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اترك بياناتك واحصل على تفاصيل خطط السداد حتى 8 سنوات وأفضل عروض الأسعار

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project nameMountain View iCity Compound October
unit typeApartments and villas
owner companyMountain View
installment systemsThe customer pays 5% or 10% in advance when contracting and the rest is installmentd within 8 years or 9 years
locationIn the most prestigious residential neighborhood in Cairo, where the 6th of October City is It is a wonderful location as it a short distance from the well-known Mall of Arabia, about 5 minutes.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع


A golden opportunity for life with a new concept, you can book your unit now in a full-service compound in the heart of 6th of October City!!

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Mountain View ICity Project is one of the best projects located in the heart of 6th of October City. It is one of the most luxurious complexes affiliated with Mountain View, as it has a special character and is different from other projects and achieves all means of entertainment for all ages, in addition to the tremendous services that It provides comfort and every aspect of luxury and stability inside Mountain View iCity Compound

Mountain View has also created a sophisticated community to achieve a better life for its customers in a huge project in a comfortable and natural atmosphere, with all basic and recreational services, and designing the units within Mountain View 6 October Icity according to the latest international designs that have a special taste that is unique to it from others.

Mountain View Icity October includes various types of various residential units that differ among themselves in terms of spaces in order to achieve the desires of customers in choosing the most suitable for them.

The real estate developer also offers the best prices that serve the residents of Mountain View Icity October prices and provides easy methods of payment in order to own an integrated and multi-purpose unit and has all the various services to meet all the needs that provide a comfortable living and luxury for the residents of Icity Mountain View 6 October.

Mountain View iCity Location

When establishing Mountain iCity View Compound, Mountain View chose a privileged location in the most prestigious residential neighborhood in Cairo, where the 6th of October City is. It is a wonderful location as it is close to roads, main axes, and important services. You will find yourself able to reach quickly and easily to all the areas you visit, and iCity separates you from all areas in about a few minutes.

The most important features of the project location:

  • Mountain iCity View is located a short distance from the well-known Mall of Arabia, about 5 minutes.
  • Mountain View iCity is Behind the biggest clubs, El Remaya Club.
  • Mountain iCity View Project is located 10 minutes from Dar Al Fouad Hospital and Nile National University.
  • Mountain View iCity is 4 minutes away from Juhayna Mall.
  • Mountain View Icity October is about a third of an hour away from the famous Mall of Egypt.
  • Mountain iCity View Compound is located near the Ring Road, and the 26th of July Corridor, which facilitates transportation.
  • The distance between Mountain View iCity and the Shooting Club is short, not exceeding two minutes.

The space of Mountain View iCity

This giant project was implemented by Mountain View, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, and it was keen to provide Mountain View Icity October location with a vast space of ​​500 acres, and that space was divided where green spaces, gardens, and water bodies occupy the largest proportion and a suitable space that includes a number of buildings and constructions.

Mountain View Icity October was designed in a 4D system, as it consists of 6 islands, all of which harmonize with each other in a more distinctive and wonderful style, knowing that each island has its unique style to give a superior taste and is different from others in terms of luxury and beauty.

Own your residential unit now in Mountain View iCity Compound and enjoy the finest international designs that suit you and your family.

A new phase and a different life await you inside Mountain View Park The Lake!!

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

Mountain View has been known in the Egyptian market that it is one of the major companies that always provides its clients with everything new and advanced in the field of engineering construction, and the company has launched the latest phases of iCity, which is MV Park The Lake.

This phase was built on about 70 acres divided between residential units and green spaces that occupy the largest part of the place in order to have enough tranquility and privacy that you will not get anywhere else, and it is strategically located in the heart of 6th of October behind the shooting club, which makes it close from several important places and many vital and main roads inside Mountain View iCity Compound.

An example of this is the Shooting Club, which is only about 5 minutes away and about 12 minutes away from Mountain View iCity Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square, in addition to its proximity to Mountain View Square, and it is separated from the Nile National Hospital and Dar Al Fouad Hospital by a short distance, and it is not far from the Ring Road and the 26th of July Road in Mountain View iCity Project.

MV Park includes a selection of distinguished services and basic facilities that enable you to live in an integrated place that provides you and your family with everything you need and desire. Within MV Park there are modern and innovative designs, it is designed to be an integrated smart city that provides you with modern electronic entrances and dedicated pitfalls for dumping Garbage, recycling, and other means that make life easier and more developed.

A large walkway with a length of 380 meters, an international shopping area, an integrated gym, a garage that accommodates a large number of cars, swimming pools, in addition to exquisitely shaped dancing fountains, a health club at the highest level, and many other features that are unique to Mountain View Park The Lake.

The units within Mountain View iCity compound are divided into (apartments, villas, and townhouses) and range in spaces from the largest to the smallest, as well as special prices and convenient payment systems, and they can be explained as follows:

  • Mountain View iCity apartments’ spaces start from 130 m²square meters up to 165 square meters and their price starts from 1,670,000 EGP, and villas range between 190 and 230 square meters.
  • at Mountain View iCityIn addition to the presence of Lake House, which starts from 385 square meters.
  • As for standalone villas in Mountain View iCity , starting from 285 square meters and their price starts from 2,600,000 EGP, and townhouses start from 185 square meters and their price starts from 3,500,000 EGP.
  • Payment plan in Mountain View iCity: the customer pays 5% of the unit value and pays the rest over 9 full years.

Services available within Mountain View ICity Project

Take your chance now and get the best services and multiple features inside Mountain View iCity 6th of October!

