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project nameOriental Coast Marsa Alam‎
unit typeapartments, Villas and Twin house
owner companyOUD
installment systemsoption of paying 5% as a contract downpayment and the remainder in payments over extended periods of up to 9 years, all without interest.
location20 minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport and is located in a prime position in Marsa Alam

In Oriental Coast Marsa Alam, you may live a life of luxury, solitude, and elegance.

Life on Oriental Coast Marsa Alam represents a mixture of pleasure, luxury, and privacy, as Marsa Alam is characterized by its captivating nature that gives you and your family the best moments of enjoyment and adventure. OUD Weavers for Urban Development has worked hard to ensure that the resort meets the highest standards of quality, elegance, and exclusivity in order to become the ideal location for people seeking an extraordinary life filled with energy and relaxation.

Oriental Coast Resort was built on a 1,231-acre plot of land with a 7.5-kilometer shoreline. The resort’s designs were differentiated by including the greatest levels of luxury, peace, and leisure for clients, as well as a variety of services and fantastic recreational activities.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind life that satisfies all of your and your family’s desires, the resort on the Red Sea’s charming shores embodies your dreams by offering a package of the most luxurious residential units in a variety of designs and sizes, as well as a group of the most luxurious hotels that provide the highest standards of luxury hospitality and privacy for you and your family.

The strategic location of Oriental Coast Marsa Alam Resort

Oriental Coast is 20 minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport and is located in a prime position in Marsa Alam. Marsa Alam is distinguished by its proximity to the world’s most populous cities, including Beirut, Dubai, Rome, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Madrid, all of which can be reached in less than 5 hours by plane, as well as its stunning marine life and unrivaled coral reefs.

Oriental Coast Resort offers guests optimum satisfaction and recreation by combining stunning beauty, integrated amenities, tranquillity, and solitude away from the hectic metropolis. The resort is close to a number of notable locations, the most prominent of which are:

  • Marsa Alam Airport is 30 kilometers from the resort.
  • It is 35 kilometers from Quseir.
  • It is located at a distance of 180 km from Hurghada.
  • It is 200 km from Luxor.
  • It is located 700 km from Cairo.

The space of Oriental Coast Resort

Orientals Development Company OUD has set aside a large area for the development of its newest project, Oriental Coast Marsa Alam, which spans 1231 acres and includes a 7.5-kilometer beachfront. Customers will find high-end apartments, luxury villas, and hotel units at the resort, which offer all conveniences, entertainment, and seclusion.

The most notable of these are Las Cabanas Resort, Matangi Resort Marsa Alam, and Hotelux. The resort comprises sub-projects, all of which enjoy great services and unique benefits to attain the utmost in luxury and wealth for you and your family.

The most important stages of Oriental Coast Marsa Alam Resort

Oriental Coast project consists of several stages, each of which is distinguished by the highest levels of luxury, privacy, and luxury, as its designs are distinguished by creativity and elegance, and its services vary and are integrated to meet all of your desires and expectations, the most important of which are:

Las Cabanas Resort Marsa Alam

If you have a specific dream about your future home, you can find it at Las Cabanas, which focuses on the embodiment of customer goals and turning them into reality through the best experiences in architecture and construction. Here, you can see the harmony between magnificent green spaces and homes built in the finest architectural styles to provide a life of luxury and happiness for you and your family.

Las Cabanas is a resort in the Andalusian style that has been artistically merged with modern style to appeal to a wide range of interests. It has over 500 apartments, including studios, chalets, and villas that overlook the Red Sea and its beautiful hues.

The houses in Las Cabanas Marsa Alam are distinguished by glass facades and huge terraces that let natural light enter through, allowing you to feel more relaxed and energized. It also boasts the greatest hotel services, which ensure your family’s comfort and give you more time to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in complete privacy.

The Club House at Las Cabanas is the ideal spot to congregate with family and friends and enjoy the numerous recreational and social activities offered on the premises. It allows you to live a happy and relaxed life.

Las Cabanas includes Club House, which is the perfect place to gather with family and friends and enjoy the various recreational and social activities that are available inside it, It also includes a year-round spa, in addition to outdoor barbecue and camping areas, as well as many swimming pools and artificial lakes that give you a life of joy and relaxation.

The strip mall, which caters to all of the family’s wants and requirements, is one of Las Cabanas’ most notable characteristics. It also lists the most essential international brands they want to purchase. Las Cabanas also has a range of villas and apartments, all of which are distinguished by big expanses between them that give solitude while still allowing light to enter through. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate a wide range of purposes, with the following units being the most important:

  • Luxury apartments: spaces start from 51 square meters up to 115 square meters.
  • Villa Quartu: with an area of ​​127 square meters.
  • Villa Tut: It has an area of ​​228 square meters.
  • Villa Amon: with an area of ​​214 square meters.
  • Twin house with spaces starting from 114 square meters.

Sentido Oriental Dream Hotel

Sentido Hotel has been open for 8 years and boasts a year-round occupancy rate of 90%, with 350 rooms managed by the renowned Travel Lux company. Tennis, billiards, table tennis, darts, diving, horseback riding, Mini golf, sauna, fitness center, spa, private beach area, playground, clubhouse, and kids club are among the leisure activities and amenities available.

Matangi Resort Marsa Alam

It offers a variety of water and beach sports, such as surfing, diving, and skiing, and most of the units have a beautiful view of the sea, as well as easy access to the beach, while Matangi was built on graduated levels of varying heights to optimize the view of the seaside. The resort also has three gates and two entrances: main and middle (one gate serving residents and two gates for visitors and services).

The resort is ecologically friendly since all units are powered by a solar energy system, which saves electricity and keeps clients healthy. The beach at the resort is distinguished by the presence of mangrove trees, which attract rare birds and give inhabitants the impression of living on a tropical island.

The most important units in Matengi Marsa Alam

All units within Matangi Resort, which include studios, apartments, and villas, feature magnificent sea views and are defined by elegant finishes and amazing hotel services to give a living experience full of fun and pleasure for you and your family.

  • The studios are 50 square meters to 74.5 square meters in size.
  • 1-room flats range in size from 66 square meters to square meters.
  • Apartments with two rooms range in size from 135 to 164.5 square meters.
  • The 3-room flats range in size from 160 square meters to 274 square meters.
  • The Twin Houses are 206 square meters in size, including a private garden and swimming pool.


Hotelux is a 5-star hotel with an authentic Egyptian oriental atmosphere; the hotel was built in a simple Egyptian architectural style that includes domes divided into three suites, each with its own swimming pool, and is managed by a highly experienced team in the field of tourism and hospitality; the hotel also includes 348 spacious rooms and suites in an oriental-inspired style, with great views on the beach; which is relaxing and calming.

Hotelux has a 450-meter-long coral beach as well as seven swimming pools, four of which are specifically designed for children (2 heated in winter). Marsa Alam International Airport is 35 kilometers (31 minutes) south.

Arena Hotel

The Arena Hotel combines elegance, luxury, and elegance, it is the finest resort on Oriental Coast, located in one of the best parts of the resort with views of the stunning sea waters and the yacht marina, The hotel features a classic architectural design that has been meticulously and creatively planned and executed to bring luxury and privacy to you and your family.

The hotel has 370 rooms and offers a variety of elegant amenities and recreational opportunities, including a view of the 18-hole golf course.

Lagoon Hotel

Oriental Lagoon Resort offers the ultimate luxurious lifestyle in one of the best locations in the resort. It is a 5-star hotel located on top of a magnificent plateau bordered on both sides by water, providing guests with a breathtaking view from every angle. The hotel’s 366 rooms are separated into eight suites, ranging from standard rooms to junior suites to VIP suites; all rooms have central air conditioning, and the rooms are spaced out along a 650-meter private beach with swimming pools.

Mangrove Hotel

Mangrove Hotel is a 5-star hotel with a capacity of 400 rooms, designed according to the latest architectural styles with the highest standards of quality and elegance that achieve the luxury life of customers.

Citadel Hotel

Citadel Hotel, which was built to be a focal point, is encircled by an artificial crystal lagoon that is connected to the beach by a series of suspension bridges. It has 200 rooms, all of which are distinct types of hotel rooms.

The hotel is designed to seem like a castle and has a wonderful view of the beautiful blue seawater. It offers a variety of water activities as well as facilities and services such as a fitness club, restaurants, cafés, and recreational spaces that cater to both adults and children.

Enjoy a life of sophistication, elegance, and exceptional amenities on the picturesque beaches of the Red Sea at Oriental Coast Marsa Alam

Orientals Company provides its clients with a package of the most magnificent characteristics that fulfill their dreams and demands, as well as a lasting ambiance of pleasure and joy for them and their children. The following are the most significant advantages:

  • Oriental Coast Resort offers a variety of water activities for you and your family to enjoy, including diving and snorkeling among the Red Sea’s beautiful coral reefs, as well as water skiing and windsurfing, which permeate the spirit of adventure and departure.
  • For golf enthusiasts, the resort has the largest golf course with 18 holes globally rated and qualified to hold international matches, designed by the international player company (Lawrence Parker).
  • The resort is distinguished by the existence of an international marina with yachts and boats of all sizes anchored on the scenic Red Sea beach to serve clients with the greatest levels of elegance, luxury, and sophistication.
  • The resort features a big commercial mall that caters to all of the demands of clients, as well as the finest worldwide brands that they anticipate, as well as several cafés and recreational activities to ensure that you and your family have a pleasant shopping experience.
  • The existence of a mosque on Oriental Coast distinguishes it, as it was created with beauty and originality to allow inhabitants to do prayers and religious ceremonies.
  • The resort includes a horse club, which provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy horse riding, and many competitions are held for more fun and excitement.
  • Oriental Coast has medical facilities and clinics for all specializations, as well as a plethora of pharmacies located throughout the resort and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that the population has access to all medical services swiftly and accurately.
  • The resort has a beach club with many water parks for your delight and that of your children.
  • Many artificial crystal lakes mark Oriental Coast, adding to the resort’s beauty and elegance.
  • Many gyms on Oriental Coast feature the most up-to-date equipment, allowing you to practice your favorite activities and stay in shape.
  • Oriental Coast has one of the world’s best-rated diving centers; To bring more luxury and enjoyment to you and your family.
  • The existence of natural reserves and mangrove plants on Oriental Coast Marsa Alam transforms saltwater into freshwater, allowing migratory birds with beautiful shapes to visit the area, adding to its beauty and elegance.
  • Safaris of the finest class are available on the resort for people seeking thrills, excitement, and adventure.
  • As part of its commitment to satisfy all of its customers’ needs in a life full of pleasure and luxury, Orientals Real Estate Development Company arranges four-wheel-drive vehicle competitions within Oriental Coast resort.

Integrated services in Oriental Coast Marsa Alam

  • Oriental Coast Marsa Alam is distinguished by the existence of several sports grounds of all sizes ideal for adults and children, such as football, basketball, and tennis.
  • The resort is characterized by the presence of an entertainment area for children that includes the most beautiful and finest games and recreational activities that help them to go and give them joy and luxury in the company of their friends. These games are also fully safe and appropriate for people of all ages.
  • Customers may rest and unwind at the resort’s several beauty centers and health clubs, which provide spa treatments, saunas, and jacuzzis, among other amenities.
  • Swimming pools of all sizes and shapes may be found around the resort, allowing the entire family to spend the most delightful times in the presence of the amazing waters.
  • Residents may assemble and spend their time at the resort’s Club House, which offers a variety of recreational activities and high-end services to provide them a life of solitude and luxury.
  • The resort is distinguished by the availability of all utilities, including power plants and water desalination plants, as well as solar-powered streets and walks, making it ecologically friendly.
  • The resort is characterized by the existence of a collection of the most luxurious restaurants and cafés, all of which provide the finest and most delicious cuisine and beverages, as well as a wide range of services to cater to the needs of all guests.
  • The resort is defined by the existence of a property management business that can supply all of the services that clients want, as well as the opportunity to earn a profit if they rent the units they own.
  • Private garages and parking spaces have been assigned in order to maintain the quiet and purity of Oriental Coast Marsa Alam, allowing residents to feel safe on their own property.
  • To keep your family safe and secure, well-trained security and guard staff have been assigned to work 24 hours a day, in addition to surveillance cameras strategically placed around the property.
  • The resort features a bus stop, allowing clients to travel around with convenience and flexibility while still enjoying the highest level of comfort and luxury.

Enjoy the finest creative designs and diverse spaces that meet your desires and needs within Oriental Coast Marsa Alam

The Weavers Urban Development Company has been eager to make a creative leap in the world of seaside resorts by constructing Oriental Coast Marsa Alam, a massive project with the greatest degree of elegance, refinement, and solitude. The resort included many stages that varied between luxury coastal resorts and creative hotels; To become Oriental Coast Resort, the ideal destination for those looking for luxury and elegance.

The site master plan was created by Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG), the world’s leading design consultant in the field of hospitality and luxury. The designs of luxury housing units and international hotels were distinguished by combining a bunch of architectural styles such as authentic oriental style, upscale Andalusian style, and modern European styles; to get the housing that perfectly suits you and fits your expectations and aspirations.

To meet the demands of all clients, the units come in a variety of sizes with beautiful panoramic views of the attractive environment that abounds in the resort.

Orientals Urban Development offers its customers in Oriental Coast Marsa Alam excellent pricing and flexible payment plans.

In Oriental Coast Marsa Alam, you may take advantage of a variety of benefits, including first-class basic services and entertainment, as well as non-competitive price plans and payment methods tailored to your specific needs and requirements, resulting in more luxury and enjoyment for you. The following are the pricing plans:

  • The pricing per meter on the eastern shore begins at 14,500 EGP.
  • Prices for studios range from 800,000 EGP to 900,000 EGP.
  • The prices of apartments range from 1,080,000 EGP to 2,762,000 EGP.
  • Prices for duplexes range from 2,927,000 EGP to 2,869,000 EGP.
  • The price of a twin house starts at 4,600,000 EGP.
  • Villas for sale on their own start at 6,300,000 EGP.

The payment systems are flexible, with the option of paying 5% as a contract downpayment and the remainder in payments over extended periods of up to 9 years, all without interest.

The real estate developer of Oriental Coast Marsa Alam Resort

Orientals for Urban Development was founded in 1994 and has been dedicated to achieving the highest standards of efficiency by utilising the most advanced expertise in the fields of engineering consultancy, implementation, and management to realize its civilized vision of creating residential communities with integrated services, luxury, and privacy since its inception.

Over the course of 26 years of hard work, the company has succeeded in reaching the ranks of the leading companies in the real estate market through a group of luxury residential, tourism and commercial projects, the most important of which are:

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