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5 Business Hub Mall New Capital

5 Business Hub is the second project of Tamayoz Developments in New Administrative Capital, so it has put its experience gained from its previous project and added to it a lot of attractions represented by the carefully chosen location on the geographical level, where the fresh air is refreshing and the stunning views, and also on the economic level, as it occupies a vital strategic location like no other, and major companies have been sought help to choose the best and finest exterior and interior designs, which were done according to the best international standards under the supervision of skilled engineers in this field, in addition to the services and features provided by the real estate developer that is suitable for senior businessmen and visitors of all ages.

This picture was not complete without satisfying the clients of Tamayoz Developments by providing all types of investment units in 5 Business Hub with many and varied spaces to satisfy all activities, and 5 Business Hub includes commercial, administrative, and medical units equipped with the latest designs and decorations that are consistent with people of good taste, and the real estate developer announced unit prices that are unusual among other investment projects in the same area to satisfy its customers and not bear any burdens, with more than one installment system over long periods and special discounts.

The location of 5 Business Hub Mall

5 Business Hub has special features that help ensure the success of any new investment project, as it is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in Downtown, which is the most vital area that includes a large number of services, companies, and other investment projects, and as a result, many people come to it daily to fulfill their needs, and it is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the region because it is distinguished by its proximity to most government places, agencies, and many high-end residential communities.

5 Business Hub location is also distinguished by the geographical strategy due to its proximity to the most important roads and main axes that facilitate movement to and from 5 Business Hub, as it is close to the most famous landmarks of New Administrative Capital, as it is an attraction station from more than one angle, and one of the most important features of the project:

  • Among the most important roads and main axes near 5 Business Hub are the Middle Ring Road, the Regional Ring Road, and the Cairo-Suez Road.
  • 5 Business Hub Mall is also located near the Bin Zayed Axis.
  • 5 Business Hub Mall New Capital, has a wonderful view of the Green River Park.
  • Mall 5 Business Hub is close to the gold market and the financial and business district.
  • It is a short distance from the new monorail train station.
  • 5 Business Hub is steps away from Masr Mosque and Christ Cathedral.
  • 5 Business Hub is located at a distance of only 5 minutes from the Governmental District, Parliament Building, and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Among the most important projects overlooking 5 Business Mall are Mark Downtown, Downtown Mall New Administrative Capital.

Space and design of Mall 5 Business Hub New Capital

5 Business Hub Mall was inaugurated on a space of 6,200 square meters. The real estate developer took advantage of this space to be a point of view for investors and customers from inside and outside, when you enter Mall 5 Business Hub, you will find landscapes, fountains, and artificial lakes surrounded by you from all directions, which increases psychological comfort and makes you feel relaxed.

5 Business Hub building also embraces everything you can imagine of basic and entertainment services in an integrated manner that there is no one to compete with, in addition to the ingenuity of the real estate developer that appeared in dividing the project from the inside to provide the largest number of different units, and 5 Business Hub Mall New Capital consists of a ground floor and 12 recurring lofts divided as follows:

  • The ground floor of 5 Business Hub Mall has been allocated to the Retail Hub for retail stores, restaurants, clothing, and accessories stores.
  • There is also a Tech Hub for electrical appliances stores on the ground floor.
  • The second floor of 5 Business Hub houses the largest Food Hub in the area with many local and international restaurants.
  • The first floor has been allocated to the rest of the commercial units inside 5 Business Hub Mall.
  • The third and fourth floors contain the Clinic Hub for medical units and clinics.
  • Administrative activities and offices Administrative Hub are represented in floors from the fifth to the twelfth floor.

As for the design of 5 Business Hub in terms of the geometric shape from the outside, it is two opposite towers connected from the inside, with a double glass facade that gives its residents the largest panoramic area overlooking the stunning views, not to mention the view of the night lighting reflected from the mall, which appears as a bright star that lights up the entire area, a design that Dara Company excelled in implementing under the supervision of Engineer Tamer Habib, who is well-known.

When you enter Mall 5 Business Hub New Capital, you will be amazed by this genius idea executed with such precision in a way that catches the eye in terms of stunning finishing and western decorations, not to mention the high marble entrances and charming lights, 5 Business Hub as a result of the efforts made by Tamayoz Developments and the use of the latest international technological means on the ground, and finally, Tamayoz Developments hired MRB to manage and operate 5 Business Hub New Capital.

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you find in 5 Business New Capital

  • The security of Mall 5 Business Hub New Capital, is one of the best. It has been prepared with the latest modern methods of surveillance cameras that cover every part of the 5 Business Hub project, and a hall equipped with surveillance screens, and the security staff has been chosen very carefully to preserve the security and safety of everyone in the mall and to preserve property.
  • In Mall 5 Business Hub New Capital, there are many different restaurants and cafes, where there are eastern and western ones, offering their services in the hands of the best chefs, and they also provide excellent hotel service.
  • 5 Hub Mall New Capital, includes many shops with local and international brands so that you can choose from them what suits you, and it also gives you an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • 5 Business Hub, the capital, works with the smart facility system, including an automatic lighting system, central air conditioning that ensures the temperature is maintained throughout the day, and a central satellite for all units.
  • ATMs are located throughout 5 Business Hub Project.
  • A sports gym equipped at the highest level with the best sports equipment.
  • Excellence Company has provided halls equipped with the latest means and modern equipment, including display screens and sound systems, for holding conferences and meetings. There is also a hall specially designed for VIP visitors.
  • Maintenance and sterilization service takes place regularly, with unit cleaning service provided throughout the day in 5 Business Hub, the capital.
  • All units of 5 Business Mall New Capital have a fast Wi-Fi network.
  • Enjoy spending the most beautiful times in the Sky Lounge, as it contains cafes and restaurants that provide enjoyable entertainment services.
  • Kids Aria has entertainment activities for children and fun games for them to spend the happiest time, and it has multiple activities under the supervision of specialists within 5 Business Hub.

Unique features that you get upon receiving your unit in 5 Business Mall

Do not miss the opportunity and take the initiative to book your new unit in the most suitable place for investment within New Administrative Capital, and enjoy the many exclusive features provided by Tamayouz to all its customers within the integrated 5 Business Hub Mall, presented in a manner suitable for all ages.

  • 5 Business Hub New Capital, includes a large garage that can accommodate large numbers of cars.
  • The real estate developer is interested in providing a lot of services to help people with special needs that help them achieve their goals.
  • The spread of green spaces throughout the project and the dazzling landscape give more relaxation and comfort.
  • Artificial lakes and fountains, which are located in more than one place in 5 Business Mall, increase the joy and luxury of the project.
  • An automatic fire protection system distributed throughout 5 Business Hub Mall.
  • Providing many elevators with a panoramic interface, facilitates the movement of customers between floors, and prevents the occurrence of congestion.
  • The capital’s 5 Business Hub operates on a clean energy system using solar panels.
  • To ensure the success of the continuation of the work, high-capacity generators were provided in Mall 5 Business Hub.
  • 5 Business Hub includes many storage areas to fully utilize the space of your investment unit.
  • Providing a special area for smoking, to preserve the health of customers and investors in 5 Business Hub Mall.

Types and spaces of investment units in 5 Business Hub by Tamayouz

Tamayouz Developments provided countless opportunities in Mall 5 Business Hub to own an investment unit, whether commercial, administrative, or medical, with a variety of spaces that meet all needs and create a practical experience with the highest return on investment that will not be repeated, and for the first time in New Capital, a project that includes this different group of commercial units, especially that meet all the requirements of life.

