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project details

project nameLavin New Capital
unit typecommercial and administrative units
owner companyUC Real Estate
installment systemspayment methods are flexible and diverse enough to satisfy all investor clients starts with with 10% 10% down payment and rich 20% with the longest repayment period
locationin the most commercially and economically active areas of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the central business district, which includes its income. Many residential, commercial, administrative, and service towers

Invest your money inside Lavin Mall.. the finest mall in the New Administrative Capital

The government district, the financial and commercial district, the embassies district, the ministries, and the diplomatic district are all within walking distance of UC development’s third project, Lavin, which is located in one of the greatest strategic locations in the administrative capital. It also has high-end schools and universities, government offices, business headquarters, and banks, as well as several notable sites, such as significant mosques and cathedrals.

The project is home to a range of commercial, administrative, and hotel units, all of which have cutting-edge international designs with the highest levels of elegance and magnificence, and all of which have panoramic high-end views of the gorgeous scenery.

The company advertised reasonable costs for all units of various sizes, as well as a variety of payment options that would appeal to a wide range of potential consumers and investors.

The location of Lavin New Capital Mall and the most crucial characteristics it has

Because the location of any commercial center is important to many businessmen and investors because it affects the investment return, the real estate developer has built Lavin New Capital in the most commercially and economically active areas of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the central business district, which includes its income. Many residential, commercial, administrative, and service towers were built, attracting investors from all over the world.

The proximity of the new capital to major locations, essential neighborhoods, service regions, axes, and main routes, the most important of which are:

  • It boasts a direct view of the New Administrative Capital’s most famous feature, the Iconic Tower.
  • It is located near the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • It is close to Central Park and the Green River.
  • It has four corners overlooking four streets, the lowest street being 50 meters wide.

The amenities of Lavin Mall New Administrative Capital

Lavin New Capital Mall is one of the most important investment projects in the Administrative Capital, as it contains all of the necessary ingredients and distinguishing traits to boost investment rates, the most essential of which are:

  • Its prominent strategic location in the Administrative Capital’s commercially and economically busy central business area.
  • The interior apartments are created to international standards and appear to be highly luxurious, sophisticated, and modern, with unique views of significant landmarks such as the Green River, the famous river, and the picturesque countryside.
  • Customers can complete jobs with the precision and speed they demand since the mall’s units are all connected to a high-speed central network.
  • All units have central air conditioning to create a comfortable climate and a pleasant ambiance in which to conduct business.
  • Administrative offices are available within Lavin New Capital, which is properly furnished and air-conditioned.
  • To ensure the protection of clients, all conceivable security measures have been implemented, including the installation of contemporary surveillance cameras in all areas, electronic gates, and high-level security guards at entrances and exits that operate 24 hours a day, without interruption.
  • Intelligent alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and safe emergency exits to combat fires and reduce any material losses.

Within Lavin New Capital Project, there are a variety of services offered.

The developer has built the mall, which is the Administrative Capital’s largest commercial structure, and has included everything that major investors and businessmen are looking for in a prominent location, including multiple investment activities, unique features, and multiple spaces, as well as all types of entertainment and basic services that meet all requirements, the most important of which are:

  • Restaurants and cafes with innovative designs and wonderful decorations that provide service at the highest level
  • Shops that cater to all of their clients’ needs for goods, services, and worldwide brands.
  • To achieve the maximum degree of luxury and pleasure, a children’s area with safe games and a variety of interesting activities appropriate for their ages is provided.
  • Lavin Mall is equipped with a number of elevators and escalators to facilitate the process of going up and down and moving between floors, in addition to the presence of elevators for employees and transporting goods.
  • Visitors can sit in public gardens, rest areas, and open recreational areas after shopping in a tranquil environment that aids stability and psychological comfort.
  • There are luxury hotel units of varying sizes and integrated amenities within the mall.
    Periodic cleaning services were given for the project on a daily basis.
  • Visitors’ vehicles will be parked in large area garages, preventing congestion in front of the mall.
  • Meeting and conference rooms with the most up-to-date technology, including the most up-to-date sound systems and presentation equipment.
  • Gym units were created in a modern setting with sports equipment and advanced equipment for people who want to maintain their fitness, as well as sauna units and a sauna for additional relaxation.
  • Bathrooms on all floors, including for men and others for women, for more privacy and comfort.
  • A state-of-the-art prayer space.

The spaces and types of units available inside Lavin New Capital

Lavin New Capital is a high-end, integrated commercial center that includes all forms of investment operations and has high-end international designs influenced by the current modern style.

The mall was constructed on a large scale, with a ground floor and 40 frequent lofts, and includes a variety of luxury commercial, administrative, and hotel units with a variety of spaces and integrated services, allowing the customer to choose what they want from them, and they are divided into the following roles:

  • Five floors have been allocated to the garages.
  • Restaurants, cafés, and other types of stores may be found on the ground, first, and second levels.
  • From the third floor to the thirty, it consists of administrative offices equipped at the highest level and integrated services.
  • Hotel apartments with high-end designs are located in the top 10 stories.

The size of the project’s units vary depending on their type and location, and is as follows:

  • The commercial and administrative units within the mall start at 35 square meters.
  • Hotel units are available within the mall with an area starting from 40 square meters.

Price and payment systems available inside Lavin New Administrative Capital

When contrasted to numerous unique features, outstanding basic services, and infinite entertainment, the developer has declared competitive rates for all types of units of various sizes, suited for a big sector of investors and businessmen. The following are the unit pricing for various sizes and types:

  • Inside the commercial apartments, the price per square meter starts at 120,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter for administrative units starts at 40,000 EGP.
  • Hotel units are available at a meter price starting from 55,000 EGP.

The real estate developer’s payment methods are flexible and diverse enough to satisfy all investor clients, and they are available in:

  • The customer pays a 10% down payment and there is an 8% discount on the unit price.
  • The customer puts down a 15% deposit and receives a 10% reduction on the unit price.
  • A 20% down payment and a 15% discount on the unit price are required.
  • Installments are made over the longest repayment period in equal installments and without interest.
  • The commercial apartments are provided in a semi-finished red brick system, but the administrative and hotel units are delivered fully finished with air conditioning.

Real Estate Developer

UC Real Estate is one of the largest investment institutions and one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate development, as it implements its projects in collaboration with a large group of skilled technicians and workers, as well as using the best types of building materials and the most up-to-date devices and equipment to produce Upscale international designs.

UC development has more than 20 years of experience, having completed more than 70 projects across the Arab Republic of Egypt, including 6th of October City and New Cairo, and has earned the trust of many customers and investors for its commitment to deliver units that meet the required specifications to the fullest extent possible, at competitive prices and regulations. Convenient and diverse payment options that appeal to a wide range of target groups.

The corporation has built a successful network of residential complexes, as well as commercial and administrative facilities, the most notable of which are:

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