The following are the most important services available at Mountain View 6 October:

  • At Mountain View iCity green spaces and landscapes occupy more than two-thirds of the total space of ​​I City October, giving it an aesthetic and attractive shape.
  • Private garages for each unit within Mountain View Icity October, which includes a large number of cars, away from public roads to prevent congestion.
  • Extensive gardens with a number of tall, leafy trees increase the proportion of oxygen, giving everyone a healthy atmosphere away from pollution in Mountain View iCity.
  • Spacious swimming pools with sophisticated designs, distributed in front of each unit inside Mountain View iCity, give wonderful touches to the shape of the unit and are suitable for all ages.
  • Mountain View iCity contains  restaurants and cafes with international brands are designed in an international style, providing the best services at high levels.
  • Mountain View iCity contains  Dancing water fountains in front of I City October that operates daily increase the charm and splendor of the place.
  • Mountain View iCity contains  A special space has been provided for the establishment of a sports club with all sports services and includes a large number of playgrounds.
  • Mountain View iCity contains A health club in a large edifice that includes a number of gyms with the latest equipment, a spa house, massage rooms, and jacuzzi baths where relaxation and tranquility.
  • Mountain View iCity contains  extensive health services within Mountain View Icity October, including medical centers of the highest level and in various specialties.
  • Mountain View iCity has a clubhouse has all the various services and entertainment to meet the desires of customers.

The unique of Mountain View ICity Project

There are many features within Mountain iCity View Project, which provide many of the customers’ desires and suffice their needs, and we mention that as follows:

  • Mountain View iCity is One of the most important features of Mountain iCity View is its unique location in the Sixth of October City, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes.
  • The units within I City October vary, vary in terms of spaces and types, and are designed in a world-class unique style.
  • A number of engineers and experts in the field of decoration were hired to implement Mountain View iCity project that combines luxury and sophistication.
  • Large open areas for barbecues, to enjoy the outdoors in Mountain View iCity.
  • A huge commercial area with all international brands and brands, which provides a great shopping experience worthy of the residents of Icity October Mountain View.
  • Long, wide lanes for walking, running, and cycling, away from the motorway inside Mountain View iCity.
  • Large and spacious playgrounds for all sports, including football and tennis in Mountain View iCity.
  • There is an area designated for a large mall that includes a number of shops and provides all the goods and household necessities that residents need within Mountain View iCity.
  • I City October is one of the environmentally friendly projects, as the top of each unit is solar panels to generate clean energy.
  • Mountain View iCity is also a 10-km-long tourist walkway.
  • A large entertainment area for children with all kinds of activities, and games suitable for their ages.
  • at Mountain View iCity Educational services are available as there is an international school, an administrative building, and a commercial building.
  • Security personnel and guards at the entrances to
  • Icity October Mountain View
  • and electronic gates, and the distribution of a number of modern surveillance cameras that work continuously without interruption.

What are you waiting for, the opportunity is still in front of your eyes, own an integrated unit in the most luxurious compound in Mountain View iCity!!

The spaces, prices, and types of units within Mountain View iCity

Mountain View iCity units vary within Icity Mountain View 6 October, as it includes a huge number of residential buildings, amounting to 14,000 units, each of which is different from each other and with full finishes, as it contains a type of (villas – apartments), various spaces have been provided between each unit and the other in order to meet the customers’ desires to choose the most suitable for them and their family.

Unit prices and spaces of each of them within I City October

  • Grand Villa

Its space starts from (350 square meters), and it contains 4 bedrooms.

  • Apartment Park Edition

This unit consists of 2 to 4 bedrooms, its space range from (100 square meters up to 205 square meters) and its price ranges from 1,750,000 to 2,400,000 EGP.

  • I Villa Park Edition

Its space ranges from (220 square meters to 230 square meters), and it consists of 3 rooms and a reception room, and its prices are 3.5 million EGP.

  • IVilla sky

Its space ranges from (265 square meters up to 270 square meters), and consists of 3 bedrooms, with prices starting from 2.6 million EGP.

  • Sun Roof

Its space ranges from (130 square meters up to 155 square meters), and it consists of 3 bedrooms.

  • Townhouse

Its space ranges from (260 square meters to 265 square meters), and it consists of 3 rooms, and its prices start from 3.5 million EGP.

  • Twin house

Its space is (325 square meters), and it consists of 4 bedrooms.

Payment systems within Mountain View iCity October

The spaces and prices are the best ever in Mountain View iCity Project, as the real estate developer has determined to provide units of different sizes to meet the desires of customers to choose what is most appropriate for them, in addition to providing a package of suitable prices that help customers to own their unit with ease.

Easy payment systems have been announced for customer service and are based on convenient installments for those visiting Mountain View iCity Compound, and these systems include the following:

  • You can pay a 5% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over 9 years.
  • You can also own your unit at 10% of the total price upon contracting, and the rest in installments over 8 years in Mountain View iCity Compound

For more details of Mountain View iCity contact us

The Real estate developer of Mountain View iCity October

Mountain View is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, which is based on the idea of ​​innovation as it is dedicated to the development of first-class housing, buildings, and resorts, and includes a large number of projects throughout Egypt, and it also attracts many investors and customers to it through its huge projects established in the east and west of Cairo, the Red Sea, and the North Coast.

It also adheres to quality standards through its unparalleled creative designs, as it uses experts and architects to implement a mechanized plan that achieves overwhelming success for its projects. Mountain View has great confidence from its customers because of its credibility in dealing.

And it has many huge projects that have achieved overwhelming success, including:

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