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project nameMountain View Diplomats North Coast
unit typechalets, flats, townhouses, twin homes, and independent villas
owner companyMountain View Real Estate Development Company
installment systemsthe customer pays a contract provider 10% or 20% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 3 or 8 or 6 years.
locationkilo 200 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and kilo 44.5 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road in the heart of the Ras Al-Hikma area on the North Coast,

Looking for a unique place to spend your summer vacation? Mountain View Diplomats North Coast is waiting for you!

The features of luxury, sophistication, and grandeur you will find only within the Mountain View Diplomats North Coast; As it is one of the most luxurious projects that have all your dreams of units designed according to the finest modern European styles, and a privileged location in the heart of Ras El Hekma area, where the wonderful views of the wonderful turquoise Mediterranean waters, its soft white sands, and its clear blue skies, in addition to Its huge area that accommodates all basic and recreational services, vast green spaces and charming water bodies.

Mountain View is the resort’s execution business and one of Egypt’s greatest real estate development corporations, offering amazing prices and payment procedures that are unmatched anywhere else.

Now is the time to reserve your unit and take advantage of an endless list of perks that will impress you and your family!

Learn about the distinguished location of Diplomats Resort Ras El Hekma

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company has chosen a distinctive strategic location for the North Coast Diplomats Resort at kilo 200 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and kilo 44.5 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road in the heart of the Ras Al-Hikma area on the North Coast, which achieves the difficult equation through its proximity to the most important main roads, which facilitates the process of moving to and from it while also keeping it away from all sources.

The following are the site’s most significant advantages:

  • It is located in the heart of Ras El Hekma, one of the most important tourist attractions on the northern coast of the Mediterranean.
  • Its approach is from the Dabaa road, and the Wadi al-Natrun road.
  • It is located in the middle between Caesar Bay Resort and La Vista Ras El Hekma Resort.
    Cairo is around 3 hours away from Diplomats Resort.
  • It is 50 kilometers from El Alamein International Airport and overlooks the El Alamein Towers.
  • The distance between Mountain View Diplomats North Coast and the Porto Marina resort is 90 km.
  • Its closeness to some of the region’s most stunning tourist destinations, including Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort.

Stages of the “North Coast Diplomats Resort” project

  •  Crete Islands Mountain View Resort

It spans 70 acres and allows you to live in the most beautiful residential units, including chalets with up to 125 square meters of living space, townhouses and twin houses with spaces ranging from 140 to 155 square meters, as well as boutique villas with 205 square meters of living space and villas with independent areas starting at 225 square meters.

Mountain View Diplomats North Coast includes a range of exclusive services and wonderful features, with exquisite designs and finishes, and distinctive prices.

  •  Greek Island Mountain View Resort

Executed across a broad area, it takes up the majority of the scenic green landscapes and gorgeous water bodies, with distinctive designs in the exquisite Greek style that appeal to individuals with refined tastes.

  • Paros and Rhodes Mountain View Resort

It has roughly 53% green area and the balance is made up of residential structures and integrated service amenities. Its units provide stunning views of a beach that stretches over 1000 meters. The units vary between apartments, duplexes, chalets, separate villas, twin houses, and penthouses.

Get exceptional benefits when you own your unit now inside the North Coast Diplomatic Resort

Diplomats North Coast Resort offers a number of advantages, which are listed below:

  • The prominent geographic location in the center of the Ras El Hekma region, which is home to some of the most opulent tourist resorts.
  • A women’s beach has been designated with all the facilities you need for additional privacy.
  • The units’ stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea’s most picturesque beaches, as well as their remarkable designs, draw a lot of attention.
  • The growth of enormous green landscapes that provide a relaxing and psychologically comforting ambiance; where trees, bright flowers, and unusual species may be found.
  • With a surface area of 40,000 square meters, artificial lakes with magnificent crystal waters provide an exquisite spectacle beyond description.
  • The units feature beautiful modern engineering designs that are luxurious and delicate enough to compete with international versions.
  • Water fountains that dance and provide stunning views of the resort.

InsideMountain View Diplomats North Coast, there are a variety of services that are available.

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind summer experience for you and your family?  Diplomats Resort provides a wide range of basic and recreational services, the most notable of which are:

