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project details

project name North Edge Towers Alamein
unit type Housing units
owner company City Edge Real Estate Development
installment systems he client can pay 5% as a down payment and pay the rest in equal installments for a period of 7 years.
location In the heart of New Alamein, directly by the sea on North Coast and close to several other important facilities, such as the seawater purification plant in Alamein, the industrial zone, El Hamra port, and other vital places.

What are you waiting for to get everything you dream of in North Edge Towers Alamein?

City Edge is once again looking at us with one of its latest and largest megaprojects, North Edge Towers Alamein. This project is a new vision in the world of real estate development, as it is an integrated place with different units suitable for a large number of residents.

The resort includes many different services and features that help residents to live a better life of luxury and opulence. It is also an innovatively designed project full of elegancy and modernity that gives it more beauty.

The project is distinguished by its location in the heart of Alamein city, and this makes the place benefit greatly from the various services and the many advantages that the state offers inside that city.

The company has also been keen on providing a range of special prices and multiple facilities in order to gain the client’s trust and satisfaction. All this and more will be obtained only in our project, so take advantage of this opportunity and book your unit now.

Different design and skillful execution was done in North Edge Alamein

The design of these towers is similar to the Dubai towers in terms of shape and distinction, as they imitate the European style, which is marked by elegance, luxury, and unique exterior designs.

This project consists of 5 high-rise residential towers and the tower consists of about 40 floors and each tower has about 230 units of different spaces, these towers have a wonderful direct view of the sea, which smarten all units with a stunning view.

The frontage of all units is made of glass, and this gives a lot of space to the place and gives the residents a greater advantage to enjoy these natural landscapes, and the interior decorations are marked by simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Where North Edge Towers is located?

Easy access and the various ways that connect you to the project is one of the advantages of North Edge Towers, as it is located in a unique location, in the heart of New Alamein.

These towers are close to the governorate of Matrouh, as they are located on the Alexandria / Matrouh International Road, and this project is close to several different places and other important roads that we will discuss in some detail in the following:

  • The resort is located directly by the sea on North Coast.
  • It is also close to several other important facilities, such as the seawater purification plant in Alamein, the industrial zone, El Hamra port, and other vital places.
  • It is about 54 km away from Alamein International Airport.
  • It is also about 89 km away from Borg El Arab Airport.
  • It is about 107 km away from Alexandria Governorate, and about 261 km away from Cairo Governorate.
  • The project is located near the Marina of Alamein.
  • It is also located a short distance away from the Military Museum in Alamein.
  • All this is in addition to the fact that North Edge Towers New Alamein is close to several important roads such as the Petroleum Road, Wadi El-Natrun Road, Alamein Road, and the International Coastal Road, and this makes it easier and faster to reach.

The various advantages that were provided in North Edge Towers Alamein

City Edge is always keen on extending the credibility and honesty between it and the clients, and this is through the distinguished projects that it provides, and our project is considered today one of those special works.

In the following, we will describe some of the distinguishing features, main and entertainment services that the resort offers:

  • Providing wide green spaces that fill the place with plenty of fresh air and fragrant aromas that help to rest and relax.
  • A privileged location in New Alamein, close to pivotal roads that facilitate access and moving to and from it.
  • A distinct architectural design that increases the uniqueness of the project and its difference from other projects because it is marked by elegance and luxury in all aspects.
  • A number of swimming pools of varying spaces to suit different age groups.
  • The presence of a large gymnasium with a number of advanced equipment and modern devices, supervised by highly trained coaches.
  • Providing a long walkway equipped for morning sports, jogging, and cycling, it is safe because it is far from car roads.
  • Providing large conference halls that are fully equipped to receive a large number of visitors with modern devices and equipment.

Various services, get to know all of them with us in North Edge Towers Alamein

  • There is also an integrated medical center with advanced devices and equipment which provides a variety of medical specialties, supervised by a group of highly-qualified doctors.
  • Kid’s area with many interesting and entertaining games.
  • A large commercial area in the resort has a group of stores that provide everything you and your family need at all times.
  • A large entertainment area with cinemas and other entertaining activities suitable for adults and children.
  • Wide gardens and parks in North Edge Alamein with comfortable seats to help the residents to relax and rest.
  • A group of restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services and are very close to the residential units.
  • A big club with a number of different playgrounds so that you can always enjoy practicing your favorite sport.
  • The project also includes many elevators and escalators that help residents to move around the place easily.
  • A large garage dedicated to cars and provides them with the necessary care which is fully secured to look after them.
  • To provide the residents with safety and security, an integrated security system has been created with all the modern equipment that continuously monitors the places, which increases the residents’ reassurance.

Know more about the unit spaces, prices, and payment systems offered in North Edge Towers

These towers were built over a large space of land, and it consists of “residential apartments” and provides it with all the main facilities and entertainment that you and your family need. The project also has a large green space surrounding it, which increases its beauty and tranquility.

City Edge has offered very special prices and various payment systems so that the clients can make a purchase decision soon and easily, because of the various advantages and services that he will enjoy that make the project very luxurious than others.

We will explain all the details you need regarding spaces, prices, and payment systems in the following:

  • “Type A” spaces: spaces in this type start from 90 square meters and reach 351 square meters.
  • “Type B” spaces: spaces in this type start from 230 square meters.
  • Price of the square meter in North Edge Alamein starts from 38.5 thousand EGP.
  • As for the starting price of the units, is 6.9 million EGP.
  • The payment system: The client can pay 5% as a down payment and pay the rest in equal installments for a period of 7 years.
  • The date of delivery of the units in North Edge Towers will be 2022.


Here is North Edge New Alamein Towers project that offers you a different life and new radiance to enjoy all your dreams of comfort, luxury and unprecedented fun.

It is also the ideal place for you to have an integrated residential unit with direct stunning views of the sea to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility all the year, all this in addition to the various services offered by these towers at your fingertips.

So it is the right time to make a decision and book your unit with us in one of the biggest new Alamein projects.

The real estate developer of North Edge project Alamein City

City Edge Real Estate Development is the executing company of North Edge Towers project in Alamein, Which has hired the most skilled engineers for it and directed a large part of its great capabilities and expertise to construct this huge project.

This company has a great deal of experience in developing residential complexes, as it has always worked on updating and developing the traditional concept of residential units and updating it significantly.

It has also carried out many different projects that bear the marks of distinction and difference, unlike others in order to earn clients’ trust and maintain credibility links between the company and them.

In the following, we will state examples of the various architectural works that City Edge has done: