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project namePiccadilly Heliopolis Compound
unit typeHousing units
owner companyAmer Group
installment systemsYou can make a 10% down payment on the unit price and the rest in equal installments over the next six years from the date of contracting.
locationon the major Thawra Street, directly in front of Dar Al-Eshara, on the corner of the entrance to Tivoli Street, Heliopolis.

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Inside the New Heliopolis Piccadilly Compound, live in a prestigious European-style residence.

اترك بياناتك واحصل على أحدث ماستر بلان وبروشور واسعار خاصة للمشروع

Piccadilly Compound is Amer Group’s most recent project, and it is one of the most well-known Egyptian organizations working in this industry, with a long list of successful projects under its belt and the trust of millions of customers.

The compound was built in the style of one of London’s most famous squares, with the same sort of development in terms of services, amenities, public utilities, and unique recreational activities for adults and children. Buildings, natural areas, landscapes, and remarkable crystal artificial lakes were all part of the project, which was spread out over a broad region.

Amer Group offered competitive and distinguished prices along with easy and flexible payment systems to suit all customers, and each customer can choose what suits them according to their financial and family needs.

Amer Group presented a new concept of modern life full of luxury, as it was able to choose a distinctive and attractive location for the construction of Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound

Piccadilly Compound is situated on the major Thawra Street, directly in front of Dar Al-Eshara, on the corner of the entrance to Tivoli Street, Heliopolis. The area includes several residential projects, and its proximity to the main roads makes it very easy to access.

Piccadilly هs proximity to several important and distinctive places such as:

  • City Stars Mall and City Center Mall are both nearby Piccadilly.
  • The Tivoli Dome and the Tivoli Plaza restaurant complex are only 3 minutes away from Piccadilly.
  • Korba Square is 10 minutes away from Piccadilly.
  • Piccadilly is around 5 kilometers distant from Nasr City.
  • Piccadilly is about 7 km from Cairo International Airport.
  • Piccadilly is about 12 kilometers from New Cairo.
  • Piccadilly Compound is distinguished by its proximity to the main and vital roads in Nasr City, the most important of which are Nozha Road and Victory Road, making it extremely accessible.

The most important services and features that are unique to Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound

  • Piccadilly compound was designed as 8 towers consisting of 11 floors.
  • Piccadilly Compound is distinguished by the presence of a large commercial area with 60 shops, a variety of activities, and all of the major brands and internationally recognized companies.
  • Inside Piccadilly compound, there are restaurants and cafés selling local and international cuisine and beverages. Likedley Station is a restaurant and café with a special style, as well as a distinguished British dining experience.
  • For those who prefer sports early in the morning, a gym has been set aside with a variety of sports and sophisticated equipment.
  • In Piccadilly Compound, a jacuzzi and spa have been developed for lovers of leisure and tranquility.
  • A cinema that presents various types of old and new films on giant screens at Piccadilly.
  • Inside Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound, a large garage can accommodate a number of cars to prevent congestion in front of the residential units and to prevent pollution from vehicle exhaust.
  • A private hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment and includes clinics of all specialties inside Piccadilly.
  • There is a hypermarket in Piccadilly Compound that serves all of your everyday necessities and supplies.
  • A 5-star hotel that provides high-quality hotel services at Piccadilly.
  • In Piccadilly Compound, there are multi-use rooms.
  • Piccadilly compound is made up of 945 housing units that cost almost 7 billion Egyptian pounds to construct.
  • All units in Piccadilly  will be served by a high-speed internet network.
  • Recreational places for children to spend a good time with their friends and play with them in the fun games designated for them within Piccadilly.
  • A maintenance staff to fix any problems with the units on a regular basis at Piccadilly.
  • Mosque constructed in a modern Islamic style for prayers inside Piccadilly.
  • Landscapes, artificial lakes, and fountains, along with green spaces, gardens, and flowers, provide a beautiful and appealing view as well as a state of psychological peace and mental serenity, while also working to purify the air of pollution inside Piccadilly.
  • Piccadilly compound is distinguished by the presence of surveillance cameras that run 24 hours a day, as well as a security force that is trained in guarding, everything to ensure the inhabitants’ security and safety.

Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound offers a variety of unit types, designs, and spaces.

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Piccadilly compound was built on a large area of about 7 acres, the majority of which was devoted to recreational services, green spaces, and crystal artificial lakes, and the smaller portion was devoted to facilities and buildings, ensuring privacy for all units while providing a unique view of the stunning landscape. The hotel apartments range in size from 57 square meters to 232 square meters.

The compound is designed to look like Yekadili Square, one of London’s most famous squares, with restaurants, cafés, shops, cinemas, and theatres. This is thanks to Wimberly Alison Tong Goo’s designed desk, which provided an integrated set of planning, strategy, interior designs, and integrated services. The areas were designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, allowing each to select what is best for them based on their financial and family demands.

Prices and payment systems at Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound

Amer Group for Real Estate Development has made sure that its prices are the lowest among other projects, in addition to the fact that the compound is located on the main street, which is Al Thawra.

  • 10 apartments overlooking Al-Thawra and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Streets together, and their prices start from 6,600,000 EGP.
  • 55 apartments overlooking the gallery start from 3,000,000 EGP.
  • Only 44 apartments with views of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street are available, with prices starting at 2,600,000 EGP.
  • Only 48 apartments with views of Al-Thawra Street are available, with prices starting at 2,785,000 EGP.

The payment systems are easy and flexible to suit all customers and investors in order to own a unit in the compounds.

You can make a 10% down payment on the unit price and the rest in equal installments over the next six years from the date of contracting. The apartments will be delivered with a super lux finishing system, and the delivery date will be announced.

About the real estate developer and some of their most notable previous projects

Amer Group, the executor of Piccadilly Compound Project, is considered one of the most important companies in the field of real estate development, and it is one of the leading companies in its field and has previous experience of more than 70 years of excellence and experience. In carrying out its work, the company relied on advanced studies and modern technologies, and Mansour Amer is the Chairman and CEO of the company.

The company aims to earn clients’ trust by finishing all jobs on time and providing a range of rates as well as flexible and simple payment options to accommodate all consumers.

Amer Group’s most important previous works include:

So, Piccadilly Compound is the place that provides you and your family with all means of comfort, tranquility, and privacy, where you can live away from sources of noise and pollution while enjoying all of the amazing entertainment services, all at the best prices in Heliopolis, with payment facilities provided to all customers by the owner company.

Book your property and live a life of luxury and refinement in Heliopolis’ most luxurious compound, complete with all of the amenities!

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