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project details

project name Palm Hills Alamein
unit type apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas,
owner company Palm Hills
installment systems the customer can pay only 10% of the unit value, then 5% will be paid after three months, and then the rest of the amount will be paid in equal installments for a period of 6 years.
location a distinctive position within the city of El Alamein on the Mediterranean Sea and is close to several important main roads and axes, which brings it close to several other major areas.

Enjoy the fun life inside Palm Hills Alamein

Palm Hills provided us with a large number of distinguished projects in several areas, and its first step in New Alamein was Palm Hills Resort, which is strategically located in the heart of the city directly on the Mediterranean coast.

The site is close to several places that make it easy for visitors to access, and it is also close to several important areas in the North Coast region in general.

The corporation invested all of its skills and talents in this project, hiring the greatest engineers to create the appropriate architectural designs for the location, and then it emerged in this particular artistic shape, like a picture painted on the beach.

This resort has a variety of features that help you spend a full-fledged vacation amidst the soft white sands and picturesque green spaces.

In addition to the different amenities that the company gives to its loyal clients so that you may obtain your unit and enjoy all of the aesthetic connotations with ease, call us today and receive everything you’ve ever dreamt of in terms of pleasure and luxury.

Extraordinary location enjoyed by Palm Hills El Alamein Project

Palm Hills was keen to pick a distinctive position within the city of El Alamein to construct their new resort, which is the company’s first project in the new city of El Alamein.

This city is regarded as strategically located directly on the Mediterranean Sea and is close to several important main roads and axes, which brings it close to several other major areas.

We’ll learn more about Palm Hills New Alamein Resort’s geographical location in the sections below:

  • On the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh route, Palm Hills New Alamein Project is located on kilo 48.
  • It is also close to several other roads, including the Petroleum Road, the International Coastal Road, and Wadi El-Natrun Road.
  • The resort of Palm Hills Al Alamein is also a few minutes away from the famous Al Alamein Towers and Mazarien Al Alamein.
  • It’s also close to the city’s most essential areas, including the well-known Downtown district.
  • In addition to its closeness to major commercial districts, the new city of Alamein offers a number of foreign schools and hospitals, as well as a variety of other services.

Palm Hills New Alamein is known for its excellent architectural design.

Palm Hills Resort El Alamein is characterized by high-end designs and attractive decorations that fill the place and add to it a lot of joy and beauty. The project was created in accordance with international standards, which meet globally recognized health and security requirements.

Large areas dedicated to landscaping and industrial water bodies are included in the proposal, which provides a sense of fresh air and calms to the resort as a whole.

It also boasts a unique architectural style that allows all units to view the magnificent Mediterranean beach, as well as a variety of unique finishes to satisfy clients’ great tastes.

Enjoy the best unique features in Palm Hills New Alamein project

Lucrative features play an important role in this large resort, as it distinguishes it from other coastal projects, as it carries a range of services and facilities, including basic and recreational, and we will explain these benefits in the following:

  • Green spaces represent a large part of the project, as they adorn the facades of houses and gardens and surround the village from all sides, because of the great importance they carry for purifying the air and providing comfort and tranquility.
  • A prominent site in the middle of New Alamein, with a spectacular view of the seashore and the ability to keep inhabitants away from noise and disturbance while bringing them closer to the city’s excellent amenities.
  • A one-of-a-kind engineering design transforms the project into a stunning architectural model, complete with all facilities and entertainment, and all units with direct access to the sea.
  • Distinguished water bodies are represented in the large crystal lagoons that are spread throughout the resort, and swimming pools that are distinguished by different shapes and sizes to suit all ages.
  • A distinctive view of the units is provided by the presence of lovely fountains throughout the project.
  • Palm Hills Al Alamein has spaces between the apartments that offer the inhabitants the seclusion they require.
  • A pleasant and temperate environment throughout the year, allowing you to vacation whenever you choose.

Various services and basic facilities that you can find in Palm Hills Alamein

  • A large health club that offers a variety of health and sports activities, including a huge gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and others.
  • A barbecue area with all the tools prepared for that.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services are provided on a regular basis throughout the resort.
  • Children’s recreation area with fun games for them to play with.
  • A large commercial area with a group of shops that provide you with everything you and your family need.
  • A group of distinguished restaurants and cafes, which are close to the units and offer you excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere of tranquility.
  • Elevators that transfer people between floors using electricity.
  • The resort of Palm Hills North Coast has a comprehensive security system with video cameras to monitor movements and give safety and security within the resort.
  • A large garage can accommodate a large number of cars to reduce crowding in the resort.

Learn about the different spaces and units at Palm Hills New Alamein

The project was created on a 32-acre site that was divided among green areas and other facilities for the most part, with the remainder devoted to various types of residential units.

Palm Hills strives to bring comfort and satisfaction to its customers, therefore it has created a variety of units inside the resort, including “apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas,” which are provided to the client with a variety of areas from which to pick.

We’ll learn more about the available units and their surroundings in the sections below:

  • The spaces of the apartments in the project start from 60 square meters up to 120 square meters.
  • The twin residences start at 170 square meters and go up from there.
  • As for the standalone villas, it starts from 220 square meters, and that is the building area, and the total area of ​​the unit starts from 300 square meters.

Attractive prices and convenient payment systems that you can find inside Palm Hills Al Alamein

Because it is a highly appealing project that provides many amenities and numerous payment ways to fit the varying demands of consumers, the price represents an essential and primary aspect in the distinction of this project from its counterparts from other tourist towns.

More information about costs, payment methods, and available delivery dates in Palm Hills New Alamein may be found below:

  • Apartment prices within the project start from 1.7 million EGP up to 3.6 million EGP.
  • The price of a twin house in the resort starts at 8 million Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a standalone villa in Palm Hills North Coast starts at 11 million EGP.
  • Payment plan: the customer can pay only 10% of the unit value, then 5% will be paid after three months, and then the rest of the amount will be paid in equal installments for a period of 6 years.
  • The unit will be delivered in 2024.

Enjoy everything you dream of luxury and elegance and live the ultimate memorable experience on the picturesque beaches of the Mediterranean, in addition to the various features and services that you will get only within the new Palm Hills Resort of Alamein.

So don’t lose out on these prospects; seize them immediately and reserve your unique apartment.

The real estate developer of Palm Hills El Alamein Project

Palm Hills is one of the best real estate developers in the Egyptian market today, as it works permanently and continuously to provide all the modern and advanced capabilities within the architectural works that it creates.

This company came to light in 2005 and was established by the great businessman Yassin Mansour, and since that time it has been working to open new paths and contemporary visions in the field of real estate development in general.

This company has offered us a vast range of projects in a variety of locations, which we shall read about in the upcoming part: