Kai Sokhna Misr Italia

اترك بياناتك واحصل على تفاصيل خطط السداد حتى 8 سنوات وأفضل عروض الأسعار

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project details

project nameKai Sokhna Misr Italia
unit typeChalets and villas
owner companyMisr Italia
installment systemsVarious payment systems starting with a 5% down payment and a repayment period starting from 6 years up to 8 years
locationA strategic and vital location close to the main roads and axes intended for residents and visitors, approximately 122 km from Cairo and 160 km from the administrative capital

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Book your unit from Kai Sokhna, the place that provides all means of comfort and sophistication!

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Kai is one of the most important projects implemented in the most important coastal areas, which is Ain Sokhna, the distinctive summer destination throughout the year, as it is one of the projects of Misr Italia, it was designed according to the finest international designs that guarantee customers complete privacy, and enjoy a stunning aesthetic appearance amid a charming view of the wonderful beach,

Kai El Sokhna is characterized by the fact that it includes many distinctive facilities and services, to ensure a high level for residents and visitors, and the company has set competitive Kkai Sokhna Prices and easy payment methods so that you can own your unit without trouble.

The location of Kai Sokhna Resort

The owner company that owns the project was keen to choose the location with great care and accuracy to give the client the greatest degree of comfort and tranquility. Indeed, the project was established in the most important strategic and vital locations so that it is close to the main roads and axes intended for residents and visitors.

The most important features of the location:

  • Kai is located at km 180 on Ain Sokhna Road, only 20 km from Zaafarana.
  • It is also about 112 kilometers from Suez.
  • The resort is about 187 km away from Cairo, which is only an estimated two hours drive.
  • It is about 160 km from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Kai Resort is located near the most famous tourist resort, which is La Vista.
  • Kai Misr Italia project is also about 120 minutes from Hurghada.

The space of Kai Sokhna Misr Italia

In addition to choosing the distinguished location of the project and its proximity to the most important main roads, the developer company sought to choose the vast space of Kai Misr Italia in order to accommodate many of the services that the residents are looking for, Kai Resort is on a space of ​​about 35 acres, equivalent to 174 thousand square meters, and 12% was allocated for construction, as it is on a 1200-meter-long beach, and the largest space is allocated to green spaces and landscapes that surround the resort from everywhere.

Kai El Sokhna resort is also distinguished by its unparalleled attractive view, as all units overlook the soft white sand and crystal clear waters of the sea, where the distance between the farthest unit in the project and the sea is only 150 meters.

Enjoy the most important distinguished services available within Kai Ain Sokhna Project

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

Misr Italia was keen to provide the project with all the facilities and exclusive services, which guarantee the utmost sophistication and comfort for the residents and residents of the village, as well as allowing them to spend quality time with friends and family, and the most important and prominent of these services are as follows:

  • A 5-star hotel under the management of the Hilton International Group, which offers the best-distinguished services in addition to the elegant reception and housekeeping throughout the day.
  • The most important entertainment areas in Kai Resort are available, and we find an amusement park suitable for all ages, where you can spend the best fun times.
  • Many swimming pools of various sizes and wonderful shapes have been distributed in front of the units, including for women, for more privacy.
  • A bar serving all kinds of drinks.
  • A commercial area with various shops and hypermarkets that provide all the goods and supplies you need during your day.
  • Club House has various recreational services that meet all customers’ needs.
  • A healthy gym with gymnasiums with the latest sports equipment and a Spa House for lovers of recreation and luxury.
  • Aqua Park is a water park where you can enjoy the most enjoyable times with your friends and family inside Kai Misr Italia.
  • Restaurants and cafes serve the most delicious western and oriental foods and various drinks.
  • A wellness center with jacuzzi and sauna rooms for those who love to relax and enjoy peace.
  • The beach overlooked by the units enjoys wonderful golden sand and clear blue water.
  • A marina has been designated for ships and yachts, as it includes a large number of them for those who love to enjoy the atmosphere of adventure.
  • An area for fishing and diving for those who prefer watching fish and picturesque coral reefs in Kai Sokhna Misr Italia.
  • A distinctive infrastructure in the resort includes many services that are available to the residents of the resort, including electricity, water, and gas.
  • Tight security throughout the resort in order to secure it in an integrated manner.
  • High-speed Internet services that work for free within the resort.
  • Electronic gates at the entrance to the resort in order to assist in the work of full insurance.
  • A maintenance team works around the clock to fix any malfunctions in the resort.

The most important features that are unique to Kai Sokhna Project

  • The most important feature that Kai El Sokhna enjoys is the distinguished geographical location as it is close to the most important roads and minutes away from the most important cities.
  • Work has been done to provide distinctive units with international architectural facades, which directly overlook the sea with its wonderful crystal waters.
  • The company that owns Kai El Sokhna has taken care of providing different spaces for the residential units so that all customers have the freedom to choose the most suitable for them.
  • The picturesque landscapes and the vast green spaces that surround the resort from all directions, give it an unparalleled aesthetic aspect.
  • Bodies of water are scattered throughout the resort, represented by artificial lakes, dancing water fountains, and wonderful waterfalls.
  • Surveillance cameras were deployed throughout Kai El Sokhna to monitor all movements for more security.
  • A mosque to perform religious duties and accommodate a large number of worshipers.
  • Electric elevators on modern international models within the residential units for ease of movement between floors.
  • A huge commercial mall with the highest brands and international brands displays the best fashion.
  • Entertainment places for children with all the games appropriate for their ages, for more entertainment and spending the best times.
  • Underground garages for parking and maintaining the general and cultural appearance of the resort.

Book now your special unit in the distinctive spaces you desire within Kai Ain Sokhna

Many housing units have been provided amounting to 366 housing units. It includes (chalets – villas), each of which has distinctive spaces and finishes that differ from each other so that the customers have the greatest opportunity to choose the most suitable for them.

As for the spaces, there are first row standalone villas with a space of 270 square meters, and there are second-row chalets with a space of 165 square meters, while chalets with a swimming pool range from 64 square meters to 140 square meters.

The unit’s space starts from 64 square meters.

The special prices announced by Misr Italia inside Kai Ain Sokhna Project

Prices in Kai Resort are unparalleled and are the best in that coastal area compared to all the services that the client receives, and the project developer announced prices for the units, knowing that they vary according to the required space.

The standalone units, first row, directly on the sea, start at 11,900,000 EGP, and the chalet units occupying a second row with a swimming pool and consisting of 3 rooms, their price starts from 4,200,000 EGP, while the third-row pool deck chalet units start at 2,500,000 EGP.

Easy payment opportunities and various alternatives that the customer can choose from

  • Paying a 5% down payment of the total unit price, 5% upon contracting, 5% upon receipt, and the rest to be paid in installments over 6 years.
  • Paying a 5% down payment, in addition to paying 10% contracting, 5% other payment upon receipt, and the rest to be paid in installments over 7 years.
  • Paying a 10% down payment, then pay 10% contracting, 5% upon receipt, and the rest to be paid in installments over 8 equal years.
  • Note that the units will be delivered fully finished within 2 to 3 years.

For more information, you can contact us!

The developer of Kai Ain Sokhna Project

This coastal village in Ain Sokhna is one of the projects affiliated to Misr Italia, a pioneer in the field of real estate development, and was established in 1998, since that date it has proven its success in the Egyptian real estate market until now.

It is also always keen to provide the best services and the best-integrated projects, with the help of all experts in the field of real estate, including the design of housing units, and experts on how to distribute spaces, and it has cooperated with the largest companies in the field of design and engineering consultancy so that it can implement global and exclusive designs, It is characterized by quality and contains the best various services, the most important of which are the Future Urban Development Company, DMA Company, CallisonRTKL Company.

The company owns many distinguished works in other fields, including the tourism field, the administrative field, and the commercial field. Thus, it has become one of the companies that occupy a great position among the largest real estate companies and has many achievements throughout Egypt.

The most important projects presented by the company and achieved great success:

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