Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

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project details

project nameSmeralda Bay Sidi Heneish
unit typeapartments - chalets - villas
owner companyCleopatra Real Estate
installment systemsYou can apply for a reservation with a 10% down payment, and after 3 months, another 10% is paid upon receipt, and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years, without interest.
locationin Smeralda Sidi Hanish North Coast resort, at km 249 from Alex-Matrouh Road and You can cross 70 Km, to reach the heart of Matrouh city.

Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

Smeralda Bay North Coast… where the beauty and the charming nature

Smeralda Bay North Coast is one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist resorts that overlook the sea directly. It is one of Cleopatra Real Estate’s projects, a pioneer in that field, which made sure that the project was built by the spirit of Italian architecture, as it overlooks the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the scenic landscape.

It also has multiple services and benefits that achieve everyone’s desires and needs that they are always looking for, as the clients can own the unit that suits them at the best prices and special payment systems for the longest possible period, this can be done in equal installments and without any interest.

The location of Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

Looking for a place of peace, comfort, and luxury? All this is in Smeralda Sidi Hanish North Coast resort, where the vital location has been chosen to be close to many of the places frequently visited by clients near the main roads and axes.

The most important areas close to Smeralda Bay Sidi Haniche:

  • The resort is located by Almaza Bay Resort, at km 249 from Alex-Matrouh Road.
  • You can cross 70 Km, to reach the heart of Matrouh city.
  • The distance between the resort and Matrouh International Airport is about 50 Km, but from El, Alamein Airport is about 180 Km.
  • The project is located 295 Km away from Alexandria, and about 440 Km away from downtown Cairo.
  • The project is close to the new city of Alamein with a very short distance estimated in a few minutes.
  • It is also a short distance away from some tourist resorts on the North Coast, including Fouka Bay, Al Massa Bay, Telal North Coast, and La Vista Bay Ras El Hekma.

Smeralda Bay North Coast Space:

The project was built on the north coast on a huge space of about 500 acres, while the first phase is on a space of 50 acres, away from the main road of about 2 Km, and 800 Km away from the resort.

The resort overlooks a charming beach of about 500 meters, and its space has been divided into green spaces, landscapes, and lakes that surround it from all directions, also the other part was allocated to luxurious residential, hotels, and constructions that suit the tastes of distinctive clients.

The units in the project came on a big and varied space, overlooking the sea, and designed with the latest building materials and finishes inspired by the wonderful world-class, so you can own your unit at unbeatable prices and with installment systems for the longest possible period.

Smeralda by Sidi Heneish has magnificent endless advantages

  • The resort enjoys a privileged geographical location, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes, which make it easy for you to move around, away from overcrowding and congestion.
  • The units in the project have distinctive views of the seashore, which give it the most beautiful and wonderful aesthetic touches.
  • At Smeralda resort, you will find an international 5-star hotel, which provides the best and most luxurious integrated hotel services at the highest level to you and all resort visitors.
  • There are two health clubs in the resort with various activities, some of which include large gymnasiums, which include the latest sports equipment.
  • Bodies of water surrounding the entire resort, marked by artificial lakes, which give it more than wonderful views for the units, a pleasant natural view of the sea.
  • The resort includes a swimming pool with panoramic views that vary in sizes and shapes and surrounds it all.
  • Modern and developed surveillance cameras are deployed on all units in the resort and monitor events all day long.
  • A number of pharmacies that provide medical and drug services to the residents operate 24 hours a day.
  • Modern elevators in the units facilitate going up and down easily without any trouble.
  • A main artificial lake in the resort, which gives it an elegant and attractive touch.
  • The resort square includes a Masjid to perform religious rites and accommodates a huge number of prayers.
  • The resort operates by a wonderful solar cell, which energy is generated to rationalize electricity consumption.

Book your unit now in Smeralda Bay and enjoy the best services that provide you with everything you need and always look for!