The real estate developer has established 5 business units at a very luxurious level, with amazing designs and international decorations, in addition to the appropriate atmosphere that makes you spend your time in luxury, and the healthy atmosphere suitable for what all units enjoy with a wonderful view of the most beautiful bright landscapes that make you enjoy your work time and breathe clean air to restore your activity. All commercial units are delivered semi-finished, and the rest of the administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished.

Tamayouz Developments has hired Healthy Care to manage and operate the medical units. Major companies have also been contracted to manage and operate the administrative units and offices, to reach the highest levels of attention to each specialty, which increases the chances of success of your investment.

  • The commercial unit space in 5 Business Hub Mall starts from 20 square meters, with a total of 81 commercial units and shops.
  • The administrative units’ space in 5 Business Hub New Capital ranges from 20 square meters, with a total of 218 administrative units.
  • As for the medical units inside 5 Business Mall, their space also starts from 20 square meters, with a total of 54 medical units.

Advertised unit prices per 5 Business Hub units

In 5 Business Hub, your comfort is the success of excellence in real estate, so the prices of units in 5 Business Mall New Capital, came as a real opportunity for those who want to own an investment unit in the finest places and with unparalleled designs, in addition to the integrated services and features provided by the real estate developer for your well-being.

  • The price per square meter of commercial units on the ground floor of 5 Business Hub starts from 90,000 EGP up to 122,000 EGP.
  • While the meter price for commercial units in the first floor starts from 55,000 EGP and reaches 75,000 EGP.
  • As for the commercial units in the second floor, the price per meter starts from 66,000 EGP and reaches 72,000 EGP inside 5 Business Hub.
  • Own an administrative or medical unit in 5 Business Hub, at a meter price starting from 21,000 EGP up to 27,200 EGP.
  • All units of Mall 5 Business Hub New Administrative Capital, will be delivered fully finished with air conditioning, after 4 years from the date of the contract.

Payment systems provided by Tamayouz

Tamayoz Developments provided many facilities for payment, summarized in four installment systems over long periods, and made the arena open for you to choose from what suits your capabilities, and the financial burden became very far from your thinking, and there is also a mandatory rental authorization system to make it easier for you to start going through the profitable experience from all directions.

  • Pay only a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest over 7 years.
  • You can also pay a downpayment of 20% of the total unit value, provided that the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 8 years, in equally installments.
  • The customer can pay a downpayment of 30% of the total unit value, and the rest of the unit price via installments over 10 years, without paying any additional interest.
  • Installment of the total price of your investment unit in 5 Business Hub over 12 years, provided that a 40% downpayment of the total unit value is paid.
  • Note that a maintenance deposit of 10% of the total value of the unit is paid.
  • For rental authorization and mandatory rental systems
  • The customer can pay 30% of the total unit value as a downpayment, provided that the rest of the unit price is paid over 4 years, and obtain a mandatory lease contract for 3 years at 10% of the total unit price.

The real estate developer and his most important previous works

Tamayoz Developments has 16 years of experience. It started its work in the field of real estate and contracting in Saudi Arabia in 2006 AD, then moved to Egypt in 2008 AD, and began its journey with full strength and the size of its capabilities and previous experience. It implemented many residential and tourism projects and achieved many achievements because her projects contain the basics of an ideal and integrated life, in addition to the international designs that take great care in their implementation.

It also always strives to provide all privileges and services within its projects to meet all the requirements of its customers and gain greater confidence, and it was able to occupy a great position among many other companies as a result of its credibility, as it is a company that seeks to change the concept of real estate investment in Egypt.

Previous distinguished work inside Egypt:

  • Ivory Plaza Business Complex New Capital.
  • Residential projects in Fifth Settlement and Mokattam.
  • New Heliopolis villas compound.
  • Asmarat Mall.
  • Several administrative buildings next to the Police Academy.
  • A group of Al Shorouk Academy buildings.

Previous distinguished work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Academic Complex Mosque.
  • Central Grandstand Building.
  • Library building and College of Computer.
  • Faculty of Medicine building and administration building.
  • College of Engineering building.


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