La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort

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project details

project name La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort
unit type chalets and villas
owner company La Vista real estate development
installment systems you can pay a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest is paid over 7 continuous years, without interest.
location in Ain Sokhna Red Sea, close to Cairo-Zafarana road, which is about 140 km away, meaning that it takes an hour and a half by car.

You can book your unit now and enjoy the atmosphere of a summer residence inside Ain Sokhna in La Vista Resort

The leading real estate development and investment company, La Vista, is shining in launching its latest residential projects in the most prestigious coastal areas in Ain Sokhna. It has been called La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort, and it is one of the large tourist villages, which has many distinguished entertainment services.

Where La Vista Ain Sokhna Project is considered one of the largest projects, in which all amenities are available for customers, in addition to buildings and multiple residential units of different designs, hotels, and many other things on which the project was based, you will find in it everything you are looking for, as everything you need is available to you in addition to its vital location and its proximity to many major hubs, you will find distinctive summer units with more comfort and security.

The location of La Vista Sokhna 

The most important project that was built in Ain Sokhna Red Sea, and it is one of the projects that can be accessed from several different places because its location is near several areas and the main famous hubs.

The advantages of the location of La Vista Ain Sokhna Resort

  • La Vista Resort is close to Cairo-Zafarana road, which is about 140 km away, meaning that it takes an hour and a half by car.
  • La Vista directly overlooks the sea, which attracts visitors upon arrival to enjoy the wonderful view of the sea, providing a relaxing experience.
  • It is also located near many other famous tourist resorts, where the distance between it and Porto Sokhna is only 25 kilometers, and it is also located after Coronado, Ain Sokhna, and La Vista 4.

The space of La Vista Project

The large space was chosen for the establishment of this luxurious project in Ain Sokhna, and this space was allocated between green spaces, gardens, and landscapes that surround the village from all sides to give it an unparalleled civilized and aesthetic appearance, in addition to the space occupied by buildings and constructions that include huge housing units that include distinctive and different spaces, along with the latest international finishes, so that customers have complete freedom to choose the most appropriate for them and in line with their tastes.

Book your unit inside La Vista Ain Sokhna and enjoy the best services

  • A long tourist walkway among the green spaces for sports lovers such as running, cycling, and walking.
  • Attention to providing security services at the highest level, by appointing security personnel and heavy guards at the entrance and outside of the village for more public security.
  • An automatic fire extinguishing system that works automatically when any fires occur and controls them faster.
  • Appointing professional management for the resort in order to supervise all services within the village, and to meet the wishes of the residents.
  • Support and cleaning services operate throughout the day in order to preserve the cultural landscape of the village.
  • A well-equipped restaurants area that offers the best of various eastern or western cuisines, and services of the highest levels.
  • A large commercial area includes a hypermarket and a supermarket that includes the best goods and household necessities.
  • Electronic gates to exit and enter the village for more security.
  • A large sports club with a number of sports fields such as football, tennis, and golf.
  • A social club with all the special services, it is still one of the best places to meet friends and families.
  • A children’s play area with all safe and suitable games for all ages.
  • Underground garages and a private parking space for each car unit, designed with a Parking Lift system, to organize them in a civilized manner.
  • Allocating an area for berthing yachts and ships, and can accommodate huge numbers of them.
  • Dedicated areas for various parties, including birthdays, barbecues amid green spaces, and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Providing all basic and various services within the village, including electricity, natural gas, and water.
  • High-speed, high-tech internet is available free of charge within the resort.

The multiple unique features of La Vista Ain Sokhna Project

  • Vast green spaces and scenic landscapes are scattered everywhere and between the units, to give it aesthetic and civilized touches.
  • The most important advantage that the project enjoys is its distinguished strategic location, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes
  • Distribution of a number of swimming pools gradient towards the beach of different sizes and shapes, suitable for all ages, and places for women have been allocated for more privacy.
  • A number of the most famous and most efficient architects were hired to design the housing units within the project to suit the level of clients.
  • Bodies of water are distributed throughout the project, including dancing water fountains and wonderful lakes giving the resort a wonderful and civilized appearance.
  • A highly qualified maintenance team was appointed to detect any malfunctions within the village.
  • Water games, where the Aqua Park area has been allocated and suitable for adults and children, so you can spend the best times with your family and friends in it.
  • A health club with a spa house for beauty lovers, a jacuzzi, and a sauna for those who love to relax, all within the village.
  • Distinguished beach services that offer the best drinks, snacks, recreational activities, and various games, so you can spend your fun times in La Vista Resort.
  • A picturesque beach with thick white sand, where you can enjoy relaxing times in front of the wonderful sea with its crystal blue waters, which is a thousand meters long.
  • Set the middle of the sea area for lovers of diving and adventure sports, watching the seabed and the scenic landscape.
  • A distinctive hotel within the project that offers the best services, reception at the highest level, and cleaning all day.

The units available inside La Vista Sokhna and the most important spaces

La Vista Resort is considered one of the huge projects, which includes a large number of various units, to suit everyone’s needs, and was designed to include approximately 10% of the residential units and the rest for green spaces and landscapes overlooking the wonderful beach. It includes units of (chalets and villas), each with its own space and with the latest international finishes.

As for the spaces, they are varied and differ among themselves within the resort, as it includes a large number of residential units that include a large number of entertainment facilities, and its space starts from 70 square meters and reaches 120 square meters.

Hurry up to book your unit and enjoy the best prices that the real estate developer announced

The prices are unparalleled and are the best in this area for the multiple services that the client receives. Duplexes overlooking the sea directly start with a space of 250 square meters, and the price is 4,690,000 EGP, while chalets start from 150 square meters and a garden of 100 meters, the price starts from 3,500,000 EGP, townhouses start from 220 square meters with a price of 5,000,000 EGP, 180 square meters chalet, its price starts from 1,350,000 EGP.

Distinctive payment systems to own a distinctive unit within the resort

The owner company provides many payment facilities to meet the needs of customers, for those wishing to obtain units of different sizes and international finishes, where you can pay a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest is paid over 7 continuous years, without interest.

The Real Estate Developer, La Vista Development

This luxurious project is owned by La Vista, the leading company in the Egyptian real estate market specializing in the tourism investment sector, and was established in 1991, it is owned by the Egyptian businessman Alaa Al-Hadi, and it is one of the most important companies in the real estate market. The company includes a professional team of architects and landscape designers, and the company is working to build new communities that include all strategies from vision, design, construction, finishing, and maintenance, as well as the company, offers you a new concept in the construction of resorts, tourist villages and residential life.

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