Smeralda Bay North Coast offers many integrated entertainment services that suit all clients, and which differ from any other tourist resort. Among these services are the following:

  • A world-class floating restaurant for more enjoyment and luxury when eating your favorite meal, it also serves various types of oriental and occidental food.
  • The resort has a special aspect of beauty and attraction, surrounded by green spaces and gardens with tall trees to give it psychological comfort and enjoyment with fresh air.
  • Smeralda has a commercial area that includes a number of shops, which includes a number of supermarkets and has the best goods and home products without going out of its scope.
  • A kid’s play area with all the entertainment services appropriate to their age.
  • The project includes spaces designated for walking and running, which are far from the main road of cars to avoid any accidents.
  • The project includes a number of sports fields, so you can practice your favorite sports, such as football and tennis.
  • A health club is provided overlooking the beach for more recreation also includes a spa house and a jacuzzi for comfort and calm lovers.
  • You can enjoy your favorite drinks in the international cafes designed in the resort to provide the best services that suit the clients.
  • Attention has been paid to the medical aspect by providing medical clinics that operate throughout the day to receive patients also have highly qualified nurses.
  • The security aspect spread throughout the resort, as it includes a number of security personnel and guards equipped with the latest security devices, which work throughout the day to preserve public property.
  • The project includes a large infrastructure to include the basic services that are available to the residents, such as gas, electricity, and water.
  • Wi-Fi services, which operate throughout the day, are free of charge for all residents, and with high-quality technology.
  • A large commercial mall that includes shops that display the best fashion and finest international brands.
  • Maintenance centers and teams in the project monitor any malfunctions and fix them before any damage occurs.
  • Sea places have been designated to enjoy fishing, diving, adventure lovers, and deep-sea seeing.
  • A beach space fully equipped for recreation and comfort by the blue sea with its wonderful crystal waters.
  • A space for all the games and various entertaining activities by the sea for more entertainment.

Get the unit you looking for with distinctive and different spaces in Smeralda Sidi Hanish!

The resort was built on a vast space to include a variety of distinctive residential units, as it includes (apartments – chalets – villas), each of which has ingenious finishes and designs that suit the tastes of clients.

The real estate developer has been keen on providing different spaces between the units so that the client and investors can choose the most appropriate for them and in line with their purchasing desires, as each of the units enjoys wonderful views of the seashore, designed in the form of terraces to allow everyone to overlook the sea.

Cleopatra also designed the resort with the best architectural designs that combine elegance and luxury, besides decorations and finishes with the best building materials, to provide the best of what it has to its distinguished clients.

The most important unit spaces in the resort of Smeralda Bay North Coast:

  • Chalet units with floating surfaces and wonderful views of the Charming lakes are provided, and the spaces start from 63 square meters up to 126 square meters.
  • Townhouses with a wonderful panoramic view, and their space starts from 165 square meters up to 175 square meters.
  • Panoramic chalets overlooking the sea, designed on 3 terraces, with a space starting from 114 Square meters up to 165 Square meters.
  • The first row villas units directly overlook the sea, starting from 200 square meters up to 500 square meters.

Own a unit in Smeralda Bay at the best prices in this special coastal area!

The prices in Smeralda North Coast are distinctive and the best compared to all the services that clients will enjoy in the coastal resort. The prices of the chalets in the resort of Sidi Hanish are the best, and we show this as follows:

  • A chalet with a space of 79 square meters, and the price starts from 1,700,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses with a space starting from 153 square meters, and their price starts from 3,500,000 EGP.
  • Twin house space starts from 221 square meters, and its price starts from 5,000,000 EGP.
  • A space of 203 square meters for villas, and the price starts from 11,000,000 EGP.
  • A palace’s space of 526 square meters, and a price starting from 42,000,000 EGP.

Payment systems announced by the real estate developer to own a unit in Smeralda Bay Sidi Hanish

Cleopatra offers you the best payment systems that work by installments for the longest possible period, which helps you to own the unit you want without trouble, as follows:

  • You can apply for a reservation with a 10% down payment, and after 3 months, another 10% is paid upon receipt, and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years, without interest.

The real estate developer Cleopatra Development

Cleopatra for Development and Real Estate Investment is one of the largest and well-known leading companies in the Egyptian market since it opened the largest ceramic factories, and it is one of the first factories to produce ceramics and porcelain in Egypt. It was established in 1983 AD, and it is owned by Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Abu El-Enein, it has expanded in its field to be one of the most famous design companies and owns the most distinctive brand in marketing and real estate investment.

It has also achieved more huge sales and investments, as it has established a group of projects all over the Republic. It enjoys a good reputation and credibility on the part of its clients, as it is keen to provide everything new and different, to develop the modern urban community and services at the highest level, as it seeks to ensure a better future for developing complexes.

The most important projects owned by Cleopatra, which have achieved great success, include:

  • Cleopatra Palace El Shorouk Compound
  • Cleopatra Plaza project, Nasr City
  • Cleopatra Square Compound Sheikh Zayed
  • Cleopatra Plaza Alexandria project
  • Cleopatra Resort North Coast.
  • Cleopatra Resort El Gouna.
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