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project details

project nameThe Estates Sodic New Zayed
unit typeTownhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas
owner companySodic Real Estate Development Company
installment systemsThe customer pays a 5% down payment and the rest in 8-year installments.
locationn the new Sheikh Zayed City at kilo 44 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, 7 minutes from Mehwar Road.

Own a unit in The Estates Sheikh Zayed, where you’ll find unparalleled solitude, tranquility, and luxury.

Life in The Estates Sodic represents a new way of life based on meeting your needs and aspirations in a residential community distinguished by its close proximity to major roads and important locations, providing essential services and recreational activities for you and your family, while also providing a calm, purity, and privacy.

The Estates Sodic is primarily concerned with obtaining the level of luxury that clients desire, as the property is made up entirely of villas with high-end creative spaces and designs.

For customers to enjoy spending the most beautiful time with their families and friends, the company is also interested in providing a healthy and safe environment for them through the spread of scenic green spaces in a balanced manner throughout the compound, as well as attention to the availability of sports, social, and health clubs with the latest equipment.

The location of The Estates Sodic Sheikh Zayed

Sodic Real Estate Development Company sought to choose a privileged location to create one of its most prestigious projects, Sodic Sheikh Zayed Estates, because of the strategic location of the value and uniqueness that make the compound an ideal opportunity for a life of luxury and prosperity that customers aspire to.

The compound is located in the new Sheikh Zayed City at kilo 44 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, where the location is close to the most important pivotal roads and vital places

  • It is located 7 minutes from Mehwar Road.
  • It is only 3 minutes from the Sphinx Airport.
  • It is only 20 minutes away from the Mohandessin area.
  • Smart Village is about a 5-minute drive away.
  • It is minutes away from the ring road.
  • It is located 12 minutes from Arkan Mall, the most famous mall in Sheikh Zayed.
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum is a 15-minute walk away.
  • It takes 5 minutes to go to Heliopolis.
  • It’s only a 5-minute drive from Sodic West.

The Estates Sodic’ space and design

The compound was constructed over a broad area of up to 150 acres, allowing those in charge of the project to be creative with their ideas and diversity the unit space. SODIC insisted on allocating the largest portion of the project to key services and recreational activities, in order for the complex to function as an integrated community that caters to the needs of all consumers.

Only 13% of the entire area was set aside for development, since The Estates only contained various types of villas, with the remainder of the space being divided between green spaces, high-end services, and recreational activities.

The compound was developed by Diwan Company, which has vast experience in the field of engineering consultation, based on previous research undertaken by the company on customer needs and requirements in order to reach them in the most creative ways possible.

Book your property in The Estates Compound Sheikh Zayed today and take advantage of one-of-a-kind services tailored to your comfort and well-being.

  • The compound is distinguished by the presence of sports and social clubs with the most up-to-date equipment and sports equipment, which allows clients to practice their favorite activities while also gathering with family and friends in a luxurious and pure environment.
  • Customers can receive medical treatments with precision and efficiency at the compound’s clinics, which cover all medical disciplines.
  • The Estates Sheikh Zayed is characterized by the presence of a large mosque designed in the finest Islamic styles so that customers can perform prayers and religious rites.
  • The enclosure contains a children’s area with the best and most up-to-date games and recreational activities to fit their various ages and give them the excitement and adventure they seek.
  • Customers will find a commercial area with all of their needs and items, as well as retailers featuring the best worldwide and local brands that they care about.
  • The Club House is located within The Estates and is meant to allow customers to experience unique moments by providing them with excellent services.
  • The compound contains a number of crystal artificial lakes that will bring you and your family delight and relaxation as you sit around them and take in the beautiful scenery.
  • It features a variety of restaurants and cafés that offer the best and most up-to-date services, as well as cuisine and beverages from around the world to suit the tastes of all customers.
  • The property includes a pharmacy that stocks all medical supplies and is open 24 hours a day to ensure that customers receive prompt response service.
  • It is characterized by the presence of many swimming pools of various sizes to suit all age groups so that everyone can enjoy spending times filled with joy and comfort.
  • The compound includes a health club with spa services, sauna and jacuzzi so that customers can get the recreation and relaxation they are looking for.
  • It is distinguished by the presence of a fully equipped nursery, which assures parents that their children are in a luxurious educational and entertaining environment where they can be creative and also have fun.
  • The highly-trained security and guard staff members were provided, and they work 24 hours a day to provide safety and reassurance to the residents.

The Estates Sodic offers unrivaled benefits and a life full of independence and activity.

  • The Estates is distinguished by the existence of a 150-meter buffer zone, which includes a beautifully constructed late scape, allowing residents to avoid noise outside the compound while enjoying a life of calm and privacy on the inside.
  • Scenic landscapes are scattered throughout the compound, where they were creatively distributed so that all units are surrounded by charming green spaces that bring even more beauty and tranquillity to the estates.
  • Horseback riders will find tracks within The Estates dedicated to practicing this high-end activity, which draws a large number of visitors.
  • The Estates’ specific location qualities are a major strength, as it is easy to go to many important regions via the key highways that run close to the compound.
  • The Estates Compound is distinguished by the existence of walking, running, and cycling trails that wind through stunning natural landscapes and beautiful artificial lakes, allowing clients to rejuvenate and maintain their fitness.

Within the estate’s sodic, enjoy ideal spaces and creative designs.

Sodic Real Estate Development Company was keen that The Estates includes only 545 villas, ranging in size from townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, with creative designs that combine originality and contemporary, and various spaces that meet the desires of all customers and live up to their aspirations.

  • Townhouses range in size from 260 to 267 square meters and have three bedrooms.
  • Twin Houses include three bedrooms and range in size from 290 to 296 square meters.
  • Standalone villas range in size from 308 to 601 square meters, with three to five bedrooms depending on the size.

Each apartment has a unique perspective of the beautiful nature and water elements throughout the property, as well as magnificent marble, wood, and glass windows.

Flexible rates and payment systems that you can get in The Estates Sodic New Zayed

Sodic Real Estate Development was keen to keep its customers’ trust by ensuring that The Estates Sheikh Zayed was designed to the highest level of sophistication, luxury, and elegance, taking into account that the compound combines modern and original designs to achieve harmony and interaction between all parts of the compound.

Despite the desire to provide all services and perks that provide consumers with the luxury and sophistication they desire, the price plans and payment systems met the expectations and demands of the customers.

  • The townhouse has a starting price of 8,069,000 EGP and can go up to 8,490,000 EGP.
  • Prices start at 9,898,000 EGP and go up to 11,019,000 EGP for a twin house in The Estates.
  • The Estates Sheikh Zayed has homes ranging in price from 13,315,000 EGP to 60,090,000 EGP.

SODIC has also created a single payment structure that is in line with consumers’ goals and aspirations, in which the customer pays a 5% down payment and the rest in 8-year installments.

The real estate developer of The Estates Sodic Sheikh Zayed

Sodic Real Estate Development Company, established in 1996, is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. Since then, it has been keen to include the best competencies in the areas of planning and implementation, as part of its constant desire to meet the desires and goals of customers.

SODIC Real Estate Development’s aim is to provide its clients with a one-of-a-kind living experience by delivering all of the services they need, paying close attention to design innovation, and providing techniques and leisure activities that appeal to all customers’ tastes.

SODIC has made massive investments around the country, the most significant of which are:

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