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project details

project nameZahra Memaar Al Morshedy
unit typeVillas, chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and cabins
owner companyMemaar Al Morshedy
installment systemsA 5% down payment is required, with the remainder paid in payments over the course of seven years.
locationn the North Coast between El Alamein and Hacienda Bay in Sidi Abdel Rahman, kilo 124 Alexandria Matrouh Road, North Coast.

Are you looking for a place characterized by calm and luxury, directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea?! Here is the Resort of Zahra Memaar Al Morshedy

The executing company provided a strategic location on the Mediterranean coast and its proximity to major important places such as El Alamein.

The resort was created on a 900-acre site, with the majority of it dedicated to basic and recreational services, facilities, open areas, and landscapes, from which all units have a different perspective.

The residential units have a variety of spaces to suit all tastes, and chalets, villas, townhouses, wine houses, and cabins are available.

Zahra North Coast is characterized by its excellent international designs and units with direct views of the sea, and the real estate developer was keen to establish affordable pricing for everyone with long-term installment payment plans.

Do not miss the opportunity and book your special unit inside the best tourist resort on the North Coast.

Zahra’s North Coast is known for its strategic location.

The Memaar Al Morshedy Company has selected a prominent location on the North Coast.

  • The resort is located between El Alamein and Hacienda Bay in Sidi Abdel Rahman, kilo 124 Alexandria Matrouh Road, North Coast.
  • El Alamein Airport is 15 minutes away from the resort.
  • Marina is close to the resort.

Get to know with us about the space of ​​​​Zahra North Coast

The real estate developer was determined to find a prime position with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, which is known for its clear blue seas and golden shores. The resort was created on a 900-acre plot of land, with just 17% of the land used for structures and construction and the rest used for open areas, infrastructure, and services.

The new Zahra El Alamein consists of six distinct zones and a 650-meter-long beachfront. The resort is divided into several phases that differ in spaces and prices, as the first phase will be on an area of ​​45 acres, consisting of 55 buildings with Super Lux finishes.

The buildings are planned in a U-shape with all units facing the sea, using the most up-to-date international designs in the Greek style. Three major corporations, with the assistance of a group of specialists and designers, took part in this project, namely:

  1. Engineer Raef Fahmy.
  2. Engineer Mohamed Hadid.
  3. And global designer Vander Bye.

Enjoy the best services available within Zahra North Coast

Memaar Al Morshedy has provided many basic and recreational services to provide comfort and enjoyment.

  • For shopping enthusiasts, the resort includes a large shopping center that includes many different stores and has international brands for an unparalleled buying experience.
  • Inside the resort, there are sports fields with many different games such as football, tennis, and golf to keep fit.
  • The resort contains a large hypermarket that provides all the supplies you need, and also has an express delivery service.
  • The resort is characterized by the presence of a 5-star hotel that contains many rooms and services that work for the comfort of the hotel’s residents.
  • There is also a golf cart for easy transportation within the resort.
  • Attention to the medical aspect, as there are many medical clinics in various specialties under the supervision of the most skilled doctors.
  • There are different entertainment places along the shore in Memaar Al Morshedy for adults and children to have the greatest moments.
  • The project includes a huge mosque constructed in modern Islamic architecture that can accommodate a large number of worshipers while performing religious ceremonies, as well as attention to cleanliness and sanitation.
  • To limit traffic within the resort, reduce pollution, and preserve property, there are large garages with many vehicles.
  • There are pharmacies in Zahra El Morshedy North Coast that have all medicines and operate throughout the day.
  • An integrated health facility with cutting-edge technology, as well as unique areas for a sauna, jacuzzi, and spa relaxation, is located within the hamlet.
  • Providing security and guarding by distributing security personnel throughout the resort.
  • The new resort has a section dedicated to restaurants and cafés serving delicious international and local food, as well as delicious hot and cold beverages.
  • Inside the resort, there are surveillance cameras distributed inside the village to monitor the movements and maintain security.
  • In addition to strolling routes to enjoy the beauty of the sea, the resort offers a track devoted to walking, running, and cycling in safe paths away from traffic.
  • There is also a fully equipped cinema where you can see the latest releases.
  • For fishing enthusiasts, the resort has a yacht marina where they may enjoy cruises, fishing, and diving.
  • There are several fun water games for all age groups within Zahra Al Morshedy North Coast Aqua Park.

Book your unit inside Zahra North Coast and enjoy unparalleled advantages

The resort is known as the greatest tourist resort on the North Coast due to its location, amenities, and several benefits, the most prominent of which are:

  • The resort has three gates to make entry to the various apartments easier and to avoid congestion.
  • Skilled maintenance staff is available in the resort to rectify any fault as quickly as possible.
  • The most essential characteristic of the resort is its strategic position, which allows for simple transportation to and from it. It is adjacent to the main places and important hubs.
  • The Kids Area is properly guarded and offers a variety of leisure games.
  • The variety of residential apartments and their foreign designs, which are defined by elegance and sophistication, set the resort apart.
  • Within the project, there are 8 swimming pools distributed within the resort, varying in sizes and areas to suit adults and children.
  • Wide green spaces and landscapes provide breathtaking views as well as a sense of peace and serenity.
  • Throughout the project, Zahra Memaar Al Morshedy features lakes and fountains to soften the environment and provide a civilized perspective.

Units types and their space inside Zahra Al Morshedy, North Coast

The resort provides a wide range of residential units of various sizes, allowing each client to find something that fits them.

  • Villas, chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and cabins are among the units offered within the resort.
  • The chalets are 50-130 square meters in size.
  • While the cabin space is 60 square meters.

Best rates and payment systems in the resort

Memaar Al Morshedy has supplied numerous unrivaled features and services at unequaled costs, as well as flexible payment plans over a long period of time.

The pricing per unit starts at 860,000 EGP.
The chalet costs between 1,024,000 and 2,245,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Methods

A 5% down payment is required, with the remainder paid in payments over the course of seven years.

About the real estate developer and some of their most notable prior works

Zahra North Coast’s real estate developer is Memaar Al Morshedy

It was founded in 1983 and has a variety of tourist, residential, and commercial projects under its credit, as well as over 30 years of expertise. It was important to select a prominent location that would attract customers as well as the greatest engineers and designers.

Memaar Al Morshedy is known for its forward-thinking urban ideas, and it has developed a number of successful megaprojects, the most notable of which are:

  1. Rehana Avenue Project.
  2. Rehana Plaza project.
  3. Crystal Plaza project.Sarayat Suites Project.
  4. Degla Gardens Project.
  5. Degla Palms Project.
  6. Lakefront project.
  7. Bavaria Town Project.
  8. Degla View Project.
  9. Skyline Compound Zahra El Maadi.
  10. Katameya Gate Project
  11. One Katameya Compound.
  12. Degla Towers
  13. Katameya Compound.
  14. Degla View.
  15. Grant City project in Maadi.
  16. Grant Gate Project.
  17. Katameya Business Gate.
  18. Katameya Medical Gate project.
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