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project details

project nameSilva El Sheikh Zayed
unit typeindependent villas, townhouses, and twin houses
owner companyFirst Group Development Company
installment systemsPay a 10% down payment and the remainder in 8-year payments with no interest to purchase the apartment you desire inside the property and A 25% cash discount is available.
locationIn the Giza Governorate, where the city of Sheikh Zayed close to major shopping centers such as the Mall of Arabia, Hyper One, Dandy, Mall, and Carrefour.

Own the greatest property in Silva El Sheikh Zayed, which comes with a plethora of amenities!

Silva El Sheikh Zayed Compound is a new launch from First Group Development Company, which consists of two phases and was established after the success of its Kenz project on 6th of October City, and it is one of the major projects that include a group of various villas, including twin houses and townhouses, as well as independent units, and each of them enjoys unparalleled wonderful finishes.

The project was created on a huge scale to incorporate enormous green areas that make you feel comfortable and tranquil and give it a sense of serenity and modernity, as well as a wide range of services that achieve all you want and need, as well as the most reasonable pricing you’ll ever hear about. In comparison to the rest of the areas, and pay its worth in installments over the longest term possible.

The location of Silva El Sheikh Zayed

Silva Compound is defined by its strategic position in the Giza Governorate, where the city of Sheikh Zayed is the most prominent and one of the most significant districts, as well as its accessibility to service centers and key institutions.

The following are some of the benefits of the compound in Sheikh Zayed location and the surrounding areas:

  • The property is close to major shopping centers such as the Mall of Arabia, Hyper One, Dandy, Mall, and Carrefour.
  • It is also a few distances from Arkan Plaza, Tivoli Mall, and Media Production City.
  • Nile University, the British International School, and the Canadian International College are all within easy reach of the compound.
  • The most significant primary roadways, notably the Suez Road and the Ring Road, surround Silva Sheikh Zayed.

If you live in Silva Compound, you will have access to the greatest services and benefits, the most significant of which is its geographical position, which will provide you with peace, privacy, and endless luxury. Your magnificent unit has a direct view of the most breathtaking scenery. Take advantage of this chance to build a brighter future and a distinctive life for yourself and your family.

The spaces of ​​Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound

The compound will be created in two stages, with a total area of around 40 acres and each stage occupying 20 acres, and it will be designed with the best distinctive architectural designs, as well as units of luxury villas that differ in terms of space.

The company that owns the project announced that the work on the project extends for a period of two years only, and it will be completed and the entire compound delivered in terms of facilities and distinctive finishes, in addition to that, the space has been divided between landscapes, gardens, and landscapes that provide the most beautiful view and a wonderful view like no other.

The remaining space was allocated to different residential structures, with an investment amount of almost 800 million Egyptian pounds in that phase, in addition to all the limitless amenities accessible to you and your family to achieve all you desire.

Sheikh Zayed’s Silva Compound offers a variety of services.

The First Group is looking forward to us again to fascinate everyone with a vast array of distinctive services that achieve everything you desire, in addition to the distinguished location that allows you to easily move from one location to another while avoiding overcrowding and congestion, and we specifically mention The following are the most essential services provided by the compound:

  • Silva Compound is unusual in that it offers a new feature that you won’t find anywhere else: free internet for all inhabitants, which is powered by technology and runs at a high speed.
  • A section dedicated to animal husbandry and care has been built for them to raise and care for their pets.
  • For young children, spacious space with a variety of games to allow them to spend quality time with their friends.
  • The great infrastructure provides all fundamental utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water.
  • To keep your vehicle safe, big garages were built beneath the units to avoid traffic congestion in the center of the site.
  • Strict security guards are stationed throughout the property to assure its complete security and stability.
  • A huge daycare for the education of children with a number of highly qualified instructors.
  • Each unit has a swimming pool that is suited for people of all ages for those who like recreational services.
  • There is a huge supermarket with everything you need to buy various goods and supplies, as well as delivery services.
  • Large gyms with contemporary equipment and highly experienced trainers have been developed for sports and bodybuilding.
  • Providing all different medical and medical services to all residents in Silva El Sheikh Zayed
    compound, which includes a major pharmacy.
  • There are medical clinics that offer exceptional service and are open 24 hours a day to accommodate customers.
  • A major maintenance center is accessible 24 hours a day to deal with any faults inside its units.
  • Club House provides you with a wide range of unique entertainment options to meet your needs and those of your family.
  • A huge wellness complex includes a Spa House for skin treatment, relaxing Jacuzzi baths, and a sauna for total relaxation.
  • A mosque has been built inside the enclosure to conduct religious chores, and it is styled in the latest ancient Islamic forms.
  • A section of the site is dedicated to renowned restaurants serving the finest cuisine and distinctive international-style cafés serving a variety of beverages.
  • Football grounds have been built to let unit owners participate in their chosen sport, and contests and tournaments are staged for their enjoyment.
  • Silva Compound offers an international shopping service, with stores featuring the greatest brands and displaying foreign brands.
  • A huge social club has been established for the assembly of families and friends, and it is a special meeting spot for them.
  • Solar panels are installed on the units and are utilized for lighting within the compound.

