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project details

project nameX Business Complex New Capital Mall
unit typemedical, administrative and commercial units
owner companyDoja Real Estate
installment systemsVarious payment systems suitable for everyone, starting with a 10% down payment and repayment periods of up to 10 years
locationat the entrance to the Administrative Capital's most famous area, Downtown, precisely on plot No. 03, and it was chosen for its unique location because it is adjacent to significant main axes and roads.

Take advantage of the opportunity to book an integrated unit that suits your field of work and benefit from the best services and benefits available at X Business Complex New Capital Mall.

X Business Complex Mall, Doga Real Estate’s second project in the Administrative Capital, has surpassed sales expectations since its initial launch, thanks to a number of variables, the most notable of which is its distinguished location, which is located in one of the most vital areas of the Downtown and directly overlooks the Hotel Massa and a number of skyscrapers.

The prestigious X-Business Complex Mall offers you the best prices in the New Administrative Capital, with a variety of payment systems to choose from depending on the customer’s preference, as long as all units are delivered fully finished and have distinctive designs that set them apart from other projects.

X Business Complex New Capital Mall Location

X-Business Complex Mall New Capital is one of Egypt’s most prestigious modern developments, precisely planned to compete with the country’s most famous investment projects. It is located at the entrance to the Administrative Capital’s most famous area, Downtown, precisely on plot No. 03, and it was chosen for its unique location because it is adjacent to significant main axes and roads.

The capital is one of the most essential elements of X Mall.

  • The mall overlooks two main streets, one of which connects from the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, the Green River, to the Presidential Palace, and the other street is passed by the electric express train, which ensures a heavy turnout.
  • X Mall in the Administrative Capital is distinguished by its view of the most famous hotel, which is the luxurious Al-Massa Hotel.
  • The mall is 95% close to the capital’s new government district.
  • Just a short distance from the financial district, and business.
  • X-Business Complex is located near the New Museum, and the Monorail Central Station.

The total area of ​ X Mall in New Administrative Capital

X Mall New Administrative Capital project covers a big area of 3,000 square meters, and it was created in a novel way to integrate the mall’s construction as well as the largest area to be occupied by green spaces and scenic landscapes. It has the shape of an X, with all of its units looking out over the main interface and no units inside.

The units of the project have also been implemented by the best engineers, most notably Engineer Wiam Hadi, who is famous for his long experience in the field of modern architecture, as it consists of 3 basement floors surmounted by 3 other floors designated for commercial units.

The services provided by X Mall New Capital

  • A conference center for businessmen is located within the mall and is fully equipped with technology and wide screens.
  • In the case of a power outage, backup generators are available at X-Business Complex Mall.
  • There is a children’s entertainment area with all of the games appropriate for their ages, so they may have the best time possible within the mall.
  • A vast space fitted and constructed in contemporary styles includes a variety of restaurants and cafés that offer the best quality services, allowing you to eat and drink within the mall.
  • The mall features a superior reception service that is available 24 hours a day to react to customer and visitor inquiries.
  • The mall is one of the most environmentally friendly constructions because it runs on a solar energy system with panels installed on the roof to reduce electricity use.
  • For fitness and muscle development enthusiasts, the mall also has gyms with the most up-to-date sports equipment.
  • There is also a central air conditioning system at X Mall that distributes air throughout the mall.
  • Inside the mall, there are large storage areas for each unit separately.
  • There is also a fire alarm system, which functions under complete control before any damage occurs.
  • There is also a sky lounge on the project’s roof, which provides a unique feature of leisure, allowing you to sit and enjoy the most magnificent and distinctive views of the landscape.
  • The mall has a big business center for cooperative businesses, as well as a VIP greeting area for discerning customers.
  • A free high-speed internet connection is available 24 hours a day, allowing you to communicate more effectively.
  • The mall includes big underground parking garages that accommodate the most cars for visitors.
  • An integrated and distinctive security system, as there are heavy guards within the mall, working 24 hours a day to provide all aspects of public security within the project.

The unique amenities of X Mall

  • The mall’s particular position sets it apart from other developments since it is situated in one of the most prestigious vital places in the New Administrative Capital, adjacent to main roads.
  • The commercial and administrative units of the mall are distinct and different among themselves in terms of designs and spaces, so that customers have the largest share in choosing what is most appropriate for them.
  • The exterior of the mall is distinctive, as it is designed in a modern style, as it is sound and heat insulation, so you can enjoy a workable environment inside the mall.
  • You can go between all floors using new electronic elevators with beautiful panoramic façade.
  • Stairs go up and down between each floor and the other, making it easier for customers to move between floors.
  • Inside the mall, there are display screens for specific marketing, allowing customers to get a sense of what the mall has to offer.
  • In order to maintain the mall’s civilized aspect, it has a unique infrastructure that incorporates several unique services.
  • The mall’s aesthetic view and distinctive painting are enhanced by the green spaces and unusual landscapes that surround it on all sides, as well as the distinctive water features.
  • The dancing water fountains in the mall’s courtyards operate throughout the day and are designed on the latest unique international styles and are equipped with the sounds of calm music and various dim lights.

The units inside X Business Mall in the new capital and the most important spaces

The mall units are distinctive, having been designed in accordance with the most up-to-date international designs and incorporating exquisite engineering advancements. The project’s execution firm also considered the variety of spaces and shapes in the project units, which include separate administrative and commercial units. The differences between the areas have been taken into consideration so that clients can choose what best meets their needs.

X Mall Business comprises three basement levels and three commercial floors above them, as well as seven stories of offices and clinics. The units are distinguished by the fact that they view the major facades and that there are no internal units.

As for the space for commercial units based on the first and second floors, it starts from 13.5 square meters, and on the ground starts from 41 square meters, as for administrative units, it starts from 25 square meters, and medical units are 34 square meters.

The announced prices and the most important payment methods announced by the real estate developer

Regarding the developer’s costs, despite the fact that X Mall enjoys a plethora of services and benefits, the value of purchasing units with it was appropriate and imaginary, and it is the best in that region, understanding that it varies according to the type of unit to be acquired, which corresponds to your desires and field of work.

Administrative units cost 24,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, commercial units cost 57,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, and square meters inside medical units cost 26,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter. Thus, we find that the commercial units’ price starts from 1,000,000 EGP.

Payment systems announced by the company executing the project

The owner company has provided many payment systems for customers so that each of them can choose the appropriate system for their financial capabilities and the most appropriate system for them to pay the unit value in proportion to their purchasing power, and these systems are as follows:-

  • When making a reservation, you can pay a 10% deposit and the rest over five and a half years in payments.
  • And it is possible to pay a down payment of 15% or 25% and installments over 6 and a half years on an equal basis.
  • You can also make a 40% down payment and the first installment after the unit is delivered.
  • Payment of 20% of the unit’s worth as a down payment, with unequal installments, spread out over ten years.

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Real estate developer Doja Development

X Business Complex New Capital Mall is one of Doja Development Company’s main projects in the New Administrative Capital, with a history in the Egyptian real estate market dating back to 2011.

It is well-known for its distinctive designs since it competes with the world’s greatest investment firms. It also includes a large number of engineers and experts who have extensive experience in the field of real estate and development. Its projects include residential and commercial towers, and it is presently diversifying into technology, software, and engineering.

Some of Doja Real Estate Development’s most prominent projects

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