Waterway North Coast

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project name Waterway North Coast
unit type chalets - villas - townhouses - cabins
owner company Equity development
installment systems You can pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price and the rest will be in installments over 7 equal years, without interest.
location the heart of North Coast at kilo 186 in Sidi Abdel Rahman, close to Ras Al-Hikma which is one of the most three famous beaches in the world.

Waterway North Coast

Own the best residential units in the most luxurious tourist resorts on North Coast, where Waterway North Coast

The Waterway Resort is one of the best tourist resorts located in the heart of North Coast, the most prestigious and luxurious area. As it is a wonderful summer destination in all seasons of the year. It is the latest launch of Equity development, a leading investment and real estate Development Company, and one of the well-known El Sewedy companies.

The Resort is marked by overlooking the best coasts of the Mediterranean Sea with crystal waters and a wonderful climate. Besides, it was designed to make a community boom in the project through its innovative and luxurious designs. The company also offers the best prices for the units to make it easier for clients to own them easily and effortlessly.

The location of Waterway North Coast Resort           

Equity company one of El Sewedy Group has been keen on establishing the project in a strategic location so that it is close to the most important roads and main axes that help you move from one place to another easily, for being close to the most important institutions.

The Features of Waterway North Coast:

  • The project is located at kilo 186 in Sidi Abdel Rahman, close to Ras Al-Hikma which is one of the most three famous beaches in the world.
  • Waterway is only a 20-minute drive from New Alamein City.
  • You can get from the resort to Alexandria airport in just 90 minutes.
  • The resort is approximately 60 minutes away from Burj Al Arab.

The resort has the best vital locations, which made it an attraction for investors and clients who are looking for such a place.

The space of Waterway North Coast Resort

The distinctive coastal project is built over a vast space to include a huge amount of services that meet the needs of the residents, as it is over a space of about 56.85 acres, equivalent to 238,000 square meters, and a sandy beachfront of 429 meters long, and this space was divided to include 17% of the residential buildings, as it includes 381 units, and the rest of the space is occupied by green spaces, landscapes, lakes, and gardens that surround the project from everywhere to give it an attractive aesthetic aspect.

Unparalleled exclusive services in Waterway North Coast

  • The project includes a huge number of swimming pools of different sizes to suit all ages also some of them are based inside the units.
  • An area for kids with a lot of entertaining water games, so they can spend the most beautiful times of fun and happiness inside the resort.
  • The resort includes a huge commercial area with a large supermarket that provides all the necessities in the project to meet the needs of the residents.
  • There are a number of malls and shops selling the most luxurious international brands and the most famous fashions for an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • There is an area of restaurants serving different dishes in the resort, and a number of large cafes designed with the latest styles, and offering the best high-end hotel services to suit the standards of visitors.
  • Inside The Resort, a well-equipped health club with private rooms for sauna and jacuzzi for more relaxation.
  • Spa House has also been provided for lovers of beauty and body care, with all entertaining facilities and for more complete comfort.
  • An underground and private garages for each unit to prevent congestion in the resort’s square, as well as modern electric elevators to facilitate movement between floors.
  • The project is equipped with a number of private entrances to prevent congestion and facilitate movement.
  • Providing the security aspect, a number of security personnel and guards have been appointed around the clock to secure all parts of the project.
  • A maintenance team works throughout the day to detect any malfunctions to avoid them.
  • Also, an integrated surveillance system is equipped with modern cameras that are spread on all units throughout the resort.
  • Internet services work free of charge in the project, with high-speed and modern technology.
  • A masjid inside the project’s square is sufficient for a large number of worshipers to perform various religious duties.
  • You can own the unit you want at the best price with installments over the longest repayment period.

Waterway North Coast has many advantages

  • The project enjoys a vital location that links the most important sites, strategic roads, and important neighborhoods in the area.
  • The Resort enjoys luxurious designs inspired by the international side, to suit those with fine taste.
  • All units in the project have a panoramic view of the sea, in which you will feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm.
  • The Waterway North Coast is surrounded by green spaces and picturesque gardens that dominate the majority of the project space, giving it a distinctive artistic touch.
  • Aqua Park with a large square to ensure that you can enjoy wonderful water games, so you can spend the best times inside the resort.
  • Beach area with facilities for those who love to relax in front of the sea and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Water bodies of artificial lakes with their crystal waters and dancing fountains spread throughout the project from every side.
  • The units inside the project operated by the solar cells system to generate electricity and rationalize consumption.
  • In The Resort’s square, there is an international hotel directly overlooking the beach, and it offers the best services including daily hygiene in the best way.
  • A dedicated area inside the sea for fishing, diving, and deep-sea adventures.
  • Inside the project, you will enjoy the most beautiful and delightful landscapes that surround it.
  • Club House has all the services that meet the desires of the clients in the resort.
  • A large sports club with many different playgrounds and another social club for families and friends to meet, which offers the best-integrated services.

What are you waiting for, the opportunity is still available to you, and you can book your unit and enjoy the best services and multiple benefits that are unparalleled!

Distinctive residential units in Waterway North Coast and the most important spaces                                                                                                                          

The project includes a number of residential units, as it includes 318 units, each of them is unique with countless advantages, as each unit has its own space. It includes units of (chalets – villas – townhouses – cabins), each has its own space, and with luxurious finishes that combine elegance and luxury. To suit those with refined tastes.

As for the spaces of villas, it starts from 200 square meters up to 800 square meters, while the luxury chalets start from 128 square meters up to 134 square meters, in addition to the garden space attached to the ground floor of the chalets is 100 square meters, and all units overlook the most beautiful beaches with its blue waters. And heavy white sand.

Own your residential unit in Waterway at the best prices that you will not find anywhere else

Despite the many advantages and services that residents will enjoy in The project, the developer company is still looking to satisfy clients, as it has set special prices that are the best ever in this prestigious coastal area, and systems to pay for them for the longest possible period.

As the prices of the townhouses start from 4,600,000 EGP, the chalets at the project are 3,700,000 EGP, the Twin Houses are 8,500,000 EGP, noting that the units will be delivered with complete Super Lux finishes and have modern air conditioning.

The company has been keen on developing payment plans based on the installment system for a long period in order to easily own the desired unit

  • You can pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price and the rest will be in installments over 7 equal years, without interest.
  • Units are delivered within 4 years from the start of the contract.

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Equity development

The equity development company, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market, is one of the branches of the giant El-Sewedy Group, which has a wide reputation in the real estate market and has always decided to leave a remarkable impact on all of its projects throughout the country.

And it has a large investment volume, and in it, the largest number of projects are established, among which the most distinguished sites are chosen to facilitate the clients to move freely and away from overcrowding, as it enjoys the greatest grade of fame, good reputation, and credibility from its clients.

The most important projects that the company has established and achieved great successes:

The company still seeking to provide the best of its various projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt.