El Masyaf North Coast

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project details

project nameEl Masyaf North Coast
unit typestudios, chalets, apartments, freestanding villas, and twin homes
owner companyM2 Real Estate Development
installment systemsA down payment of 5% or 10% of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over a period of up to 8 or 10 years.
locationat mile 212 of the Alex-Matrouh Road in the center of the North Coast. It is also close to a number of major axes and key places

El Masyaf North Coast

Life near the sea is a dream that everyone has and seeks to achieve, especially if that life is characterized by luxury, elegance, and integrated services, in addition to proximity to vital places and the possibility of reaching them as soon as possible.

M2’s Al-Masyaf Resort is one of the most prominent and attractive projects on the North Coast, with all of the amenities, safety, and basic and recreational needs that contribute considerably to the inhabitants’ satisfaction and enjoyment.

M2 presented an architectural masterpiece on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which is internationally known for its wonderful turquoise beaches, shiny golden sands with charming nature, and beautiful warm weather throughout the year so that customers can enjoy their time, so hurry now and book your unit that suits your needs in the North Coast Resort.

El Masyaf North Coast location

El Masyaf Resort is highlighted by its attractive strategic location at mile 212 of the Alex-Matrouh Road in the center of the North Coast. It is also close to a number of major axes and key places, including:

  • Marsa Matruh is 75 kilometers away.
  • The new Foca road separates it by 10 kilometers, making it easier to enter and exit the resort in the shortest amount of time.
  • It is situated right on Ras El Hekma Bay, which is known for its stunning views.

Area and types of resort units on El Masyaf North Coast

Aside from the green areas, the project covered a broad area and included a variety of services and recreational activities. The project’s total size was 171 acres, which was arranged in a beautiful fashion to display the green areas rotating around the buildings from all angles, with landscaping accounting for 64% of the total project area and structures accounting for just 36%.

Each individual may pick from a variety of units in the resort, including studios, chalets, apartments, freestanding villas, and twin homes, and they also range in size depending on the type of property that each person owns:

  • Studio space starts from 94 square meters.
  • Chalets space starts from 145 and goes up to 170 square meters.
  • Townhouses space starts from 200 and goes up to 230 square meters.
  • Twin houses space starts from 270 square meters.
  • The villas space starts from 355 square meters.

El Masyaf’s North Coast has some amazing amenities

The project’s owner, M2 Real Estate Development Company, provides a wide range of amenities, as well as basic and recreational services, that consumers require to spend joyful and pleasurable moments with their families, as well as special advantages for all groups, including:

  • In addition to the lovely beaches and golden sands, which provide additional enjoyment and entertainment to consumers, the project area included huge green spaces with artificial lakes, which provided a charming view.
  • One of the most essential factors in drawing attention to the project and attracting investors and businessmen was the diversity of the apartments in the tourist resort.
  • International design based on the most recent European models by a prestigious group of architects to create an architectural masterpiece in which everyone wishes to possess a unique unit.
  • Calmness, recreation, and distance from all sources of pollution, as well as proximity to all nearby critical places and significant cities

The exclusive services that El Masyaf North Coast Resort provides

El Masyaf North Coast Resort includes many exclusive services provided specifically to the owners of the units within the project to give them enough enjoyment and distinction, and these services are:

  • Children’s entertainment centers feature a variety of entertaining games for them of all ages, allowing children to spend quality time with their friends in a pleasant and safe environment.
  • The resort offers floating restaurants with a breathtaking view of the sea, allowing clients to have fun while taking in the breathtaking scenery.
  • El Masyaf North Coast includes a mosque decorated in the latest Islamic style.
  • The resort is equipped with a 24-hour security and guard service, which has been equipped with the latest types of surveillance cameras to give customers peace and reassurance.
  • It includes a sandy beach where guests may spend quality time with their friends and family.
  • The resort has been provided with designated areas for cafes and restaurants that serve a variety of food and drinks by a distinguished group of chefs.
  • A diving center supervised by a group of senior specialists in this field is available to all lovers of water excursions.
  • For all lovers of fishing and water adventures, there is a fishing marina and a yacht marina to practice their favorite hobbies.
  • Swimming pools of all forms and sizes are available throughout the hamlet, catering to people of all ages.
  • It includes an international hotel with 50 rooms that provides the highest hotel services to all those looking for sophistication and distinction.
  • It includes a huge health club that includes a jacuzzi, a spa, and a sauna, which is equipped to the highest level to provide the best recreation for clients.
  • Providing a variety of services linked to the units, including cleaning and routine maintenance.
  • The presence of ATM machines around the resort allows customers to withdraw money at any time and from any location.
  • Pharmacies and stores are open 24 hours a day to suit the requirements of the population.

El Masyaf offers a variety of prices and payment options.

M2, the owner of the project, provided many advantages, on top of which were the competitive prices for all the services and features in the project, and it was keen that the prices are suitable for all people and their financial capabilities, and the price of each unit varies according to its type and area as follows:

  • The meter price starts from 13,000 EGP.
  • Studio prices start from 1,700,000 EGP.
  • Chalet prices start from 2,600,000 EGP up to 3,200,000 EGP.
  • Villas’ prices start from 21,500,000 EGP.
  • Twin houses prices start from 7,200,000 up to 9,300,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses prices start between 5,000,000 pounds and reach 5,700,000 pounds.

Payment systems were one of the most advantageous features provided to all resort residents, as the resort provided many systems to make life easier for the residents, and these systems were extended over many years to provide the investor with easy and flexible installment methods as follows:

  • A down payment of 5% of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over a period of up to 8 years.
  • A down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over a period of up to 10 years.
  • The finishing is super lux for all units.

As a result, you can now book a housing unit within the resort at excellent prices, as the company that owns this project has provided many different methods and systems for payment and payment with high-end architectural designs and attractive views of the Mediterranean Sea’s shores, and the customer can also benefit from all services and enjoy staying in a quiet and privileged location on Egyptian territory.

El Masyaf’s North Coast real estate developer

M2 Real Estate Development is the owner of North Coast Masyaf Project, and it is now one of the most important companies in the field of reconstruction and construction, constantly attempting to put all of its material and construction expertise into its successful projects that attract customers and investors to own integrated units with a multitude of services.

M2 was founded in 1980 and has completed numerous successful projects throughout Egypt, attempting to create projects that entertain customers and provide a unique and distinctive experience, with exclusive services, international designs, spaces and types of multiple units, and among the most important projects it has completed are:

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