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project details

project name Nile Business City
unit type administrative offices
owner company Nile Development Company
installment systems a number of simple payment methods with the longest payment terms, the most notable of which are: 10% to 30 down payment with repayment period form 7 to ten years
location in the Administrative Capital, specifically in Down Town, plot MU-32. on Mohammed bin Zayed's northern axis. The Egyptian Museum and the Egypt Mosque are also nearby.

Nile Business City New Administrative Capital

Invest today in Africa’s third tallest tower, with a target of 2 billion pounds in contractual sales. Nile Business City project, which is the longest and first Festival Towers in the Downtown Administrative Capital, is positioned in a critical and strategic location, adjacent to all major routes and major axes, making it easier to travel to it.

The developer was determined to diversify the units, which include commercial units, medical clinics, administrative offices, and hotel studios with a variety of places to serve all clients and a variety of designs to suit all tastes.

The project additionally comprises a number of services, features, public amenities, and recreational activities that help to integrate the project; it also offers a number of simple and flexible payment ways to accommodate all customers, as well as competitive costs.

Location of Nile Business City

An excellent location for any project is the beginning of attracting many clients; Where the client is looking for a strategic location close to all the main roads and the most important main axes that help to reach it faster, as the project is located in the Administrative Capital, specifically in Down Town, plot MU-32.

The strategic location of Nile Business City has the following advantages:

  • The project is located on Mohammed bin Zayed’s northern axis.
  • The Egyptian Museum and the Egypt Mosque are also nearby.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Green River and Center Park, the city’s largest park.
  • The Al Masa Hotel is only a few minutes away.
  • The project is situated on three separate corners, all of which contribute to attracting clients and provide unique views.
  • Close to several residential units such as Stella Park, IL Bosco Compound, Solo Midtown Compound, Capital Heights Compound, Blue Vert Compound, and Celia Talaat Mustafa Compound, all the compounds mentioned are in the Administrative Capital.
  • In close proximity to the center axis.
  • The business area, the landmark tower, the City of Arts, and the Opera House are all within minutes’ easy reach.
  • The express train and the Monorail Central Station are both near Nile Business City.
  • The project is conveniently accessible by many axes, including the southern and northern Sheikh Zayed Axis Roads, as well as its closeness to the Ring Road and South Future Road.

Spaces and types of units within Nile Business City New Capital

Nile Development Company strives to create projects that achieve the sophistication, elegance, and luxury that all customers and investors demand by selecting unique geographic sites that are adjacent to all major highways and axes.

The developer was keen on diversity in the units and creativity in their designs with spaces that suit all customers; the project includes commercial units, administrative offices, medical clinics, and hotel studios of various sizes, as the administrative units’ space starts from 33 square meters.

Nile Business City was built on an area of ​​32,829 square meters, equivalent to 7.8 acres, and the project has a facade on the Green River with an area of ​​200 square meters. The height of the tower is about 233 meters.

Nile Business City design

Invest your project now in the first and longest vertical city in Africa, where you will find a headquarters for your business; Where it will achieve many successes over the coming years, in addition to its location in a vital and distinguished place and its proximity to all residential units that will help in the success of the project.

The project was designed with the best engineering and construction designs that are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and elegance to suit all customers looking for luxury and excellence in their workplace.

In the implementation of Nile Business City, the company used CFM, which is one of the Orascom companies, and designed by SEE as an engineering consultant, Dr. Asaad Salama, which is the largest specialized engineering consultancy office in the Arab world, it also enjoys a direct view of the Green River and the northern axis of Bin Zayed, with the main interface of about a meter Square.

The project, in Administrative Capital, consists of 56 floors divided into 5 basement floors, underground and a ground floor + 50 upper floors with different and varied spaces.

Nile Business City New Administrative Capital services

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in Egypt’s second-tallest skyscraper and benefit from a wide range of services, features, public facilities, and recreational activities available inside Nile Business City, where the owner company has worked hard to provide the highest level of comfort and safety for customers through:

  • The Kids Area is a fun place for kids to spend quality time with their friends and family, with a variety of games to fit their ages and abilities.
  • The project is distinguished by its natural green areas, which extend from the outside and provide an appealing and amazing perspective, as well as flowers and trees that contribute to cleaning the air.
  • Cinemas have been dedicated to luxury and enjoyment for those who like seeing the newest films, whether international or Arab, with a vision and excellent quality in sound and image.
  • There are spaces for meetings, gatherings, and parties that are outfitted with the most up-to-date technology and can accommodate the most prominent public personalities.
  • There is central air conditioning to inhale and refresh the air within Nile Business City.
  • You can wait in your cars in a dedicated car park that meets all safety and security requirements.
  • Nile Business City offers a food court area with several foreign restaurants and cafés that provide a range of meals and beverages from all over the world to satisfy everyone’s interests.
  • A security crew skilled in service and guarding has been assigned to offer security and safety for customers and residents; where they perform random tours inside and outside the tower to ensure that there are no intruders, in addition to the presence of a dedicated security service within each floor.
  • Surveillance cameras are installed both inside and outside the project to safeguard and secure all personal possessions, as well as to give the highest level of safety and reassurance.
    A fire alarm and an extinguishing mechanism are installed for further security and safety, as well as consumer safety.
  • Periodic maintenance services that work 24 hours a day; where plumbing and customer service services have been assigned roles with the goal of offering all levels of comfort and elegance to all consumers.
  • Nile Business City Tower includes 5 underground floors, a ground floor, and 50 lofts.
  • The real estate developer was keen to establish 5 floors of the underground garage to accommodate a large number of cars, as well as provide an integrated security system to preserve the property of visitors, in order to park your car in a safe place equipped with surveillance cameras and fully secured.
  • Commercial units, administrative offices, medical clinics, and hotel studios were among the units in the project.
  • A vast commercial mall with a great number of shops and businesses offering a diverse selection of brands from many nations to meet all tastes.
  • Inside Nile Business City New Capital, administrative offices that match your workplace and aid in the achievement of your project in a location that ensures your success and excellence.
  • The tower provides the highest level of medical care since it is equipped with clinics that cover all medical specialties and a staff of committed and diligent physicians.
  • To service the project’s inhabitants and clients, the tower has pharmacies that provide a wide range of international and local medications.
  • A gym with sophisticated equipment is available for early morning workout enthusiasts.

Nile Business City New Capital’s Amenities

  • For the first time in the Administrative Capital, a panoramic elevator allows visitors to observe all of the landscapes from the top and take in the breathtaking views.
  • Enjoy a direct and unique perspective of Central Park, where you can see the beautiful environment with its fresh flowers and tall trees that emit delightful smells.
  • The presence of hotel studios is one of the most important characteristics of any project in the Administrative Capital, especially if it is an integrated project that combines all units, whether commercial, administrative or medical; you will find all of this in a privileged strategic location close to all of the main roads and the most important main axes, which makes it easier to reach it.
  • Nile Business City is located near three key intersections that make it easier to get there.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of the green river, which is surrounded by lush greenery and pure air.
  • Apart from the easy and flexible payment methods, which came with the longest payment time, the real estate developer was anxious to make the costs affordable and appealing and not comparable to any other project.
  • The tower relies on solar energy to power all of its units, and there are generators that kick in automatically when the electricity goes out.
  • A prayer mosque built in the newest Islamic architecture to host religious ceremonies and prayers.

Nile Business City Towers the Administrative Capital is characterized by providing spaces for sale for investment activities, whether commercial, administrative, medical or hotel studios; With the experience of an Egyptian joint-stock company, the Nile Real Estate Development Company.

The company offers a variety of services, features, public facilities, and recreational activities that the customer will receive when investing in the third largest tower in Africa.

Unit prices and payment systems Nile Business City

Nile Business City New Administrative Capital Egypt’s second-highest skyscraper after the famous tower offers a wonderful chance for profitable investment in the heart of the administrative capital.

All of this is available at reasonable pricing, with simple and flexible payment options to suit all consumers. We discovered that administrative units start at 44,500 EGP per square meter.

For all customers, the payment methods of the buildings of the project were characterized by flexibility and ease. The real estate developer has implemented a number of simple payment methods with the longest payment terms, the most notable of which are:

  • The first system allows customers to pay a contract down payment of 10% of the unit price, with the remainder due in equal payments over the next 6 years from the date of contracting.
  • The second system allows the consumer to pay a down payment of 15% of the unit price, with the remaining amount in equal installments over the next 7 years from the date of contracting.
  • The third system allows the client to pay a contracting advance of 20% of the unit price, with the remainder paid in equal payments over an eight-year period from the contracting date.
  • The fourth system allows the client to pay a contract advance of 25% of the unit price, with the remainder to be paid in equal payments over 9 years from the date of contracting.
  • The fifth system allows customers to pay a contract down payment of 30% of the unit price, with the remaining balance paid in equal payments over ten years from the date of contracting.
  • In the case of cash payment, the customer will get a discount of 47% of the unit price.
  • When paying the installments, the customer will get a discount of 12% of the unit price.

Real Estate Developer

The Nile  Development Company is regarded as one of the most prestigious firms in the industry of real estate development. It is an Egyptian joint-stock company that is registered with the Investment Authority and is considered among the highest categories of corporations. It is owned by Eng. Mahmoud Taher and Eng. Mohamed Taher.

The company started its business as a real estate developer in Mansoura in 2002, and from 2016 it entered New Cairo and implemented more than 100 projects.

The company joined the administrative capital in 2021 and completed the first tower project, North31, in less than six months. The firm has a number of projects in various locations, including the Beit Al-Watan neighborhood, old and new Andalus, South Lotus, New Lotus, and South Academy, and it seeks to earn client confidence by executing and completing its projects on time.

Nile Real Estate Development Company’s most noteworthy prior works include: