment opportunity awaits you with RAFCO and its distinguished commercial project at all levels.

Capital Park Tower in the New Administrative Capital is located in the Downtown area in plot G38, and it is known to be the largest commercial area in Egypt; As the area includes the largest commercial and administrative projects in the new capital, the project is implemented by RAFCO and was designed with the best international designs, and it is considered as 3 projects for it in the new capital.

The tower contains a variety of units including administrative, medical, and commercial units, equipped at the highest level and with the latest international models, and was keen to provide a project that contains services and facilities that occupy about 70% of the project area, and 30% of the building area, Capital Park Tower is located near many areas important.

The strategic location of Capital Park Tower

The project is distinguished by its location; The project is located in the largest area that includes commercial projects, which is the Downtown area in plot G38, its proximity to vital places and important roads such as:

  • The Towers area, includes the iconic tower, Al Masa Hotel, and the Government District.
  • It is close to the capital’s airport, the Green River, and the largest central park in the world.
  • It is located near the monorail station, in the middle of government facilities, the ministries area, and the financial and business district.
  • Capital Park Tower is located on the main important roads, the Regional Ring Road and Suez Road.
  • It is close to residential areas such as the seventh district and the eighth district.
    Close to the central district, and the diplomatic district.
  • Its proximity to the Mosque of Egypt, the largest mosque in the Middle East.
  • Close to the Grand Egyptian Museum, the North Axis of Mohamed bin Zayed, the City of Arts and Culture, and the Opera House.
  • Its proximity to several projects Downtown, the most important of which are: Pagoda Mall, Elevado Tower, I Business Park, Lafayette Mall New Capital, Senet New Capital Mall, Uni Tower One New Capital.

What are you waiting for?? get services and features inside the latest and most luxurious Capital Park Tower New Capital

  • There are water lakes and green spaces scattered throughout the project, giving a beautiful view that relaxes the soul and nerves from tension, and works to reduce noise.
  • Restaurants and cafes with a high level of service.
  • Electrically powered escalators for commercial floors and modern elevators.
  • Capital Park is environmentally friendly by relying on the use of solar energy for lighting and provides backup generators to work when the electricity is cut off.
  • Meeting and party halls.
  • 3 underground garages to prevent crowding in front of the doors.
  • Parking lots, modern fire alarm systems, and emergency exits.
  • Security team, guarding and surveillance cameras to protect customers.
  • Central air conditioning, central shower, Wi-Fi, sound system, and reception service.
  • It is characterized by the presence of many entertainment services for children to practice their activities and spend the most beautiful times with their friends.
  • The tower features a garden roof.
  • It contains many large sports stadiums, in addition to containing cinemas.
  • A huge commercial area that includes the most famous international brands and various different shops.
  • Capital Park includes a gym and a spa.

Spaces and prices for Capital Park Tower New Capital

RAFCO introduced this project and provided a group of units with spaces and competitive prices to suit many customers. Capital Park was established on an area of ​​5200 square meters, and the project was established on an area of ​​1,600 square meters, and the rest of the space was allocated to services, facilities, green spaces, and landscaping.

The project is designed to consist of 3 underground floors, a ground floor, and 8 upper floors.

The prices were as follows:

The space of units and shops inside Capital Park Tower starts from 28 square meters, and the price per square meter on the ground floor starts from 85,000 EGP.

  • While the first floor, the price of a commercial meter starts from 60,800 EGP.
  • As for the second floor, the price of a commercial meter starts from 42,000 EGP.
  • The space of administrative units and medical clinics starts from 28 square meters, the price per administrative meter starts from 19,000 EGP, and the price per medical meter starts from 22,800 EGP.

Payment Systems

The company has been keen to provide multiple payment systems and facilities to suit all customers. You can pay a reservation down payment of 10% of the unit value, 10% as a receipt payment, and the rest in installments over 8 years with a discount when paying in cash.

The units are delivered Ultra Super Lux finished with air conditioning.

Book your unit now and you will get an opportunity to invest among all the features and services that each client needs in one place in the most prestigious malls in Capital Park Tower, the capital, it is the best ever.

About RAFCO Real Estate Investment Company

Capital Park Tower, the Administrative Capital, is offered by RAFCO in the distinguished Downtown area and is considered one of the largest major companies in the Egyptian market, and the company owns many architectural projects. The company was founded by Engineer Ramy Fares, Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2015, which has a long experience in the field of real estate.

It is distinguished as the official sponsor of the largest Egyptian club, Al-Ahly Club. The company owns several residential and commercial projects, through which it has provided distinguished investment opportunities in the capital; Its investment business has reached more than $2 billion so far.

RAFCO does not work randomly, but it has a vision that it wants to achieve, and it wants to become the number one company in Egypt and the Middle East, by providing modern and high-quality communities, by providing it with smart investment solutions, and competitive prices offered with the best payment systems.

The company established the Build Your Apartment for Youth initiative, through which it built nearly 18 projects at affordable prices for all customers.

The company launched its third real estate project, which is Capital Park Tower, which is within the capital, and established a complete multi-use mall for investors, including administrative, commercial, and medical.

RAFCO Real Estate Development Company’s business

Do not miss this opportunity to be part of the most exclusive mall Downtown, the New Administrative Capital.

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