The Median Residence New Cairo

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project details

project nameThe Median Residence New Cairo
unit typeapartments
owner companyAzan Real Estate
installment systemsThe customer can pay up to 5% of the entire unit price upfront, with the remainder spread out over ten years.
locationAt New Cairo near the well-known Taj City Compound, between the Ring Road and the Wafaa and Al-Amal axis, making it relatively accessible from a variety of locations, as well as the Suez Road.

The Median Residence New Cairo

The Median New Cairo Compound, which is defined by a distinctive architectural style that blends elegance and modernism, is offered by Azan Real Estate as one of the best high-quality engineering works in the New Cairo area. It also has a smart space system that uses all available areas in a unique and inventive way to satisfy the demands of sophisticated clientele.

It also has a number of distinct features, including a prominent geographical position that is convenient to a variety of locations, the unique unit design that ensures total privacy, and many technological systems that substantially ease the lives of residents.

In addition to the multiple services and facilities that provide ultimate luxury and a lot of fun and happiness, beauty and creativity did not stop at this point, with all there are many competitive features and other various advantages that we will learn about together in this interesting article … so follow along

The Median Residence location

The location is one of the most essential elements of success for any residential project, so Azan chose the New Cairo area to be the location for the construction of its latest engineering work, which is The Median Compound, which connects several important places and we will know them in the following:

  • This project is located near the well-known Taj City Compound.
  • This project is located between the Ring Road and the Wafaa and Al-Amal axis, making it relatively accessible from a variety of locations, as well as the Suez Road.
  • It is only 2 km away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The compound is about one kilometer from the well-known JW Marriott hotel.
  • Aside from the numerous well-known malls nearby, such as Cairo Festival City, City Stars Mall, and City Center Almaza Mall, all of which are only 5 kilometers away.
  • It is around 5 kilometers from the city of Rehab.
  • The Heliopolis region is 8 kilometers from Nasr City and 9 kilometers from the Sheraton area.
  • The compound is not far from Garden 8, with a distance of 6 km.

The Median New Cairo Compound design

Inside this massive compound, the developer of the project has created unique and varied designs, as well as various clever solutions and new technology that makes living in this largest residential complex a one-of-a-kind experience.

The compound is distinguished by its elegance and creativity, as it is inspired by modern European designs that enhance the beauty of the space and provide a high level of luxury, and it is equipped with a number of smart systems that allow you to easily manage your unit using your smartphone.

The developer also did not forget to pay attention to the green spaces and water bodies, which amounted to about 1,200 square meters in size and were distributed over the entire project in an innovative way so that all units have enough of the scenic landscape that makes you feel the splendor of living within an integrated compound.

The Median New Cairo’s Features

The developing company has provided the compound with all of the numerous services and characteristics that we will introduce you to in the following lines to complete this magnificent integrated engineering works of art:

  • As the units are created with a (smart houses) system, which allows you to manage home lighting, temperature, and a variety of other activities remotely using smart control devices, technological advancement is one of the significant and main features present inside the property.
  • Large areas of distinctive landscaping, which is distinguished by a lot of lively hues and creates a fantastic softening of the environment throughout the entire property and fosters psychological tranquility and relaxation, are present in the project.
  • The designs also contribute to The Median Residence New Cairo’s uniqueness, as it imitates the magnificence of the greatest worldwide residential complexes in terms of correctness of design and cleverness of execution in order to cater to Azan’s clients’ high and diverse tastes.
  • The Median New Cairo is situated in one of the most enviable places in the Fifth Settlement, near to a variety of regions as well as multiple major routes, including the Ring Road.
  • The infrastructure is the backbone of the project since it is strong and up to speed with current technology, allowing it to support a wide range of features, basic amenities, and entertainment.
  • The beauty of the location and the atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation in it are enhanced by beautiful artificial lakes with a total size of 1,200 square meters.

The Median Residence Compound’s Services

  • The location has a comprehensive network of paths that allow you to cycle or run at any time and in total safety because it is away from traffic.
  • Including a big nursery within the facility that provides full-time care for children as well as integrated learning systems.
  • Children were not forgotten, and an area was set aside for them to spend amazing times with their friends.
  • The compound features a huge social club on 600 square meters with a variety of activities, including a large gymnasium with high-tech equipment and a variety of other entertainment options.
  • A large retail mall with a total area of 7,800 square meters has been designed to be an integrated shopping area where you can have an unmatched shopping experience and obtain all the necessities you and your family require.
  • There are a number of playgrounds available, including football, tennis, and other sports.
  • The Median New Cairo design is built on the inhabitants’ comfort, therefore it has a variety of prominent restaurants and cafés that offer good services and are conveniently located near the apartments.
  • There are large gardens and parks with various flower colors, as well as areas for barbecues and other lovely family events.
  • Providing a number of electric elevators to allow for easier travel between levels.
  • A mosque with excellent Islamic decorations was built inside the compound to perform Islamic religious rituals, and the appropriate protections are in place to ensure the general safety of the people.
  • A huge, safe garage that can hold a significant number of vehicles.
  • Inside the compound, there is a sophisticated security system with a lot of contemporary surveillance cameras and qualified security personnel to ensure total security and protection.

The spaces and types of units in The Median Compound

Living in a privileged environment full of landscapes and gorgeous artificial lakes is incredibly relaxing and promotes mental clarity, and this is exactly what The New Cairo Square delivers in your hands, as it exudes elegance, sophistication, and beauty.

The Median New Cairo was developed on an area of 84,000 square meters, or 20 acres, and magnificent designs were created inside that space and completely utilized in a clever way that offers the inhabitants the essential privacy and allows them to feel free and relaxed inside.

In addition to dedicating more than 75% of the land for remarkable gardens and parks, as well as several unique artificial lakes within the area, the remainder of the space is allocated for residential units shown in “apartments for sale in The Median Fifth Settlement.”

In the following lines, we will give you full details of the spaces in the compound:

  • The compound consists of a variety of structures with a ground level and many stories above it.
  • One-bedroom units: located on the ground floor, with an area of ​​​​75 square meters, accompanied by a garden of 24 square meters, and for the upper floors, the area ranges between 78 square meters and 81 square meters.
  • Two-bedroom units: located on the ground floor, start from 112 square meters up to 121 square meters and have a private garden ranging from 48 to 141 square meters, and for repeat-floor units, their area ranges from 123 square meters to 127 square meters.
  • Three-bedroom units: located on the ground floor, with an area ranging from 140 square meters to 158 square meters, attached to a garden of 55 to 96 square meters, and the rest of the apartments on the successive floors start from 143 square meters and reach 174 square meters.

The Median Residence’s prices and payment methods

The real estate developer provided their clients with a variety of features and services within The Median New Cairo that made them feel distinguished and unique, and the competitive features did not stop there; they also extended to the prices and unique payment systems offered within the compound, which we will highlight in the following:

  • The Median Residence has a starting price of 16,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • The average one-bedroom apartments start from 1,248,000 EGP.
  • As for the two-bedroom apartments, their prices start from 1,970,000 EGP.
  • And apartments that contain three large bedrooms, the average price starts from 2,290,000 EGP.

In terms of the payment plan provided inside the project, it is extremely simple to tailor it to the various capacities of clients, which include:

  • The customer can pay up to 5% of the entire unit price upfront, with the remainder spread out over ten years.
  • It delivers the units unfinished, allowing you to customize them to your own preferences.
  • The compounds units will be delivered four years after the deal is signed.

Real estate developer and previous business

Azan Development Company is one of the fastest-growing real estate development companies in the country, as well as one of the EGYGAB Holding companies with more than 50 years of expertise in this vast industry. Azan includes several important areas, including architectural design, engineering construction, and real estate development.

The company’s name was developed from the term “equilibrium” in order to be an expressive term for the company’s ambitions inside the residential complexes that it is constructing. Bring a sense of contemporary to your projects.

Azan’s approach constantly emphasizes the convenience and contentment of clients, as it provides practical and unique solutions to provide all means of luxury and comfort, allowing inhabitants to live a great and renewable life full of colors of happiness and joy.

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