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اترك بياناتك واحصل على تفاصيل خطط السداد حتى 8 سنوات وأفضل عروض الأسعار

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project nameG7 Mall New Cairo
unit typeClinics, administrative offices and commercial units
owner companyMercon Developments
installment systemsThe customer pays 10% down payment, and installments up to 6 years, with a return on investment of 15%.
locationIn the heart of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo within the seventh plot and on the most important main street, the lively North teseen street.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

All the details you are looking for in G7 Mall

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

G7 project is one of the most prestigious projects established in Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, and Mercon Real Estate Investment is the owner of the project, and the units within G7 Mall vary between administrative, medical, and commercial.

The most important feature of G7 Mall is that it is an integrated project in terms of multiple services and facilities, and is unique in an important strategic location that links the most vital areas. The project was launched in March of this year, and its construction bases were established in Fifth Settlement.

G7 Commercial Complex Mall will achieve a major leap in the field of investment in terms of its distinguished location and various services, thus providing all customers with an ideal environment to achieve their goals towards success and hard work.

Location of G7 Mall New Cairo

Mercon Developments decided to establish a project in an exceptional location that is unique to it from other projects, and it has been established in the heart of Fifth Settlement in New Cairo within the seventh plot and near the most important roads and main public services.

The most important features of G7 Mall location are:

  • G7 mall is distinguished by its location on the most important main street, the lively North teseen street.
  • G7 is located in front of the office of the Presidency of the Ministry in New Cairo.
  • G7 is close to the largest hospital, which is Al-Marasem Hospital, which is easily accessible due to its proximity to it.
  • G7 project is called Graffiti, and this is because it is located in the seventh plot in Cairo.

The space of the units of G7 Mall Fifth Settlement

G7 mall was built on a large space of ​​land, estimated at 11,400 square meters, to establish the mall in an integrated manner. The mall also features a front facade of an area of ​​250 square meters, and an area for childbirths of 6,000 square meters, and the rest of the space is allocated to green areas.

G7 mall consists of a ground floor and three upper floors and the units were distributed in these floors, as it includes a group of units and shops, numbering 59 stores, and the storefront reaches 6 meters, in addition to medical clinics, and offices.

The units vary and vary in terms of spaces in order to be in line with all services, commercial projects, and activities. The following are the most important spaces on which the project is located:

  • Commercial units at G7 start with an area of 43 square meters, and a height of up to 4 meters.
  • Approximately 46 medical clinics inside G7, with an area of ​​43 square meters with the latest medical devices and equipment.
  • As for the administrative units, G7 contains 20 offices, and their space starts from 43 square meters.
  • Office units withinG7 project with a space of 45 square meters, fully finished and finished retail stores (Core & shell) with a space starting from 43.5 square meters.
  • Inside G7 mall, there is a B & F style that starts with an area of 60 square meters, and the most important feature of it is the modern finishes based on it.

G7 Mall New Cairo Project Services

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

G7 Mall is an investment opportunity that customers compete to take advantage of, due to the availability of integrated services inside it with the vital location that is unique to it, and the most important of these services are the following:

  • G7 project includes large areas of landscaping, and the vast green spaces overlooked by all units inside, which provides psychological comfort factors for customers.
  • The dancing water fountains, which are based in front of G7 mall, are designed in the same international style, giving the project an attractive urban view.
  • G7 Providing all recreational services, as there is a health club with gymnasiums equipped with the latest sports equipment, in addition to a Spa House with all the integrated facilities.
  • In addition to more security, G7 mall is equipped with a fire and emergency alarm device.
  • In order to avoid power outages and any malfunctions, G7 was provided with large electric generators that operate automatically.
  • Spacious electric elevators inside G7 mall for easy movement between floors faster.
  • Escalators to make it easier for customers to move easily in G7, and to prevent overcrowding on the floors.
  • Maintenance services at the highest level work daily to avoid any breakdowns inside G7 mall.
  • The medical units within G7 project are delivered with Super Lux finishes.
  • The customer can receive his commercial or administrative unit in a semi-finished or fully finished system.

The most important features that are unique to G7 Mall New Cairo

  • The project is characterized by modern lighting systems and central air conditioners in all units.
  • Providing modern surveillance cameras, which are scattered throughout the mall, to monitor events.
  • Large electronic gates, in addition to guarding everywhere to provide security and order factors inside the mall.
  • Kids area, with all kinds of games suitable for their ages.
  • There is a supermarket inside G7, which includes all household necessities, and meets all customers’ needs.
  • Inside G7 mall, there are a series of restaurants and cafes that provide various types of delicious food and drinks.
  • Free internet services are characterized by their high speed.
    Digital displays inside the mall, to display advertisements.

Prices and the most important payment systems for owning units

  • The developer of the mall has offered competitive prices suitable for all customers, while providing all the various and integrated services, as well as defining systems dedicated to paying the value of the unit, with prices starting from 1,380,000 EGP, and offering an installment service for 7 years.
  • You can also choose your favorite office inside the mall, with space starting from 29.5 square meters, and prices starting at 1,170,000 pounds. G7 Mall is an opportunity for real investment in owning administrative and commercial offices at very reasonable prices.
  • You can also now own your favorite unit, whether it is a commercial or administrative retail sale, through an easy payment plan that starts from a 10% downpayment, and installments up to 6 years, with a return on investment of 15%.
  • The company announced that the units will be delivered two years after the contract date.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

The project is one of the most important major projects owned by Mercon Developments, one of the largest investment and real estate companies. The company is known for its good reputation and gaining customers’ trust in it, due to its carefully designed and highly professional projects, and it delivers units at the same time.

The company was keen to select the most efficient engineers and consultants who have extensive experience in the field of real estate development, in order to provide the best of its projects that are characterized by resounding success and achieve the desired goal towards progress.

Moreover, the company has cooperated with the largest well-known companies in the Egyptian market in engineering consultancy, which is JLL, as well as in facilities management in cooperation with Hassan Allam, and as for the architectural designs, it has cooperated with the famous company Hafez Consultancy.

The company has great previous experience since 15 years, and it is implementing many architectural achievements in the manufacture of building materials and ready-made concrete, and it has a long history in the field of contracting.

The company has designed many real estate projects with more than 70 projects and aims to build many of them in the most vital areas of Egypt in the heart of New Administrative Capital, Fifth Settlement, New Alamein City.

The Chairman of Mercon Board of Directors announced that preparations will be made for the implementation of 3 upcoming megaprojects, with an investment volume of 5 billion pounds during the current year.

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