Silva Compound distinguishing amenities

  • The project benefits from an unrivaled geographic location, as it is adjacent to the most essential service sectors and overlooks major highways and axes, making it easy to go about.
  • The project’s residential units are villas with the most up-to-date international finishes and beautiful glass windows that insulate heat and sound.
  • You may own a unit at Silva Compound by making a down payment and paying the remainder over time in installments.
  • The project includes unique smart buildings that integrate with today’s technological systems, including a feature that detects the face before allowing entry.
  • Bodies of water represented by water fountains, and artificial waterfalls, designed in the most wonderful shapes and with their sweet, purring sound.
  • Spacious gardens and parks have been constructed for greater relaxation and pleasure of the outdoors, allowing you complete freedom while walking among the sound of birds and towering trees.

Units inside Silva Sheikh Zayed Compound

Within the compound, you have access to the best services, the most significant of which is the availability of a variety of different units with varying sizes and types of spaces. The project consists of 138 units (independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses), each of which is distinctive and features Super Lux finishing to appeal to sophisticated customers.

Spaces, prices, and payment systems within Silva Compound

First Group has opened reservations for its massive project Silva Sheikh Zayed and has provided many huge offers and unparalleled discounts to serve its customers, and several installment systems have been launched to help you pay the value of the unit you want without interest, and we show the most important spaces And the prices of the units inside the compound:

  • Stand-alone Villa

It has an area of ​​335 square meters, and its price ranges from 5,610,000 EGP up to 7,100,000 EGP, and a garden with an area of ​​170 meters up to 257 square meters.

  • Twin House

With an area of ​​228 square meters, its price ranges from 2,260,000 EGP up to 5,750,000 EGP, and a garden ranging from 126 square meters up to 253 square meters.

  •  Townhouse

Its area is 223 square meters, with a price starting from 3,740,000 EGP up to 4,985,000 EGP, and a garden with an area ranging from 129 square meters up to 251 square meters.

The opportunity is available to you to own a unit in a classy and quiet place, away from the crowds, congestion, and noise, within the most prestigious residential area, which is Sheikh Zayed, where you can enjoy luxury, recreation, and comfort, all at reasonable prices for everyone compared to all the services provided to you, these are the finest ever.

 The most essential payment systems

  • Pay a 10% down payment and the remainder in 8-year payments with no interest to purchase the apartment you desire inside the property.
  • A maintenance deposit of 8% is required.
  • A 25% cash discount is available.
  • It’s worth noting that the units won’t arrive for another two and a half years.

You can reach out to us for additional information!

Real Estate Developer – First Group

First Group is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, with more than 20 years of experience, and since that date, it has been reinforcing its full attention towards its massive projects.

It includes a talented team of workers and is the main driver of its success over the years, and always works to win the trust of its customers and achieve immeasurable levels, which created a strong bond between them, and also allows them to work collaboratively with the best partners in all fields to achieve its desired goals.

The firm has also created a number of living societies that aim to improve the quality of people’s lives and contribute to a brighter future for them. In order to develop long-term connections with its customers and team members, it works with integrity, honesty, and complete dedication to enforcing standards in all personal and professional transactions, and trust begins with transparency. Both have fostered an atmosphere of communication in order to assure alignment and the achievement of strategic objectives.

The following are some of Frist Group’s most well-known and successful past works:

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