Palm Hills 6 October Compound

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project details

project namePalm Hills 6 October Compound
unit typeTownhouses, twin houses, duplexes, apartments and villas
owner companyPalm Hills Developments
installment systemsYou can pay a downpayment of 10% of the total price of the unit, and pay the rest over the course of 7 consecutive years without interest.
locationOn the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, close to Al-Jazira Sports Club, where you can reach it within a few minutes, and the project is a very short distance from major educational institutions

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Book your unit now inside Palm Hills October and enjoy the best-distinguished services at unparalleled prices

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Palm Hills Developments has announced one of its largest megaprojects in the 6th of October City and named it the luxurious Palm Hills October Compound, and it is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and the project is distinguished from other residential complexes in that it aims to achieve complete privacy for its residents, in addition to building an integrated community that depends on the perfect integration between its residents, which is what attracts customers and investors to it the most.

This residential project was built on a vast space to offer a full range of different housing units in terms of spaces and types and is unique in that it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of green spaces and gardens, along with many recreational activities that fulfill the desires of its residents available, and the prices within the project are distinct and different from the rest of the neighboring projects, here you will be able to choose your unit easily and with the best payment systems.

The location of Palm Hills Compound

Palm Hills October is located on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the owner company has chosen its distinguished geographical location so that it is close to the most important roads and the main axes visited by customers. Among the advantages that Palm Hills October enjoys is its proximity to important strategic places.

Features of Palm Hills Compound 6th of October location

  • The project is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The compound is close to Al Jazira Sports Club, where you can reach it within a few minutes.
  • The project is a very short distance from major educational institutions.

Palm Hills October Project space

The real estate developer Palm Hills Developments is known as one of the largest companies specializing in developing major projects in Egypt. It participates in the completion of integrated residential cities and large commercial projects, in addition to the establishment of tourist resorts. Among its luminous projects is the Palm Hills 6 October Project, which it built on a large space of 494 acres, equivalent to about 2 million square meters, and this space includes gardens, parks, and distinctive facilities, in addition to the spaces for buildings within the project.

The special services available at Palm Hills October Compound

اترك بياناتك واحصل على اسعار خاصة للمشروع

Palm Hills Developments has provided many high-quality services that you will not find anywhere else. It has also chosen a distinguished geographical location beside the large spaces that include a huge number of services and multiple benefits, and we mention the following:

  • Palm Hills 6 October project provides aspects of public security for its residents that work throughout the day, as guards are set at the entrances to the compound and have huge electronic gates for more security.
  • A number of swimming pools of different shapes and sizes in many places within Palm Hills 6 October for additional general entertainment and privacy.
  • Palm Hills October compound has a fully equipped gym with the latest equipment for building muscle and fitness, and a distinctive spa house for beauty lovers and enjoying the recreational aspects.
  • A designated area within the project with a number of cafes and restaurants serving a variety of items and different drinks.
  • Large playgrounds are equipped in a manner suitable for children, where you can invest your time by practicing useful activities and favorite games.
  • You can enjoy golf at any time, as there are large golf courses dedicated to this.
  • Establishing a private garage for each car parking unit in order to be in a well-secured area and to avoid overcrowding in its yards.
  • Paying attention to the educational aspect, where you can enroll in the distinguished international schools that exist there and at the highest level.
  • Extension of green spaces in different places and wrapping the compound from all directions with the presence of areas prepared for sitting to enjoy seeing the green color of plants and inhaling the outdoors.
  • A luxurious 5-star hotel characterized by variety and sophistication, with its distinctive and multiple services that achieve all its visitors the highest level of services.
  • You can live in a completely healthy and pollution-free atmosphere inside the project, as the compound applies the environmentally friendly system of relying on the sun to supply all units with natural energy, which reduces consumption.

The multiple unique features that distinguish Palm Hills Compound

  • The most important feature that makes the compound unique is its strategic location, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to access.
  • A place to organize barbecues and birthdays in the clean outdoors that you can enjoy inside.
  • The compound is characterized by the beauty of the scenery and the attractive decorations in it, including artificial water fountains and distinctive water bodies that give it a distinctive aesthetic aspect.
  • A distinctive Clube house that offers you all the various and high-end services at the highest level, which made it one of the best compounds in October.
  • A children’s area is a recreational area for children only, with all the secured games that guarantee their safety and enjoy spending the best times.
  • The units within Palm Hills 6th October compound are characterized by large and different spaces, in addition to having attractive views of the surrounding places and landscapes.
  • A full-service social club, which is one of the best areas for meeting friends and families.
  • High-speed Internet services are provided free of charge to all residents of the compound with high technology.
  • Shopping areas within one of the finest commercial areas, which provide all the goods and all the international brands they desire without leaving Palm Hills 6 October compound yard.
  • Modern electric elevators for each unit can be used to move between floors.
  • A luxurious 5-star hotel characterized by diversity and sophistication, with its distinguished and multiple services that achieve the highest level of services for all its visitors.

Units inside Palm Hills 6 October and the most important spaces

Palm Hills 6th October Compound includes various units of different types and spaces, surrounded by charming landscapes and unparalleled service facilities. The project includes units of the type: (Apartments, twin houses, townhouses, duplexes, and villas). The real estate developer was keen to meet the needs and desires of customers, as it provided various spaces so that the customer would have complete freedom to choose the most appropriate for him.

The units vary in size greatly, as you can own an apartment with spaces ranging from 150 square meters to 250 square meters, as for the villas, they start from 300 meters, and the separate villas are designed to have more than one floor, while the townhouses are attached to a small garden, and the twin houses are designed to allow you to live in more than one inhabitant.

Prices announced by the real estate developer to own a distinctive unit inside Palm Hills Compound

Palm Hills Developments brings you the opportunity that you are still looking for, so you can own your desired unit, and receive a large number of distinguished services for the lowest price, as it has offered suitable prices that do not accept competition and are the best in that area compared to the neighboring projects.

The average price of apartments in the compound is about 4 million EGP, and the minimum price for villas within the project is 9 million EGP for a space of 300 square meters.

For more information, you can contact us!

Payment systems and methods announced by Palm Hills Developments

In addition to the unparalleled special prices, which are the best in that region, the company provided payment methods that enable customers to own their unit easily and effortlessly and for the longest possible period, where you can pay a downpayment of 10% of the total price of the unit, and pay the rest over the course of 7 consecutive years without interest.

The Real estate developer, Palm Hills Developments

The compound is one of the largest projects of Palm Hills Developments, which is considered one of the most important and experienced real estate development companies, as its founding dates back to 2005 AD, and it has gradually expanded its activities over different years until it became one of the largest real estate companies known on the regional level, and its name became popular in the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, and it has contributed to its continuous success in establishing modern housing complexes equipped with integrated services.

The most important achievements implemented by the developer:

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