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project details

project nameZa Mall New Capital
unit typeShops, administrative offices, commercial units and medical units
owner companyZaytoun Development
installment systemsFlexible payment systems with advances starting from 10% up to 35% and repayment periods of up to 5 years.
locationin New Administrative Capital, specifically at the entrance to the Downtown, in plot No. (TOM/07), overlooks the famous Green River Garden, which gives a wonderful aesthetic view of the mall.

Get to know about Za Mall New Capital

Za Mall New Capital is one of the largest commercial, administrative, and medical projects in the Downtown area, an important area within the capital overlooking the Green River Park and many other important landmarks.

New Capital includes a large population density, which is considered one of the distinctive success factors for the various projects established in it. Therefore, Zaytoun Development, the owner of Za Mall, was keen to select this distinguished place at the entrance to the Downtown area.

The mall carries exquisite engineering designs and distinctive architectural finishes that increase the beauty of the place and make it easier for the owners to practice their different businesses, in addition to providing different spaces ranging from small to large to suit the different tastes and desires of customers.

So take the initiative now and seize this unique opportunity to own your unit within the huge Za Mall project and get excellent facilities and discounts.

Unique location in the heart of New Administrative Capital

A special location was chosen by Zaytoun Development in order to build the mall inside, as it is close to several important residential neighborhoods and a group of roads and pivotal areas within New Capital.

The Mall is located in New Administrative Capital, specifically at the entrance to the Downtown, in plot No. (TOM/07), which is one of the most distinguished areas in the capital, in a large shopping center surrounded by various residential complexes. Here are the rest of the details about the unique location of the mall:

  • Za Mall Project overlooks the famous Green River Garden, which gives a wonderful aesthetic view of the mall.
  • It is also close to several important neighborhoods, including the financial and business district, the government district, and others.
  • It is also a short distance from Expo City and the medical city.
  • It is just a few minutes away from the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • It is also about two minutes away from the presidential palace.
  • And it’s not far from the Monorail Expressway.
  • It is also close to several important facilities, including major hospitals, huge residential compounds, universities, and international schools.

Distinguished architectural design in Za Mall New Capital

This project bears a unique design that takes the letter “U”, which gives all units a unique view of the different sides that the project overlooks. The designs were made according to distinguished European standards.

The mall also has beautiful glass facades that increase the width of the units and the creativity of their design, as well as the engineers in charge of construction and design by providing decorations and multiple engineering details that increase the sophistication of the place and its splendor, and also a large number of units were built that beautify different spaces that suit all tastes and needs.

Multiple features, hurry to get them in Za Mall New Capital

The Mall project is your gateway to the future, start working from the right place to make your business successful and your life better, a place that provides you with a creative environment to work in calm and relaxation surrounded by the charming elements of nature from a distinctive outdoor landscape and unique artistic decorations, and many other competitive advantages make it very distinguished from others, and we will show those details regarding the advantages in the following:

  • A green space surrounding the place with a number of colorful flowers and fragrant plants gives a lot of calm to the place.
  • A location that is one of the best commercial places in New Capital, as it is located in the well-known downtown area, which ensures more success for the various businesses established in it.
  • Attention to the exterior designs of the project to give more sophistication and attractiveness to the place.
  • This project is considered one of the environmentally friendly malls, as all its units rely on clean solar energy that does not cause pollution.
  • The Mall also includes a maintenance company that works to repair any malfunction in the services and facilities in place.

The available services in Za Mall New Capital Project

  • Allocating a large space to be a children’s amusement park with fun and entertaining games for your children to enjoy while you are shopping in the mall.
    There are also large cinemas showing the latest Egyptian and international films.
  • Providing central air conditioning that serves the units from the inside and the mall in general.
  • The owner company inside the mall also provides free fast internet (WiFi), which facilitates work for project owners inside the mall.
  • To ensure the convenience of customers when roaming in Za Mall, it was provided with electric elevators, in addition to electronic stairs that facilitate movement around the project.
  • Allocating places for cafes that serve various drinks and restaurants that serve the most delicious local and international dishes, and providing them with outdoor spaces to further enjoy the beauty of the place.
  • In the interest of the executing company to facilitate the performance of work in the project, a small conference room and a meeting room were provided.
  • Providing an integrated security system with many surveillance cameras operating throughout the day, seven days a week, ensuring that everyone in the mall feels safe and secure.
  • Special garages for cars accommodate nearly 200 cars. They are also fully covered and insured to ensure the safety of the property of visitors and owners.

Spaces and unit types in Za Mall New Capital

The mall occupies a land space of 3,600 square meters and has been divided into a group of “commercial, administrative and medical” units that are characterized by their multiple spaces to suit all customers.

About 30% of that space has been allocated to units, while the rest of the space is allocated to various services and facilities, and the mall is divided into six floors (ground floor + 5 repeated floors).

There is a variety of choices and great investment opportunities available in the mall, which is a major attraction for businessmen and project owners, the spaces of the units in the mall range from 18 square meters to 1,000 square meters.

Prices and payment systems offered by the company that owns Za Mall New Capital

New Capital is an excellent location for carrying out various projects, as it is an integrated city with a large number of multiple ingredients for success, and here is the company that developed the project, choosing a unique spot Downtown to be the location of the mall’s construction, and this is not the only advantage of it, as attractive prices and convenient payment systems have been offered, we will get to know all those details below:

  • The price per square meter of units located on the fifth floor ranges between 55 thousand and 65 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • As for those located on the fourth floor, the price ranges between 65 thousand and 75 thousand pounds.
  • As for the units on the third floor, their price starts from 75,000 pounds and reaches 85,000 pounds.
  • The price per square meter in the second-floor units starts from 85 thousand pounds and reaches 95 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The first floor includes units whose price per square meter ranges between 95 thousand and 105 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the ground floor, the price ranges from 130,000 EGP up to 150,000 EGP.

Payment plans in Za Mall New Capital

  • First plan: a downpayment of 5% of the total unit amount can be paid, with the rest of the value being paid in installments over 6 years.
  • Second plan: a 10% downpayment of the total unit price can be paid, then the remaining amount can be paid in installments for 7 years.
  • Third plan: There is also the possibility of paying 10% as a down payment of the unit value, then paying 10% as a second payment upon receipt, with the rest of the value being paid in installments over 8 years.
  • Fourth plan: 15% downpayment, then 10% as a second payment upon receipt, with the remaining installments for 9 years.
  • Fifth plan: or 35% downpayment of the unit price, provided that the first installment is paid after receipt, and the rest of the unit value is paid in installments over 5 years.
    Units will be delivered in 2023.

So, Za Mall is not just a mall, but it is one of the largest commercial, administrative, and medical projects in New Capital, offering customers great services at great prices and good payment facilities, it is a luxurious place that offers modern units with a variety of spaces and uses.

The owner company of Za Mall New Capital Project

Zaytoun Development has more than 80 years of experience in many different fields, including agriculture, automobile industry, real estate, and many more in a major company that was founded by the well-known Zaytoun family.

The first project of this company in New Capital was Za Mall, which is one of the largest commercial malls in the Downtown area, and this company is always keen to provide all the features, services, and facilities that satisfy all customers of different tastes.

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