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project nameWoodville Palm Hills 6 October
unit typevillas, townhouses, and twin houses
owner companyPalm Hills for Real Estate Development
installment systemsThe customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 7 years.
locationIn the heart of 6th of October City, specifically within the Gulf of Suez Petroleum District in Giza Governorate,

Hurry up and book your villa now in the most luxurious compound of 6 October – Woodville Palm Hills October

Palm Hills Development offers one of its most important and luxurious projects in the 6th of October City, which is Woodville Compound 6th of October, which includes the most luxurious and finest recreational services.

It also has all the basic facilities and services that make those who live there find everything they want available and easy. The location is characterized by all the ingredients that attract many customers and investors, in addition to its proximity to high-end residential projects in the region, its eye-catching urban designs, and its scenic nature that captivates the eye and the heart.

Woodville Palm Hills 6 October is built on a huge space of about 79 acres; equivalent to 321,000 square meters; In order to provide more luxury and privacy for the residents of the compound, where the vast green spaces and artificial lakes with their charming waters are wonderfully distributed throughout the project.

There are different villas in their impressive and varied designs between standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses, all at unbeatable prices and easy and convenient payment systems to suit all needs and tastes.

Own your residential unit now and enjoy being in the most beautiful places ever!

Learn about the prime location of Woodville Palm Hills 6th of October

Palm Hills for Real Estate Development has chosen a distinctive strategic location for its upscale project “Woodville 6th of October” in the heart of 6th of October City, specifically within the Gulf of Suez Petroleum District in Giza Governorate, and near the important service facilities in the area, and the main roads that facilitate the transportation process to and from the compound.

It also gives you an atmosphere of calm and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and its pollution, the most prominent advantages of the location are:

  • Its proximity to the most important universities and educational institutes such as; Misr University for Science and Technology, MSA University of Modern Sciences and Arts, and the
  • Higher Institute of Architecture and Business Administration Technology.
  • A short distance from the most important commercial centers such as; Hyper One, Mall of Arabia, Cityscape, and Dolphin Land.
    It is a few minutes away from some charities in the area, namely; Resala, El Hosary.

The space of Woodville Palm Hills Compound 6 October

Palm Hills Development has implemented Woodville 6 October on a huge space of 321,000 square meters; equivalent to 79 acres; So that the largest part “80%” was allocated to the charming landscape, and the rest of the space was for the different units with their amazing designs and more than wonderful decorations.

This is in addition to a large number of services and advantages that always make it the best choice for anyone looking for high-end and comfortable housing amid nature and a clean environment.

You will enjoy endless sophistication through the wonderful services and unparalleled features…

Achieving the difficult equation is not impossible; In addition to the luxury that Woodville 6 October gives you; At the same time, it is unique with an infinite number of distinctive services that customers and investors are looking for, the most prominent of which can be clarified through the following:

  • Vast green spaces, recreational places and water bodies with crystal water occupy 80% of the project space; Which provides a pure and clean environment and beautiful landscapes that help to relax and psychologically calm.
  • The unique geographical location in the heart of 6th of October City.
  • Diversity in the types of housing units and their spaces to suit all the tastes and needs of customers and investors.
  • Dazzling designs that match European models in sophistication and beauty.
  • The compound is surrounded by a large wall, security and guard personnel have been distributed everywhere, and many modern 24-hour surveillance cameras have been installed;
  • In order to preserve the safety and stability of the residents.
  • A spacious garage that can accommodate the largest number of cars to prevent congestion in front of the compound.
  • 32,000 square meters have been allocated to the mall, which includes the most luxurious international brands and brands that satisfy those with refined tastes.
  • Woodville Compound 6 October provides car rental and repair services.
  • For lovers of gymnastics and bowling; many gyms include the latest equipment and sports equipment for those who like to keep fit.
  • A zoo that includes a large number of animal species.
  • The best medical and treatment services are provided within a number of medical clinics in various specialties with the best doctors and the latest equipment.
  • An area of ​​upscale restaurants and cafes offering excellent services in a calm atmosphere.
  • A large number of swimming pools vary in shape and size to suit adults and children.
  • The spread of gardens and parks to spend fun times among family and friends.
  • There are places for pets.
  • Safe paths away from cars for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Inside Woodville Palm Hills 6th of October, you will find a pharmacy that works non-stop to provide all kinds of medicines to the residents.
  • Allocate entertainment places for children that include many fun games for more joy.
  • A large mosque designed in a wonderful architectural style for performing various prayers and religious rites.

Types of units and their different spaces within Woodville Project 6 October

Woodville Palm Hills Compound, 6th of October, contains unique advantages allocated to it exclusively; As it allows privacy for everyone through its distinguished geographical location and the organized and consistent distances between the units and each other; Where 300 square meters have been allocated as a space for one residential unit in the compound.

In addition to the spread of wide green spaces inside it also allows individuals the luxury they are looking for and spend the most enjoyable time with their family, and the units vary between luxury villas, townhouses, and twin houses with spaces represented in the following:

  • The spaces of the various villas start from 250 square meters up to 500 square meters.
  • The residential units consist of a number of rooms ranging from 2 to 4 rooms, and 3 bathrooms or more.
  • There are 9 gardens in the compound.

Get the best prices and payment systems available inside Woodville 6th of October

In addition to the project’s geographical location, close to a large number of vital places, and housing units with international designs that catch the eye and are diverse in their spaces to suit all tastes and different needs of customers.

Book your unit now to enjoy a luxurious life at prices that are considered the best compared to the services and benefits you will get, you can also pay the price of your unit in convenient installments according to easy and convenient payment systems provided by the company that extends for many years.

The prices and payment systems are as follow:

  • The price per square meter of residential units starts from 15,000 EGP.
  • The customer pays a 10% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 7 years.
  • Units are delivered as Extra Super Lux.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

Palm Hills Development is an Egyptian joint-stock company with extensive experience in the real estate field, established in 1997, and always striving to create distinctive and integrated residential communities that provide all the services and benefits that customers and investors care about.

In addition to its reliance on international quality standards and a selection of the best-specialized architects and consultants, it has a proven track record of 29 projects in the west and east of Cairo, the Red Sea, and the North Coast.

The company launched its huge project “Woodville Compound 6 October” in a unique strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City, and dedicated all its financial and technical capabilities to it to provide all services and benefits that meet the needs of its residents and provide them with an unparalleled living experience that enjoys a high level of luxury.

The company’s most important projects are as follows:

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