Solidere Mall New Capital

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project details

project name Solidere Mall New Capital
unit type medical units - commercial units - administrative units
owner company Waren Real Estate Development
installment systems The customer pays as a contract provider 10%, 15% or 25%, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 7, 8 or 9 years
location situated in Plot 1 in the heart of the capital, in front of the Al-Massa Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Whether your field is commercial, medical, or administrative, book your unit now inside Solidere Mall, the New Administrative Capital in the Downtown area.

Solidere New Capital is the most recent commercial project in the Downtown District, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious areas in the city It was designed by Waren Real Estate Company and is the second of its linked projects in the Administrative Capital, as it owns a number of notable projects. It was given that name to indicate that it is part of a larger project that includes services and amenities.

To meet the needs of clients, the company has created a variety of units with a variety of spaces and unique finishes. It also declared appropriate costs, which are the best in the region when compared to all services that match your needs, as well as good payment mechanisms that allow you to pay the unit price over the longest term possible.

Solidere Mall New Capital Location

The project’s prominent location has been chosen to serve as a pivot for many of the major locations. It is situated in Plot 1 in the heart of the capital, making it one of the top locations in Down Town. Solidere is one of the strong projects in the New Administrative Capital, as it is positioned on three of the city’s key streets. It has numerous aspects that make it a unique and diversified project to invest in the capital, as it is located near the financial and business district.

The most important features of Solidere Capital location

  • Solidere New Capital is located in front of the Al-Massa Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.
  • The Central Monorail Express train station is one minute away from the mall.
  • It is about a minute’s walk from the government district.
  • The mall is only 3 minutes away from the regional ring road.
  • The New Opera House is only 3 minutes away from the mall.
  • It takes only 3 minutes to get to the fairgrounds.
  • It is also separated by the Green River, the capital’s largest central park.
  • It also approaches the most major developments, which are only 3 minutes away from the Chinese towers.

Solidere Mall New Capital space

Solidere Mall New Capital, is one of the most important mixed-use projects Downtown, especially since Waren has entrusted its design to one of the most prestigious engineering consulting firms and picked a prominent site from which to approach the most essential regions.

Furthermore, the enormous area was chosen, with a land size of 4.5 thousand square meters and a building area of 12,184 square meters, and that space was divided to include the vast green areas and facilities that comprise the largest area, as well as the mall building with a number of various floors.

To give all units simple and remarkable interfaces, the executing business has recruited Okoplan, one of the leading companies that created the Administrative Capital City, to develop executive plans for the project with amazing modern designs in the form of two connected buildings.

Services provided by Solidere Mall New Administrative Capital

Solidere Mall in the Administrative Capital offers a variety of services and amenities. The organization has given us a comprehensive package of exceptional services to assist you in achieving your goals and capabilities, including:

  • Inside the mall, there is a commercial area with the best and most well-known international brands, all of which are connected to one another in a vast square by three lanes for easy access.
  • Outside the mall, there are private sitting places with green landscapes and beautiful artificial lakes where you can relax and meditate.
  • The mall has backup generators that start automatically when the power goes out, as well as a fire alarm system that allows you to prevent fires before they start.
  • There is also a special section that includes foreign restaurants and cafés that offer excellent service as well as delectable cuisine and beverages.
  • The mall building has double-glazed panels on the outside that limit noise and keeps the temperature consistent inside.
  • Solidere New Capital has a sophisticated ventilation system and a large central air conditioning system that circulates fresh air throughout the mall.
  • The mall has building management services, a smart system for entering the mall, and distinctive electronic gates designed in a modern style.
  • The mall includes huge, spacious parking garages that can accommodate a large number of customers and visitors.
  • On each floor inside the mall, there are separate distinct bathrooms for men and women.
  • Electric stairwells connect each floor, and new elevators with striking panoramic facades work in tandem with the electronic system.
  • Solidere New Capital has fast and free internet access, allowing you to communicate online more quickly.
  • Security services have also been ramped up, with an integrated guard stationed throughout the mall operating 24 hours a day.
  • There are also modern surveillance cameras surrounding the project from all directions and monitoring events moment by moment.

Solidere New Capital has a number of advantages that are unique to it.

  • The mall’s unique location, as it is in the center of the New Capital’s Downtown region, near to the most significant vital locations and major roads.
  • Solidere New Capital is surrounded on all sides by expansive green areas, rich distinctive gardens, and varied services, all of which contribute to a sense of ease and relaxation.
  • The inside and exterior designs of the mall’s units are distinctive, since they are diverse in terms of types and places, and they have been offered to be acceptable for all customers and in line with their magazines.
  • Solar panels are installed on the roof of Solidere Mall. It is a sustainable mall that creates energy and thereby minimizes the amount of electricity used.
  • Signature transmissions are distributed around the mall via a central shower.
  • A meeting center for businessmen that is completely equipped and has the most up-to-date projectors.
  • The mall features a well-developed infrastructure that incorporates numerous notable utilities such as electricity, water, and Internet access.
  • A commercial section featuring shops from the hypermarket that give you all of your basic needs.
  • Inside Solidere New Capital, there is a specific prayer area that is fully equipped to conduct the required tasks.
  • There are also huge entertainment services that are suitable for adults, as there are gyms equipped with the best modern equipment.

Units inside Solidere Mall in the new administrative capital and the most important spaces

As for Solidere new capital mall units, they are of various sizes, designs, and types, including medical units – commercial units – administrative units, and work has been done on diversifying among them to suit the needs of all clients and investors so that each person chooses what suits them and is in line with their fields.

Solidere New Capital consists of a ground floor and 8 consecutive floors, the floors of the sixth floor have a direct open view of the Al-Massa Hotel on an area of ​​5 km.

There are also units within Solidere New Capital that have ceilings that reach up to 4 meters for commercial units on the ground and first floors, with areas starting at 19 square meters, and administrative and medical units that reach a height of about 3.5 meters and are available from the second to the eighth floors. Its spaces start at 22 square meters and go up from there.

Prices announced by the real estate developer and the most important payment systems

The company has offered competitive prices that are considered the best in the region when compared to all of the services and facilities that customers will receive, allowing them to feel comfortable, calm, and safe while working in a qualified environment and increasing production. Customers can pay using the company’s simple payment systems, allowing them to choose what suits them best.

The administrative units’ meters range from 29,000 EGP to 39,000 EGP and are fully and distinctively finished, whereas the commercial units’ meters range from 65,000 EGP to 125,000 EGP, knowing that these are the most appropriate and best prices in the area, as the commercial units begin at a price of 1,235,000 pounds.

The real estate developer announced payment solutions that make it easier for you to acquire a unit in the mall.

  • The customer can pay a 10% down payment and the rest in equal installments over a period of up to seven years.
  • Alternatively, you can pay a 15% down payment and pay in 8-year installments.
  • It is also possible to pay 25% of the unit’s total worth in installments over a period of up to 9 years.
  • It’s also possible to pay a 25% down payment and spread the rest out over four years.

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Real estate developer Waren Developments

Waren Real Estate Development is the owner of Solidere Mall project in the Administrative Capital, and it is one of the most important leading real estate companies in Egypt at the moment, having been founded in 2000 and having built nearly 500 housing units on 6 October City, New Cairo, and El-Shorouk, among other cities.

However, as a consequence of a purposeful analysis and future vision of what clients need and what the real estate industry wants in particular, it has recently turned toward creating commercial, administrative, and medical projects.

They also noted the significant increase in demand for these projects, as well as their return on investment, when compared to other residential projects, and how they are seeing a significant increase in the number of projects they are working on, as well as the level of competition between companies in the real estate market.

The following are some of the most significant projects it has completed with outstanding success:

  • Marquee Mall, the new capital.
  • Town Tower Administrative Capital.