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project nameElite Mall New Capital
unit typeAdministrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner companySAK Developments
installment systemsThe customer pays a down payment of 5%, 10% or 15% and gets a discount at the same value as the down payment, and pays the rest in installments over 6, 7 or 8 years and for a limited period. The customer pays a 25% contract advance and the rest within 10 years, and gets a 5% discount
locationIn the Downtown area (Mu23) in New Administrative Capital in front of the Sports City, and the recreational area directly on the central axis, overlooks two main streets over 90 meters wide, just a few minutes away from the capital's famous government area.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Ensure the success of your project inside the most luxurious mall at all, Elite Mall New Capital!!

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Elite Mall New Administrative Capital, is the latest and most important project of Sak Real Estate Development Company, which is considered one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt and has presented many successful mega projects, and Elite Mall mall came to confirm its leadership; It is a giant commercial edifice designed to meet the needs of customers who seek to own distinct commercial or administrative units in the heart of New Administrative Capital, and Elite project includes a group of different units with spaces to suit all disciplines, desires, and budgets, in addition to its uniqueness with a stunning architectural design, and countless services and advantages.

Elite Mall was built on a very large space of about 5500 square meters, surrounded by a wonderful landscape of green nature, and water bodies. Elite Mall is also strategically located in plot A3 in the Downtown area, between the residential areas R2 and R3, which enables Elite Mall to serve more than 50,000 housing units; Which makes you always close to your customers, and your employees.

Book your unit now and get the best prices and payment systems that are not available anywhere else.

Because the first thing you look for when thinking about your new project is the location; Elite Mall is waiting for you!!

Elite Mall New Capital is the largest commercial and administrative project in New Administrative Capital; It is characterized by the highest degree of sophistication, the luxury that is evident in its exterior designs, the modern interior decoration of its units, in addition to its distinguished services that fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all customers.

Elite Mall is unique in a distinguished geographical location near the huge residential communities and is close to the most important roads, and the main axes that facilitate the process of moving to and from Elite Mall; It is located in the Downtown area (Mu23) in New Administrative Capital in front of the Sports City, and the recreational area directly on the central axis.

The most important advantages of the site can be explained through the following:

  • Elite Mall New Capital overlooks two main streets over 90 meters wide, just a few minutes away from the capital’s famous government area.
  • Elite Mall is close to New Capital International Airport, Al Sefarat district, the famous Al-Massa Hotel, and the Green River, which is considered the longest chain of parks in the world.
  • You can see Elite Mall from the entrance to Al Amal Axis, which is the main entrance to New Administrative Capital.
  • Elite Mall is a short distance from the regional ring road, the Suez Road, and the northern and southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • Elite Mall is just minutes away from the British University, the American University, and the Russian University.

Be close to your dream and book your unit now inside Elite Mall New Capital, to get the finest services and great benefits!!

Elite project was built on a large space of about 5,500 square meters that can accommodate a large number of commercial, administrative, and medical units, which are characterized by their varied and flexible spaces to suit the wishes of all customers, investors, and other services, and the exceptional advantages that are represented in the following:

  • Exquisite modern designs, attractive glass fronts.
  • Commercial, administrative, and medical units with smart spaces that suit different businesses in Elite Mall New Capital.
  • A unique strategic location in the Downtown area, which includes many successful investments in Elite Mall.
  • The presence of an underground garage consisting of two floors that operates with a smart system that can accommodate a large number of cars, up to 230 cars in Elite Mall New Capital.
  • Availability of digital billboards and marketing displays in Elite Mall.
  • Transportation area for Elite project.
  • Elite Mall operates with a central air conditioning system.
  • Electric elevators, and escalators for easy movement between the different floors inside Elite New Capital.
  • Regular maintenance service is there to solve all malfunctions in Elite Mall New Capital.
  • Security personnel works 24 hours a day and several surveillance cameras to maintain stability inside Elite Mall New Capital.
  • A recreational area with many fun games to spend the most beautiful times in Elite Mall.
  • Availability of many outdoor spaces in the open air, and there is also a swimming pool in Elite.
  • For lovers of keeping fit; Elite Mall New Capital has a sophisticated gym equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment.
  • Power backup generators operate automatically in the event of a power outage in Elite Mall.
  • Fire alarm system, and another garbage collection in Elite Mall New Capital.
  • Availability of fast internet service to accomplish business easily and smoothly inside Elite New Capital.
  • More than 50% of the building is powered by solar energy.
  • There is a Sky Lounge restaurant on the rooftop to provide the best services to customers and visitors in a wonderful atmosphere in Elite Mall.
  • Private meeting rooms, conference rooms, and various celebrations in Elite Mall.
  • Smart electronic gates for more privacy inside Elite Mall.

