Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr

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project details

project name Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr
unit type Twin houses, chalets and villas
owner company Egy Master Group
installment systems The customer pays a 10% down payment for installments over 4 years, or pays 15% for installments over 5 years
location located in kilo 177 of Cairo Road and notably positioned on the 12th kilometer of Ras Sudr, which is a popular tourist destination due to its clean and tranquil waters, as well as its salt-free and herb-free sandy coastlines.

Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr Resort is the gateway to achieving your dreams in the charming atmosphere that you have always wished for!!

Inside Valley Red Sea Resort, which is known for its tranquility, sophistication, and luxury, you may achieve everything you want; it has all the elements that many people are seeking in a place to spend their vacations or have fun. It is directly on the sea, providing unique and lovely views that help cleanse the mind and provide relaxation, leisure, and psychological comfort.

It’s worth noting that the project is being carried out by EgyMaster Group, which was eager to choose its location carefully to be close to many important roads that make it easy to get from and to it. The resort was built on a huge area of up to 250 acres, equivalent to 1,011,714 square meters, which allows for the establishment of an infinite amount of services and various residential units such as chalets, twin houses, and standalone villas.

Aside from the real estate developer’s desire to diversify the housing units and their areas to meet the various needs of customers and tourists, Valley Red Sea Resort also offers a variety of benefits, service facilities, and entertainment options to ensure that people have a pleasant stay. The picturesque green nature, the clear water bodies, as well as the charming beaches with their water, sand, and sky that are a wonderful painting created by the Creator, as well as other swimming pools, 24-hour security, restaurants, and cafés are all included.

Now is the time to reserve your apartment and take advantage of all of these benefits at affordable costs with flexible payment options.

Learn about the strategic location of Valley of Ras Sudr

If you are looking for beauty, luxury, and recreation in a one-of-a-kind seaside resort, Egy Master Group for Real Estate Development presents to you its unique project “Valley Ras Sudr” in a wonderful geographical location near the most important roads and main axes that facilitate the process of moving to and from it, as it will achieve everything you desire and search for in a charming place overlooking the most beautiful Red Sea beaches, with its clear turquoise waters.

The following are the most significant advantages of Valley Red Sea Resort’s location:

  • It is located in kilo 177 of Cairo Road.
  • The resort is located on the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel at mile 48.
  • It is notably positioned on the 12th kilometer of Ras Sudr, which is a popular tourist destination due to its clean and tranquil waters, as well as its salt-free and herb-free sandy coastlines.

The most magnificent aspects of Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr are mentioned here.

  • The flats include a lot of green areas, which gives the customers a sense of leisure and splendor.
  • Holding various recreational activities on a large sandy beach in Valley Red Sea Resort.
  • On the beach, there is a cafeteria that sells delicious tropical drinks and speedy cuisine.
  • Providing an Aqua Park on an 8-acre site where a variety of enjoyable activities and water games are practiced.
  • For people interested in learning about diverse civilizations, Valley Red Sea Resort has a Roman theatre that hosts a variety of performances.
  • For even more elegance and luxury, there is a squash court directly on the sea for the first time.

Get the best services inside the resort of Valley Red Sea

The EgyMaster Group for real estate development introduces “Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr,” one of its most recent developments in the Red Sea region, which comprises the most luxurious and finest units as well as numerous basic and recreational facilities, as evidenced by the following:

