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project details

project nameGrand Square Mall New Capital
unit typeAdministrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner companyPyramids Developments
installment systemsThe customer pays 10 downpayment of the unit price, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 equal years, without interest.
locationIn the heart of the financial and business district, overlooks four-wide main streets, and it has several entrances. The first entrance overlooks the main street about 100 meters wide and separates it from the presidential palace garden.

Grand Square New Administrative Capital is your best choice if you are looking for a commercial, administrative, or medical unit with a new concept!

Pyramids Developments has announced its latest tourist, residential and commercial projects in Egypt, including Grand Square Mall, which includes many commercial, administrative, and medical units, in addition to the project’s recreational areas, the company’s investments for that project have reached nearly 750 million EGP to become one of the best mega projects in New Capital.

The mall has been designed on the latest modern French models, as it includes a number of service units, and the company is working to provide its customers with all convenient services for distinguished investment and work with standards of luxury and sophistication that will transport you to a wonderful life with a new concept that achieves everything you are looking for and befits your field.

Location of Grand Square Mall New Capital

If you are looking for a distinctive unit that suits your field of work, we have specially provided you with Grand Square Mall. If that is your goal, then it is your right decision, and that reflects your keen awareness of the requirements for your success, as it is based in an exclusive and vital location that makes it a real launch that guarantees a strong recovery for any business project.

And one of the most important features of Grand Square Mall location

  • The mall is located in the heart of the financial and business district, and it is one of the most important streets of New Capital.
  • The mall is characterized by its proximity to the famous luxury residential projects and compounds in the heart of Cairo.
  • The project enjoys that it overlooks four-wide main streets, and it has several entrances. The first entrance overlooks the main street about 100 meters wide and separates it from the presidential palace garden.
  • The second entrance enjoys a view of another main street, its width is about 75 meters and separates it from the new parliament building, the government district, and the Council of Ministers, there are also two additional entrances to the mall overlooking two side streets.
  • The location is close to many services, especially private universities and international schools.
  • The location is very close to the major neighborhoods of New Administrative Capital, you can reach it in a few minutes.

The space of Grand Square Project New Capital

Grand Square Mall is located in an excellent strategic location in New Administrative Capital, and due to this, it occupies a space of 7800 square meters, and the mall has been divided into several floors, including a ground floor, and topped with 7 typical floors, knowing that the units inside are varied and different.

The units were divided between floors for commercial units to be from the ground floor to the second, and to medical units on the third floor, as for the fourth and fifth floors for the administration, and the tourist hotel occupies the sixth and seventh floors, which was designed according to the latest international designs.

The units within Grand Square Project and the most important spaces in it

When constructing the mall, the real estate company was keen to include a huge number of services that are in the interest of customers, so it decided to build it to be a complex of different units in terms of different types and designs, whether external or internal to suit the area allocated to you. The project includes administrative and commercial units, and medical, and each of them was divided according to the number of floors in the mall, as it is equipped with four modern elevators to ensure the provision of the best-distinguished services to visitors and customers.

Thanks to the wonderful design of the units, the project has become of a special character that makes it superior to its competing projects in New Administrative Capital, especially since its design mimics the latest French international high-end designs.

As for the spaces that are available inside the mall, they start from 20 square meters, and the spaces of the units vary so that customers have complete freedom to choose what is most appropriate for them and in line with their desire and practical field.

Enjoy the best services in Grand Square Mall New Capital

Grand Square project is based on providing all facilities and services in the diplomatic district and the financial and business district, which increases its investment value, and the mall provides its customers with many services as multi-disciplinary projects have great importance in the lives of clients and investors.