Types of units and their different spaces within Elite Mall

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

Elite Mall Administrative Capital is your gateway to a successful future; Elite Mall is a place that provides you with a calm and healthy environment to work, surrounded by all the ingredients that encourage you to innovate and develop; Starting from the charming nature, and the privileged location, through the number of services, and the advantages it enjoys; Reaching to the various units with different spaces that suit the nature of your activity, whether it is small, medium or large.

Elite Mall New Capital was established on a very large land space of about 5500 square meters, and it consists of 2 buildings; whereas:

  • A number of commercial units in Elite Mall: 48 units with a total area of 4340 square meters.
  • A number of administrative and medical units: 182 units with a total area of 12548 square meters.
  • The garage: two floors underground to accommodate 230 Sarah.
  • The outdoor area is 1482 square meters.
  • Commercial units spaces in Elite Mall start from 25 square meters up to 116 square meters.
  • The spaces of the administrative and medical units start from 48 square meters up to 152 square meters.

Get the best prices inside Elite Mall New Capital

Elite includes many administrative and medical offices, and shops where the finest brands and international brands are available, in addition to the presence of international restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious and finest food and drinks, and there is an entertainment area for children with the most beautiful games to entertain their time, in addition to security services and guarding present throughout the day to ensure safety and stability for customers; Where they are provided with the best and latest cameras, and security devices; All this at unbeatable prices, and flexible and convenient payment systems that suit the different tastes, needs, and capabilities of customers.

Prices can be clarified inside Elite Mall New Capital, through the following:

  • The price per meter for commercial units in Elite Mall starts from 55,000 EGP up to 90,000 EGP, and prices start from 1,548,000 EGP, and for outdoor spaces (Outdoor Area) the price per square meter ranges from 21,000 EGP to 25,000 EGP depending on their location, and the units will be delivered on red bricks.
  • The price per square meter for administrative offices and medical units in Building A is 25,000 EGP for all floors.
  • In Building B, all administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished and with a central air-conditioning system. The price per meter on the second and third floor is 30,000 EGP, and on the fourth and fifth floor is 28,000 EGP, and on the sixth floor, the price per meter is 26,000 EGP.

The best payment facilities that will make financing your project easy

With regard to the payment systems in Elite; They are as follows:

  • The customer pays a 5% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 6 years and receives a 5% discount.
  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 7 years and gets a 10% discount.
  • The customer pays a 15% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years and receives a 15% discount.
  • For a limited period, the customer pays 25% of the unit value as a contract provider, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 10 years and receives a 5% discount.

And to get a monthly profit from the first day in Elite New Administrative Capital project; Once you sign the contract to purchase your administrative unit, we will rent your unit from you for 3 years, and you will get bank checks that guarantee you a monthly income of up to 47,000 EGP.

About the owner company and the most important previous works

SAK Developments is a leading Egyptian company with a history of more than 35 years of combined experience in the real estate development market; It has gone through many years of hard work, local and regional successes, and excelled in the establishment of residential and commercial projects in the Delta region in Egypt, by identifying market needs, and meeting them in the most effective and quality-oriented methods, and today it combines the many years of experience that it has gathered the first generation combined with the innovation, modern technologies of the second generation.

The company was founded by Mr. Ali Al-Shahat, Engineer Samih Al-Kishawi, and Engineer Qadri Al-Ghatani, and it is the executor of the luxurious Elite Mall in the heart of New Administrative Capital, and has dedicated all its technical and financial capabilities to it to become one of the most important malls in the region, and has all the ingredients sought by customers and investors from upscale services, great features, and various units between commercial, medical, and administrative units with smart spaces, competitive prices, and payment facilities.

Among the most important previous works of the company are the following:

  • Al-Wafi Compound in Saudi Arabia.
  • Othman Towers in Heliopolis.
  • Sueno Compound New Administrative Capital.
  • Mansoura Business Tower.


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