  • Many swimming pools of all sizes and shapes for adults and children, including open and covered pools for added privacy.
  • Valley Red Sea Resort has a big variety of restaurants and cafes that serve delectable food and unique drinks while providing exceptional service.
  • Providing a fishing marina with a large number of yachts so that magnificent cruises can be enjoyed.
  • Children’s entertainment areas have been allocated within the resort, which includes many fun games to spend the most beautiful times with family and friends.
  • The construction of a large shopping mall with numerous stores offering the greatest brands and worldwide brands for those with refined tastes.
  • A health club with places designated for spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and beauty centers for body care and recreation, where you can get treatment with natural salts.
  • The gym has the most up-to-date equipment and sports equipment to keep you in shape.
  • A social club has been implemented that includes billiards, ping pong, video games, and PlayStation halls.
  • Within Valley Red Sea Resort, artificial lakes with beautiful crystal waters add to the beauty and charm.
  • For the protection of visitors and customers, Valley Red Sea Resort has a number of great medical services and pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day to give all types of medicines.
  • To alleviate traffic congestion in the hamlet, there will be a secure and covered garage that can hold a significant number of cars.
  • A theatre with the most up-to-date designs and decorations that shows the most recent foreign films.
  • A huge mosque created in a luxury Islamic architecture where prayers and religious rites can be performed.
  • Distribution of security and guard personnel, and the installation of many modern surveillance cameras that work non-stop to maintain stability and customer safety.

Types of units and their various locations within Valley Red Sea

What are you waiting for to spend your vacation in a high-end resort that pulsates with all the concepts of luxury and splendor, is located in a charming location near many vital places, service facilities, and important main roads, and provides its residents with all the basic and recreational services that make their lives distinct and comfortable? it also has a huge 250 acres with a frontage of about 1000 meters directly on the sea, and a depth of 1000 square meters.

The attractive green nature, wonderful water bodies, and other recreational activities that are supplied within the project were given 87% of the budget. Chalets, twin houses, and independent villas make up 13% of the overall area, with the following features:

  • Chalet sizes range from 55 to 115 square meters.
  • Villas and twin residences with separate entrances start at 200 square meters.

The best prices and payment systems available within Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr Resort

Valley Red Sea Resort’s designs are one-of-a-kind, with unrivaled modern touches; its units resemble beautiful paintings that complement the luxurious European style, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including chalets, twin houses, and standalone villas, giving the customer the freedom to choose according to their preferences and needs, and the prices are among the best in the region for the services they receive.

For real estate development, EgyMaster Group offers simple and flexible payment options that span many years, and prices and payment systems can be clarified by looking at the following:

  • Prices range from 500,000 EGP to 1,500,000 EGP per unit.
  • The customer pays a contract provider 10% of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 4 years.
  • The customer pays 15% of the unit’s worth to a contract provider, and the remainder is paid in 5 equal installments over 5 years.

About the real estate developer and some of their most notable previous projects

EgyMaster Group for real estate development is a leading Egyptian company that relies on a number of principles that made it the best company in covering all the needs of the Egyptian market, and it is the product of integration between a group of companies working in the real estate field, founded in 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Lashin, and it follows an ambitious vision to change the future of investment In Egypt, the establishment of exceptional projects, relying on the most skilled architects and specialized consultants, and the application of international quality standards.

The company launched its newest project in the Red Sea region, “Valley Red Sea Ras Sudr Resort,” for which it mobilized all of its technical and material capabilities to become one of the largest tourism projects in the region, as it chose a unique geographical location near major roads and important projects, in addition to the most beautiful views of pure seawater and picturesque landscapes.

The following are some of the company’s most notable previous works:

Advantages of Ras Sudr area in the Red Sea

Ras Sudr is a beautiful beach city in the Governorate of South Sinai that has a comfortable climate throughout the year. In both the summer and winter, it is regarded as one of the most prominent tourist sites. It has a one-of-a-kind strategic location on the Red Sea’s and Gulf of Suez’s beaches, and it’s only 80 minutes from Cairo. It is also close to popular resorts. Which draws a big number of clients and investors, and the following are some of its most notable benefits:

  • It enjoys a calm, clear water, and sand with little sea salt and herbs, but it is almost free of them.
  • The Sidr Castle, the Soldier Castle, the famed Pharaoh’s Baths, and the sulfur spring of Ras Sidr are among the most notable tourist attractions.
  • The weather is pleasant most of the year, with an average humidity level.
  • A wonderful beach with a length of 95 km.
  • It is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, and there are attractive birds for hunting enthusiasts.