Lake Yard North Coast

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project details

project nameLake Yard North Coast
unit typecommercial units and administrative units
owner companyPalm Hills Real Estate Development
installment systems10% or 15% of the entire unit price is paid upfront, with the remainder paid in payments over many years up to 4 or 5 years.
locationa distinct and strategic site in the heart of the North Coast in the Sidi Abdel Rahman neighborhood,

Lake Yard North Coast

Are you still on the lookout for a good area to invest and have fun at the same time? Lake Yard North Coast offers you a very unique and special experience in which you will find everything you dream of

Palm Hills Real Estate Development offers a distinctive commercial project that includes many different units with a European character and combines the successful investment of all businessmen in a strategic location, entertainment, and enjoyment for all customers looking for a wonderful place that combines all the units you are looking for in one place only.

In addition to many of the services provided in Lake Yard Palm Hills, it is a first-class entertainment place where the distinctive views that customers enjoy while walking, and the scenic landscapes of green spaces and beaches are known globally for their beauty and blue waters with shiny golden sands that add another charm to the place.

Lake Yard North Coast location

Palm Hills Company has picked Lake Yard North Coast, a distinct and strategic site in the heart of the North Coast in the Sidi Abdel Rahman neighborhood, for its new project in the interest of the customer’s comfort. The commercial lake yard, which is part of the resort of Hacienda Bay, is located outside the town at kilometer 124, and it is also close to various significant locations, cities, and hubs, as follows:

  • It is located next to the new city of El Alamein.
  • Cairo is 281 kilometers away from the project.
  • Marsa Matrouh is 166 kilometers away from the resort.
  • The project is 132 kilometers from Alexandria.
  • Lake Yard North Coast is located near New Alamein International Airport and is distanced by only 45 kilometers.
  • It is located 104 km from Borg El Arab Airport.

The space and types of units in Lake Yard

The project’s area had a significant influence on the project’s ability to include a large number of services, units, and green spaces. The project covers 4.5 acres and is beautifully dispersed among the different commercial and administrative units, landscapes, and sparkling lagoons, providing clients with a stunning view.

Lake Yard has a total of 62 commercial units of various sorts and sizes, allowing customers to select the most appropriate form of investment to get the best results, with commercial and administrative units ranging in size from 45 to 824 square meters.

Unique features of Lake Yard Resort

Palm Hills, the owner of the project, provided many features and exclusive services that made the project distinctive in the eyes of customers, and many businessmen aspired to own a different and distinctive unit in it, and these features were as follows:

  • The project’s unusual design, in which all units are painted in bright colors that complement the warm summer weather in order to attract consumers.
  • The variety of existing units provided a wonderful potential to stand out in the region and house a big and diversified number of projects.
  • Customers can picture and enjoy the moment’s thanks to the efficient use of space between apartments and the widespread presence of green parks and artificial lakes.
  • The project has a view of some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. The customer also receives a high level of fun and enjoyment in addition to all of these services.
  • Many exit and entry gates are strategically placed around the property to make access to the area as simple as possible.
  • A refreshing place full of vigor and energy, away from pollution sources, where fresh air and bright colors may be appreciated.

Special services in Lake Yard north coast

Lake Yard area includes a package of the finest and most wonderful services that compete with other commercial projects located on the North Coast. It has also been concerned with ensuring that clients of all ages and interests have access to what they require the services are as follows:

  • The existence of a huge number of cafés and outdoor restaurants, allowing visitors to enjoy a beautiful view while dining on delectable oriental and western cuisine.
  • Lake Yard has a variety of commercial units for all types of customers, including some of the world’s most well-known and prestigious international brands.
  • To address the requirements of the house and family, the project includes pharmacies and a supermarket that is open 24 hours a day.
  • Shopping establishments exist to guarantee that a client has everything they require throughout the day without having to leave the residence.
  • Large garages to accommodate the largest number of vehicles in order to prevent traffic congestion.
  • It features a gym with the most up-to-date technology and equipment, as well as a team of the greatest trainers to keep clients fit.
  • There are several bank facilities and ATMs throughout the property, allowing for simple withdrawal of monies from any location.
  • All apartments feature storage space to ensure that the investor has all he needs in his property.
  • Customers may enjoy a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi at the Club House, which offers a variety of entertainment and amusement options.
  • To ensure the protection and safety of clients, special lanes for walkers away from cars have been created.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day by trained security personnel at the highest levels, and surveillance cameras at a high level of quality.
  • To assure the client’s complete enjoyment and well-being, the project features various theatres with full HD displays.
  • A children’s section featuring a variety of games and recreational activities where kids may spend quality time with their families.

Lake Yard North Coast offers a variety of prices and payment options.

In Lake Yard resort, the client will discover a variety of pricing and free payment systems, which is regarded the best in comparison to the fundamental amusement and services they will enjoy. The following prices vary depending on the kind of unit and its size:

  • Lake yard units start at 33,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • The price of a unit ranges from 4,449,400 EGP to 28,849,400 EGP.

Because of the extended installment duration of up to 5 years, the payment systems stood out the most in the project. Palm Hills also offered a variety of flexible and adaptable technologies aimed largely at the customer’s convenience, as shown in:

  • 10% of the entire unit price is paid upfront, with the remainder paid in payments over many years up to four years.
  • A 15% down payment is required, with the remainder paid in five payments over the next five years.

Lake Yard is therefore an integrated commercial project that provides customers with excellent services at reasonable pricing and convenient payment options. It is a magnificent location with contemporary units of all sizes and applications, so don’t delay in booking your unit, which will ensure your success and provide a significant financial return.

The real estate developer of Lake Yard Project

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Lake Yard North Coast, and it is one of the largest and most important leading companies in the field of construction and construction, having presented many different successful projects and earning the trust of customers. As a result, all businessmen are looking forward to owning a unit of Palm Hills Company because it guarantees them a successful investment, whether commercial, administrative, or residential.

The company was founded in 2005, and during that time it presented approximately 26 projects in various parts of Egypt, each with unique designs and a charming location. It has meticulously attended to the interior decoration, the various and varied spaces, and the exclusive services that are unrivaled, and it always employs the most innovative and developed methods to ensure the entertainment and enjoyment of customers. Among Palm Hills’ most notable works are:

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