Diamond Twisted Tower new capital

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project details

project name Diamond Twisted Tower new capital
unit type commercial, administrative and hotel units
owner company the Emirates Real Estate Development
installment systems The customer pays 10% of the unit's worth up front and the remainder in equal installments over the largest payback period of up to ten years, with no interest.
location in the heart of Downtown, specifically within the CBC Central Business District, and is close to the most important roads.

Take the opportunity and book a special unit inside Diamond Twisted Tower New Administrative Capital

Amazon, the Emirates Real Estate Development Company, has unveiled Diamond Twisted Tower, a mixed-use development that combines commercial, administrative, and hotel units of various sizes, all of which are equipped with a variety of infinite services to fulfill the needs of all clients.

Diamond Twisted Tower’s location in the Downtown area, in the midst of many service areas and various investment activities in various fields, as well as its proximity to many prominent landmarks, corporate headquarters, ministries, government departments, and others, is one of its most significant advantages.

The company’s predetermined prices and payment procedures for all units of various sizes are suited for a wide range of target clients.

location of Diamond Twisted Tower new capital

The location of any project is extremely important to a large number of clients and investors, as it has a significant impact on investment rates, so the real estate developer carefully selected the location of the tower, which is located in the heart of Downtown, specifically within the CBC Central Business District, and is close to the most important roads. The following are the primary axis and highlights:

  • The tower sits just in front of the Iconic Tower.
  • It is close to the new capital’s most notable monuments, such as the Green River.
  • Mohammed bin Zayed’s northern axis is close by.
  • The government district is 15 minutes distant from the tower.
  • By car, the monorail station is roughly a 5-minute drive away.

Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital Amenities

The tower is not just a shopping mall that is one of the most important landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, as it is one of the largest investment projects that enjoys many unique features that all investors are looking for, including:

  • It is ideally placed in the economically and commercially dynamic core business center, making it more appealing to investors.
  • The interior unit architectural designs are of great quality and are influenced by current architectural style, as it is a distinctive twisting tower on the African continent, and all units offer a fantastic panoramic view of the famous landmarks.
  • Customers can perform the task needed with the accuracy and speed they require thanks to the existence of high-speed central Wi-Fi in all units.
  • To complete the needed duties in a reasonable and comfortable environment, central air conditioning with superior cooling technology within each unit separately is used.
  • To avoid thefts or riots, the tower is equipped with modern television surveillance cameras, secure electronic gates, and a staff of highly trained security guards who patrol the tower 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Relying on clean, renewable solar energy as a source of electricity.
  • To minimize any losses, all units include intelligent firefighting systems, secure emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

Services provided by Diamond Twisted Tower New Administrative Capital

The real estate developer has gained expertise over the years working within Diamond Twisted Tower, Downtown’s largest commercial structure, by offering all of the distinctive features that clients require, as well as unlimited entertainment and essential services, the most significant of which are:

  • There are floors with a lot of restaurants and cafés that have great décor and give outstanding service within Diamond Twisted Tower, new capital.
  • A dedicated role with a number of stores offering a diverse variety of goods and services as well as the most well-known worldwide brands to appeal to a wide range of tastes.
  • A five-story underground garage with a wide parking area to accommodate the highest number of guests and prevent crowding in front of the skyscraper.
  • Spa units, saunas, and jacuzzis for added luxury and enjoyment, as well as state-of-the-art gymnasiums with sophisticated and advanced equipment.
  • For hosting conferences and meetings, The tower has halls equipped with the most up-to-date sound equipment and projection capabilities.
  • A smart screen, similar to the ones found in Dubai Malls, is installed on the tower’s outside façade to display ads for the commercial apartments.
  • Customers will be able to travel freely between levels thanks to the addition of 10 elevators to the skyscraper.
  • For additional privacy, bathrooms were created in the current style, including some for men and others for women.
  • Commercial units on the bottom floor allow drive-through service.
    A dedicated amusement area for kids that includes a variety of age-appropriate games and leisure activities.

Design, spaces, and unit types within Diamond twisted Tower New Capital

The Amazon Tower Mall is a massive commercial complex with high-quality architectural designs and a high level of luxury and sophistication, as it is Africa’s tallest twisted tower. It is also ranked eleventh in the world in height and sixth in rotation, as well as being ranked number 33 in the world in terms of design.

The tower, which covers a total area of 22,000 square meters, has 50 levels, five of which are underground garage floors. It has a ground floor and 45 loft stories, and it has all sorts of units, including commercial and administrative units, as well as luxury hotel units created in the newest style, with many services that customers want, and it is divided into the following roles:

  • The ground floor to the second floor contains various commercial units.
  • Many services that serve commercial units are located on the third floor.
  • From the fourth floor to the 35th floor, they are administrative offices equipped at the highest level, fully finished and integrated services, with loading rates ranging from 28% to 30%.
  • Five floors of luxury hotel units of various sizes.
  • Restaurants were given the last two levels for the first time.

The size of the units in Diamond Twisted Tower, the Administrative Capital, varies depending on the nature and location of the units. The following are the specifics:

  • The commercial units in the project start at 30 square meters in size.
  • The size of administrative offices begins at 50 square meters.
  • The tower’s hotel units start at 60 square meters.

Price plans, payment systems available within Diamond Twisted Tower New Capital

You may now have a commercial, administrative, or residential unit with many unique benefits and a lot of entertainment and basic services that match your demands at exceptional pricing that were not before available on the market, and they are as follows:

  • The pricing per square meter for commercial apartments starts at 100,000 EGP.
  • Administrative offices start at 35,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • Hotel units start at 50,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • The prices of all units include a 10% discount on the price of the meter.

In terms of payment systems, the real estate developer has announced the following flexible, convenient, and diverse payment methods that will fit the needs of a wide range of clients and investors:

  • The customer pays 10% of the unit’s worth up front and the remainder in equal installments over the largest payback period of up to ten years, with no interest.
  • The commercial units are provided in a semi-finished condition, whilst the administrative offices are delivered in a completely finished state, complete with air conditioning and integrated services.
  • A down payment of 100,000 Egyptian pounds can be paid for reservations for commercial units.
  • Administrative and hotel units: A reservation deposit of 50,000 Egyptian pounds can be paid.

Real Estate Developer

Amazon is the owner of Diamond Twisted Tower Project, and it is one of the largest and most prominent real estate development businesses in the world, having been founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2000. There are more than 40 commercial, administrative, and residential projects with high-end international designs and integrated services.

Because of its commitment to deliver units with the same specifications that were agreed upon during the contract at distinguished prices and convenient and multiple payment systems that suit a large segment of customers and investors, the company has gained the trust of many investors and customers.

It has completed a wide range of construction projects, the most notable of which are:

  • Three Towers.
  • Corniche Tower project.
  • Dubai Marina Tower 23 project.
  • Diamond Towers Dubai projects 1,2,3,4,5,6.