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project nameMidtown Fifth Settlement Compound
unit typePenthouses, duplexes and apartments
owner companyThe Better Home Group
installment systemsThe customer pays 50% of the contract value of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within only two years from the date of the contract.
locationIn the heart of Fifth Settlement, in front of the American University, which provides great educational services to its residents. and close to teseen street, which is the most famous street in New Cairo.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Features of luxury and sophistication you will find only inside Midtown Fifth Settlement

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Midtown Compound is one of the most beautiful residential projects in New Cairo, which was established by Better Home Developments, which is a pioneer in the field of real estate development and has used the latest wonderful engineering designs and provides all the basic and recreational services and various advantages that the customer is looking for when buying his distinctive unit.

Midtown project is built on a large space of ​​about 18 acres, most of which occupies the picturesque green nature and the wonderful water bodies that give happiness and comfort within oneself along with the various services available inside it, while the remaining part occupies the various residential units between apartments, duplexes and fully finished penthouses at competitive prices that suit your taste and your capabilities.

The advantageous geographical location of Midtown Compound New Cairo

Because the location is one of the most important points that attract any customer while choosing his residential unit; The real estate developer was keen to choose it very carefully for Midtown in the heart of Fifth Settlement, near all the main roads and axes, and at the same time far from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities.

The main advantages of the location are:

  • Midtown is close to teseen street, which is the most famous street in New Cairo.
  • Midtown is located in front of the American University, which provides great educational services to its residents.
  • Midtown can be reached through Nasr City in just 20 minutes.
  • Midtown is only 10 minutes away from Al Rehab City.
  • Midtown is also a short distance of about 20 minutes inside the compound.
  • Midtown is about 15 minutes from the most famous malls in the area, which is Cairo Festival Mall.
  • Midtown compound overlooks Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, about 8 km from the German University.
  • Midtown is close to the most important new projects, including Palm Hills New Cairo, Katameya Gardens, and Madinaty.

Compound Space

Better Home Developments has implemented Midtown Fifth Settlement on a large space of 18 acres, 75% of which have been allocated to vast green spaces, next to gardens and service facilities, while 17 residential buildings occupied the remaining space.

Each building consists of a ground floor topped by 3 consecutive floors, and the residential units within the compound vary between apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, and they are distinguished by their eye-catching modern urban designs and their different spaces that suit the different tastes and needs of customers and investors.

The unique features of Midtown Fifth Settlement

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Book your residential unit now inside Midtown, and enjoy exclusive features that are unique to other compounds, the most prominent of which can be clarified through the following:

  • The vital location is close to many major roads and hubs such as; The Ring Road, the Suez Desert Road, the Ain Sukhna Road, and the Axis of Field Marshal Tantawi.
  • Within the compound, there is a unique landscape of colorful trees and flowers, beautiful gardens and parks, as well as artificial lakes with crystal waters that add a kind of magic.
  • Permanently working dancing water fountains, giving a magical touch.
  • Midtown project is designed with the latest architectural styles to provide customers with the greatest amount of luxury.
  • The green glass facades of the compound were created to match the picturesque colors of nature, and this gives a kind of comfort and relaxation.

The most important services available at Midtown

Midtown project has a variety of basic and recreational services that the residents need, including the following:

  • Midtown compound has a clubhouse with integrated services to provide many recreational activities for the residents of the compound.
  • Wide lanes for walking and running, as well as for cycling.
  • Availability of swimming pools of various shapes with large areas suitable for all ages.
  • A huge commercial area that includes a number of malls and major stores with the most famous international brands for lovers of upscale taste.
  • Inside Midtown compound, there are modern electric elevators for easy movement between the different floors.
  • A health club with a large space with Jacuzzi halls, a spa house, and gym halls equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment for lovers of maintaining their physical fitness.
  • Providing recreational places for children that are safer and have many fun games.
  • Safe garages that can accommodate a large number of cars to avoid congestion and overcrowding.
  • There are golf courses.
  • A hypermarket with all the goods and services a home needs.
  • Employing highly trained security and guard personnel, and installing modern surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of the compound to be safer and to preserve property.
  • The construction of a mosque in a luxurious Islamic style adds an atmosphere of spirituality during the performance of prayers.

Unit types and their different spaces within Midtown

This luxury project is designed on a large space of about 18 acres using striking architectural styles to provide the greatest amount of luxury and luxury to the customers. The residential units in Midtown New Cairo overlook the natural green spaces that give a comfortable view that is attractive to the eye. one building and another.

The spaces of the different units inside Midtown are as follows:

  • The apartments’ spaces start from 135 square meters up to 425 square meters.
  • The spaces of the apartments with gardens start from 250 square meters up to 465 square meters.
  • There are penthouses with an area of 265 square meters.

The internal division of the apartments varies according to the total space of each of them. There are apartments with a number of rooms ranging from 2 to 4 rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

The best prices and payment systems within Midtown Compound New Cairo

Buying a unit in Midtown New Cairo Compound is a great opportunity for both housing and investment; In addition to the real estate developer’s keenness to provide all the services that customers are looking for, as well as the wonderful engineering designs of the units, he has announced very competitive prices, in addition to easy and convenient payment systems that meet your taste and capabilities.

Midtown New Cairo Prices are clear through the following:

  • Apartment prices range from 1,890,000 EGP up to 4,000,000 EGP.
  • The prices of midtown apartments with attached gardens range from 2,637,500 EGP to 4,162,500 EGP.
  • Penthouse prices are 2,760,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems; They are wonderful as you can pay a 50% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within only two years from the date of contracting.

Information about Midtown New Cairo developer

The Better Home Group is a real estate investment and development group working to deliver global sustainable communities of the highest quality; It has implemented many luxury projects and has added specialized subsidiaries under the Better Home Group umbrella to better serve its mission; These include Better Home, Better Office, Better Mall, and Better Mix.

Midtown Compound is considered its most prestigious project in Fifth Settlement, which it built in a way that reflects the extent of sophistication, modernity, and splendor of design. It also chose the most quality building materials and did not neglect the provision of many basic and recreational services so that the owners could enjoy spending their happiest time inside the compound.

The company has extensive experience extending to 13 years, during which it worked on the design of 56 distinctive projects, the most important of which are the following:

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