  • Inside Grand Square Mall, there is a commercial area on the ground floor that includes a large number of shops that provide you with the supplies and what you need.
  • The project includes a food court area where you can have your favorite drink and meal, where there are restaurants and cafes with distinguished services at the highest level.
  • Medical units and services are represented in pharmacies and clinics that operate 24 hours a day.
  • Inside the mall, there is also a children’s amusement park in order to bring joy to families and provide them with ample spaces to spend the best times and enjoy the complete luxury inside.
  • The presence of modern surveillance cameras that work non-stop 24 hours a day and monitor all movements are reviewed daily.
  • The mall is designed to contain all facilities, services, and infrastructure that combine electricity, natural gas, and sewage services.
  • Tight security within the scope of the project, next to the distinctive electronic gates that facilitate the full insurance operations of the mall.
  • The project has become one of the most important projects built in the financial and business district. It is equipped with four elevators and four entrances and exits, the first of which is in front of the presidential palace garden.
  • Garages a unique international style, featuring huge numbers of cars for the mall residents, in order to maintain and secure them.
  • Distinguished escalators, designed on the latest models, make it easier for customers to move between each floor and another.
  • High-speed internet services that work within the mall and facilitate you to communicate without leaving it.
  • The facades of the mall are designed on the latest international models and are equipped with large screens that display advertisements.

The most important features of Grand Square Mall New Capital

  • To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the project, the company that owns it has taken care of providing the vast green spaces that surround it from all sides, in order to get the best wonderful and distinctive view.
  • Grand Square Mall is one of the most important national projects established by Yeramides, which has received great national support from the state’s private institutions.
  • The prices inside the mall are competitive to suit a large category of investors, in addition to facilities and payment systems that work in installments for the longest period.
  • The mall, with its location in the heart of New Administrative Capital, has become one of the most important projects that have been established in the top ten supporting cities in the world.
  • It is one of the most attractive projects for foreign and local investment, due to its meticulous details and exquisite designs in a modern world style.
  • The mall is famous for its unique and distinguished location in the center of New Administrative Capital, as it provides you with all the necessities you need and all the various services you are looking for.
  • The commercial center witnessed a great demand for the purchase of commercial, administrative, and medical units, due to the availability of distinctive prices and spaces, in addition to the various payment systems.
  • Work has been done to establish well-equipped hotel units inside the mall and are sufficient for a number of individuals, as it is considered a full-service project.
  • Dancing water fountains that operate throughout the day give the project an attractive and distinct civilized aspect.
  • The mall contains inside it security systems and modern and advanced sound alarms that work automatically to avoid any fire accidents.
  • In the grand square new capital, there is the first art academy in New Capital, in cooperation with the great artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi.
  • The designs of the units inside the mall are international, designed on modern international models, and the finishes inside are made with the finest building materials and at the highest level.
  • Next to the mall, there is special parking for visitors’ cars, which is designed in an organized manner to prevent crowding and take into account the ratio of the distance between them.
  • The company that developed the project built it on a modern system, which is to benefit from alternative energy, where there are solar panels above the mall building that work to generate electricity.

Prices announced by the real estate developer to own a unit inside the mall and the most important payment systems

The real estate developer announced the availability of suitable and suitable prices for all customers, as the price per square meter for administrative units in Grand Square Mall starts from 75,000 pounds, knowing that the value of the unit is paid by the easy payment system, and prices vary among them depending on the chosen unit and the required space that suits you.

The payment and payment system announced by Pyramids are as follows:

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment when contracting from the unit price, and the rest in installments over 7 equal years, without interest.

For more details, you can contact us!!

The Real estate developer, Pyramids Developments

Pyramids Developments is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, and the Grand Square Mall New Capital is the second of its projects, through which it was able to establish itself in the Egyptian real estate market and compete with the largest companies in the field of investment, as it is a company of French origin that was established in 2000 AD, then headed to Egypt to consolidate French standards in Egyptian real estate.

The company started its history in the 6th of October City in 2013, then it focused its attention on New Administrative Capital, along with its diversified business in Greater Cairo, Pyramids enjoys a great deal of trust and credibility from its clients, and has presented a large number of successful large projects in Egypt.

The most important projects that the company has built and achieved remarkable success include:

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