Sea Shell Playa North Coast

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project name Sea Shell Playa North Coast
unit type villas, chalets and townhouse
owner company Mahmoud El Gamal and Salah Diab's firm, New Giza Development
installment systems 0% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years, and the units are delivered fully finished.
location In the North Coast at Kilo 134 Alexandria-Matrouh Road, the resort is recognized for its strategic location, which overlooks the Mediterranean shore. It is situated on Ghazala Bay

Sea Shell Playa North Coast

The North Coast is known for its clear blue seas, golden dunes, and strategic placement near key locations.  Sea Shell Playa North Coast was constructed on a vast plot of land that was fully used to provide all necessary and recreational amenities.

Green landscapes, water bodies, and services take up the majority of the space in order to give the most luxury and solitude.

Villas, chalets, townhouses, and twin homes are among the resort’s innovative engineering concepts, as well as a variety of places to suit all interests. Prices and payment systems are variable, allowing the consumer to select the one that best suits his financial needs.

New Giza Development Company is the resort’s implementing company, and its vast expertise in the real estate industry has resulted in several notable projects.

Fulfill your dreams of a fun North Coast vacation inside Sea Shell Playa North Coast.

Location of Sea Shell Playa

At Kilo 134 Alexandria-Matrouh Road, the resort is recognized for its strategic location, which overlooks the Mediterranean shore. It is situated on Ghazala Bay, which is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful bays, with turquoise seas and gleaming white sand.

  • The resort is 154 km from Alexandria.
  • It is 304 km away from Cairo.
  • Hacienda North Coast is 3 kilometers away.
  • It is located 5 kilometers away from the settlement of Marassi.
  • DIPLO is 6 kilometers away.

Sea Shell Playa Resort’s most essential services

The project is distinguished by its stunning foreign designs as well as a wide range of basic and leisure amenities.

  • There are clinics with various specialties and a pharmacy with all drugs open 24 hours a day inside the resort.
  • To offer prayers, a big mosque fashioned in the Islamic style is used.
  • There is an Aqua Park within the project with several water games such as surfing and surfing, as well as all leisure amenities for a fun time.
  • For an unrivaled shopping experience, the resort provides an integrated commercial zone with international brands and brands.
  • Security and guard staff have been appointed both within and outside the town, as well as surveillance cameras that are operational 24 hours a day to monitor movement.
  • There is a big gym within the resort with a variety of fitness games.
  • There are a number of world-class restaurants and cafés in the town that provide delectable cuisine and drinks.
  • A huge hypermarket featuring all of the essential services, as well as rapid delivery.
  • To experience the greatest times, the resort features a yacht marina for cruises, fishing, and diving.
  • Within the resort, there are several swimming pools of various sizes to accommodate all age groups, as well as indoor swimming pools for ladies.
  • Sea Shell Playa Resort has a health club with a variety of contemporary equipment and individual rooms for rest and relaxation, including a sauna, spa, and jacuzzi.
  • For the convenience of clients, the project includes a 5-star hotel with numerous rooms and superior hotel services.
  • The resort has an integrated amusement park where you may have a good time.
  • Large garages can house a large number of cars, reducing traffic within the resort and preserving the land.
  • A route for walking, jogging, and cycling on a safe road away from cars is also located inside the resort.

The benefits of Sea Shell Playa’s North Coast

Book property in the most attractive tourist resort on the North Coast and take advantage of all the amenities.

  • The project is distinguished by its strategic position, closeness to major metropolitan regions, and ease of access to and from it.
  • Taking care of children by providing an amusement space with a variety of enjoyable games.
  • Within the resort, there are several green spaces that provide an attractive perspective as well as psychological comfort.
  • Many artificial lakes and fountains give breathtaking views of the apartments.
  • The resort is distinguished by its variety of apartments, as well as foreign designs that are luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Crystal Lagoons, located within the resort, offer a dynamic atmosphere conducive to relaxation and enjoyment.
  • For extra luxury, the resort also has a water park.

Find out with us about the types of units and spaces inside Sea Shell Playa North Coast

The resort was chosen for its great position by New Giza Development in order to attract clients. The resort was created on a 1 million square meter plot of land and includes a variety of residential units as well as other services and amenities.

80% of the space was set aside for services, utilities, and green spaces, while the remaining 20% was set out for structures and construction.

The resort is distinguished by its magnificent foreign designs, which are created in the shape of a U. All of the condos have a direct view of the sea and a 1.2 kilometer-long sandy beach.

The resort has a variety of properties, including villas and chalets.

  • The sizes of the villas range from 237 to 431 square meters.
  • The chalets are 370 square meters in size.
  • The size of a townhouse ranges from 605 to 755 square meters.

Sea Shell Playa’s prices and payment methods

Enjoy a delightful holiday in a location immediately overlooking the sea, where the beauty of nature and diverse amenities, the pricing of the units in the village are unique and competitive, and flexible payment options allow you to pick the best price and payment system for you.

  • The chalets are priced at 7,350,000 EGP.
  • The villas are priced between 2,580,000 EGP to 15,125,376 EGP.
  • The townhouses are priced between 5,325,000 and 8,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Payment system: 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years, and the units are delivered fully finished.

About the real estate developer and some of their most notable prior projects

Sea Shell Playa North Coast is owned by Mahmoud El Gamal and Salah Diab’s firm, New Giza Development, which has a history of more than ten years and has presented numerous big successful projects during that time.

In addition to its amazing designs, the company was determined to find key sites to attract consumers, and the most competent engineers and designers were involved.

Among their most notable works are: