Mivida Boulevard Residences New Cairo

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project details

project nameMivida Boulevard Residences New Cairo
unit typevillas, twin houses, and apartments
owner companyEmaar Properties
installment systemsPaying a 20% downpayment of the unit value and the rest in installments over 6 t 8 years.
locationIn New Cairo, where the most prestigious area, Fifth Settlement, as it is based within the golden square within Mivida Emaar Complex,

Own your unit now with ease inside Mivida Boulevard Residences, which will transport you to another distinguished world with everything you desire in Fifth Settlement

Emaar Properties brings you an international and at the same time exceptional experience to Cairo, providing you with a special atmosphere full of vitality and enthusiasm, as it announced the launch of its distinctive project called Mivida Boulevard Residences, which is located in Fifth Settlement.

It includes multiple types of units with a global experience and a wide range of different spaces. It is an inspiring and unique place where simplicity meets great design, where living within the Mivida project qualifies you to be surrounded by culture, creativity, calm, and tranquility at the same time.

It has also developed distinctive plans and a package of prices for the units that are available in international spaces and designs to suit all customers and fulfill their desires and purchasing ability, and it has introduced payment and payment systems in the best and real way that helps you to own your unit with ease.

Mivida Boulevard Location

Mivida Boulevard Residences project is located in New Cairo, where the most prestigious area, Fifth Settlement, as it is based within the golden square within Mivida Emaar Complex, as it connects the most important roads and axes, and is close to the largest important institutions in Cairo, which will make you reach anywhere through it without trouble and away from congestion.

Features of Mivida Boulevard New Cairo location

  • The project is located 15 minutes away from the most important major cities, namely Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Mivida Boulevard Complex is based in Fifth Settlement, it is near the American University, and the Fifth Azadriftiv Square.
  • The project has a unique view as it is located on the main 90th Street, through which it is possible to access Suez Road and Ain Sukhna Road.
  • The compound is located 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

The space of Mivida Boulevard Project New Cairo

The compound has established the concept of an environment-friendly community, considering that sustainability is an essential element in residential communities by integrating all that is natural from the surrounding environment with the means of various uses to form a lively and distinctive community.

Emaar has been keen to implement the project on a large area that occupies 860 acres to include residential buildings that include a number of various units that differ in terms of spaces.

A large space of ​​the project land is dedicated to gardens, parks, green spaces, and scenic landscapes that surround the compound from all sides and occupy 80% of the total space of ​​the project.

The services provided by Mivida Boulevard Residences Project

The project includes many huge services that are countless, whether basic or recreational, to provide all the needs of customers, and provide them not to leave the compound to buy their requirements, and these services include the following:

  • The compound has a wide and long sports walkway dedicated to running, walking, and cycling amid fresh and clean air free of dust and pollution.
  • Work has been done to establish a children’s play area where they can spend the best times and enjoy the entertainment services there.
  • Allocating an area within the project yards to include a number of restaurants and cafes that provide you with services at the highest level.
  • Within the courtyard of the project, there is a distinctive sports club where you can play all games, as it includes a number of major stadiums.
  • A social club that is a distinguished meeting place for friends and families and has all the services at the highest level befitting the residents of the compound.
  • Fast and free internet is available that works continuously and everyone can use it.
  • A large and distinctive shopping area that includes a number of shops and malls that display the best brands and international brands.
  • A large hypermarket that provides you with all the various supplies and goods, and there is a fast home delivery service.
  • The company was keen to provide the educational aspect, as there are international schools with the highest level of education and the most qualified teachers.

The features that Boulevard Residence Project enjoys in Fifth Settlement

  • A dancing water fountains operate throughout the day giving the project the most beautiful artistic touches.
  • A large and distinctive shopping area that includes a number of shops and malls that display the best brands and international brands.
  • Modern electric elevators enable you to move between floors with ease without getting tired.
  • Swimming pools of different shapes and sizes, which are located in front of the units, where you can enjoy complete privacy within your unit.
  • A private car park and spacious underground garages designed with a Parking Lift system, which organizes their parking and prevents crowding around the project.
  • The units within the project are distinctive and designed with the finest international designs that are unparalleled, and they are characterized by various spaces that help you choose the most suitable for you.
  • Vast green spaces wrap around the project and occupy the largest area beside the vast water bodies that are available in the courtyards of the compound, which gives it a wonderful aspect of beauty.
  • The central community center, which includes all institutions that serve customers and meet their desires with ease.
  • A large health club that includes a number of gyms that contain modern sports equipment for lovers of beauty and fitness, it also includes rooms for a jacuzzi, spa house, and sauna for more recreation.

Units within Mivida Boulevard Residence New Cairo project and the most important spaces

The compound contains many distinctive residential units of different types and sizes. It includes nearly 5,000 units, including (villas, twin houses, and apartments), and spaces have been allocated to create green spaces and water bodies to surround them in order to enjoy the healthy air and picturesque landscapes.

As for the spaces only, the owner company Emaar Development worked to provide different spaces between the units, distinctive apartments consisting of 2 to 3 bedrooms were provided, with a space starting from 95 square meters up to 289 square meters, and it also has the best view over the vast space of the gardens. and lakes, and enables you to enjoy a quiet and healthy life.

Prices announced by the real estate developer and the best payment methods

Mivida Boulevard is one of the most distinguished residential complexes that are very popular among individuals looking for apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement. It has provided unique and different prices to suit all customers and developed a payment plan that works for the longest period and without interest.

As it was announced that the price per square meter inside the compound starts from 20,000 EGP up to 36,000 EGP, the total unit price may start from 2,660,000 EGP, and those prices are the best in Fifth Settlement, besides the enormous services that you will enjoy and meet your desires.

Payment and payment systems announced by the real estate developer

As for the payment systems, a unique system has been launched that enables you to own the unit you desire and the space you are looking for inside Mivida Boulivard, and these systems include the following:

  • Paying a 20% downpayment of the unit value and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Or Pay a 20% as a reservation downpayment, and pay the rest over 7 years.
  • Paying a 20% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

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The real estate developer, Emaar Development

Emaar is one of the major companies famous in the Egyptian real estate market, as it was established in Cairo.

It has made many multiple achievements inside Egypt, as it has worked on developing many huge residential projects and is always keen to provide a luxury life at new and distinctive levels, as it changes the concepts and standards of residential complexes and urbanization in Egypt.

It also possesses innumerable vast experiences, as it includes the most efficient engineers, experts, and consultants who develop distinctive operational plans for the project.

The company has carried out many projects that have achieved amazing success, including:

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