  • Many water games are available in Aqua Park, bringing delight to the soul.
    There are several beautiful swimming pools in all forms and sizes to satisfy both adults and children.
  • A mosque is built in a beautiful architectural style where numerous religious prayers and rituals are performed.
  • A children’s section featuring a variety of entertaining games to pass the time during your visit to the resort.
  • To avoid vehicle congestion within the project, there will be safe garages that can hold a significant number of cars.
  • To guarantee stability, security and guard officers were distributed around the resort, as well as several contemporary 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Inside Diplomats Resort on the North Coast, there is a magnificent commercial area with numerous stores offering a wide range of goods and services, as well as the top worldwide brands and brands that appeal to individuals with refined tastes.
  • There are 19 noteworthy swimming pools, ranging in shape and size to serve adults and children, as well as covered pools for girls and women.
  • For fitness enthusiasts, there is a gym with the most up-to-date equipment and sports equipment.
  • All flats come completely furnished and equipped with high-speed internet and a central shower.
  • Integrated maintenance services are available to solve all malfunctions.
  • All complaints are received by customer service, which works to address them.
  • Within the resort, the medical component has not been overlooked; there are pharmacies that offer a wide range of medications as well as various treatment options.
  • Medical centers that include the latest equipment for more health care for customers and visitors and work around the clock.
  • There is a unique spa with a Jacuzzi, jacuzzi, and sauna for the ultimate in relaxation and body care.
  • For fishing and diving enthusiasts, Diplomats Compound offers you qualified staff to educate you and enjoy observing various marine fish, as well as yachts and the required equipment.
  • A collection of outstanding restaurants and cafés that offer exceptional service in a pleasant, lively environment.
  • Various entertainment locations for various events and barbecues to enjoy the most wonderful family occasions.
  • Cinemas are equipped with the most exquisite amenities to screen the most recent international films.
  • Meeting rooms with cutting-edge technology and a variety of audio equipment are available.
  • A wonderful library for reading lovers, with many types of books and novels.
  • Mountain View Diplomats North Coast offers a beach and other playgrounds for football, basketball, volleyball, and golf for fans of different sports.
  • A long, slender boardwalk that reaches out into the water.
  • Walking, cycling, and jogging are all allowed on the tracks.
  • Greek theatre for the most beautiful different shows.
  • The project includes a power plant and a drinking water treatment plant.

Units types and their different spaces inside Diplomats Resort

Mountain View Diplomats North Coast is the place you have always been looking for and wishing to spend the most beautiful times with your family and friends; Where the vast nature of the picturesque green spaces and the breathtaking artificial lakes, the security, safety, and amenities that the resort provides you with, as well as the residential units with their breathtaking urban designs that match their luxury and sophistication with international models.

Diplomats Resort Ras El Hekma was built by Mountain View Company across a 450-acre site in three parts; the first and second phases have been finished, and all efforts are currently focused on the third phase, The total number of units in the project is 1371, and it is distinguished by its outstanding designs and many varieties, which include chalets, flats, townhouses, twin homes, and independent villas of all sizes to fulfill the preferences of consumers, investors, and tourists.

The areas of the units available in the third stage can be clarified through the following:

  • Chalet sizes range from 90 to 100 square meters.
  • Standalone villas range in size from 245 m2 to 400 m2.
  • Luxury flats, townhouses, and twin homes have living areas of up to 270 square meters.

Mountain View offers the finest pricing and payment solutions in Diplomats Resort

In addition to providing the resort with all the entertainment and comfort you are looking for, it has also been interested in providing high-end housing units that suit the owners of high taste and vary in sizes to satisfy all needs, all at competitive prices compared to the number of services it enjoys, and flexible and comfortable payment systems that extend to long periods of time.

The following are the unit prices in Diplomats Resort, North Coast:

  • Chalets price starts from 1,500,000 EGP up to 2,000,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter for various villas starts from 15,000 EGP.
  • The price of the townhouse starts from 2,874,434 EGP.
  • The price of a twin house starts from 3,171,656 EGP.
  • The price of standalone villas starts from 6,000,000 EGP.

The following are the many payment mechanisms available within Diplomats Resort:

  • In the first stage, Crete Island: the customer pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.
  • In the second stage, Greek Island: the customer pays 30% of the unit value, and the rest is paid in equal installments over 3 years.
  • The third stage, Paros and Rhodes: The client pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 6 years.

About the real estate developer and some of their most notable prior projects

Mountain View Real Estate Development is one of Egypt’s most prestigious firms, with a long history of success in East and West Cairo, the Red Sea area, and the North Coast In order to preserve its reputation and the faith of its consumers, the firm also relies on the utilization of cutting-edge technology and the adoption of international quality standards.

Mountain View Diplomats North Coast is one of the most significant and largest tourist resorts in the world, with all of the hallmarks of a tourist destination, including unique designs, high-end services, and unique features. Due to its gorgeous character and unique geographical placement in the most strategic spots near all major routes, it is easy to get to and from.

The following are the company’s most important prior works:

  1. Crete Island Mountain View Resort.
  2. Mv Park The Lake,
  3. Mountain View Giza Plateau Compound.
  4. Rhodes Mountain View Resort.
  5. Heart Work Mountain View Fifth Settlement.
  6. Mountain View 3
  7. Mountain View Hyde Park.
  8. Mountain View October Park.
  9. iCity New Cairo.
  10. Mountain View Executive Residence.
  11. Chill Out, Park.
  12. Mountain View Sokhna 1.
  13. Mountain View Sokhna 2.
  14. I City October.
  15. Mountain View Giza Plateau.
  16. Mountain View Diplomats Ras El Hekma.
  17. Mountain View Ras El Hekma.
  18. Mountain View Chillout Park Compound.
  19. Mountain View Park Island.
  20. Mountain View Executive Residence.
  21. Mountain View Compound 1.
  22. Mountain View Compound 2.
  23. Mountain View 3 Compound, New Cairo.
  24. Mountain View Diplomats North Coast.
  25. Mountain View Rhodes Lagoon Resort North Coast.
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