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Iguall Mall New Cairo

Upwide Real Estate Development and Investment Company has chosen to set a distinctive imprint for itself through its new project, Iguall Mall in the most modern areas of the Fifth Settlement. Iguall Mall in New Cairo is one of the most important investment projects because of the features it embraces that pave the way towards a bright future for any new activity within it and at the highest rates. Profit, as well as helping you to accomplish your work in a calm and elegant atmosphere that raises your performance at work to the highest levels.

Iguall New Cairo Mall enjoys a vital and attractive unique location that contributes to the influx of many to your project, which guarantees you an increase in the chances of success of what we do, in addition to the basic services provided by the real estate developer in all fields in New Cairo Iguall Mall that helps to obtain all your requirements So that your work is not interrupted to go to meet your needs outside the project, in addition to providing a lot of entertainment means so that you can get out of your daily burdens and spend the happiest times.

Own a new investment unit in Iguall Mall, New Cairo, with an area that suits you and at the lowest prices, and enjoy the wonderful and attractive view of the green spaces scattered everywhere around the mall, in addition to the amazing compatibility that meticulously implemented in the design of the mall from the outside and the international interior finishes that attract those with good taste and those looking for Exclusivity and distinction.

Igoal Mall, New Cairo
Iguall Mall, New Cairo

Iguall investment location

Upwide Real Estate Development Company has chosen to make its project, Iguall Mall, an attraction for all investors and clients, so it has established firm foundations and standards under implementation so that Iguall is the only target in the region for all clients and investors from all directions, and provides its services to them in a manner that excels in other investment projects.

One of the most important foundations laid by Upwide is its selection of the site for the construction of Iguall Mall, New Cairo, as it is located in the Fifth Settlement, specifically in the northeast of 90th Street. Famous residential in the area.

The construction site of Iguall Mall is also one of the best locations for moving from it too and from all parts of Cairo, because of its amazing strategy near the Naguib axis and some important main roads such as the Middle Ring Road and the Suez-Ain Sokhna Road, and one of the most important additional features that characterize the mall’s location

  • Iguall New Cairo Mall is located only 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • The mall is only 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Iguall Mall New Cairo is very close to the most important universities, namely the American University, the Canadian University, and the University of the Future.
  • New Cairo Mall is a very short distance from international schools and hospitals.
  • One of the most important projects close to Iguall New Cairo is the Mountain View Compound, Katameya Hills.

Space and design of Iguall Mall New Cairo

Upwide has established its project, New Cairo, on an area of ​​4,200 square meters. In that area, it has achieved a new boom that demonstrates ingenuity beyond imagination by raising the general level and maintaining a balance in the level between it and the Fifth Settlement, which is always famous for sophistication and excellence.

She also wanted Iguall Mall to be the place where you start your successful business life, and also where you find your comfort and well-being, so take advantage of part of this space to establish the building, and the other part for the basic and recreational services that the project embraces, in addition to the green spaces scattered everywhere around The mall for more joy and relaxation, and the artificial lakes and fountains had a pleasant aesthetic view that increased the sophistication and luxury of the place.

Iguall Mall building in New Cairo consists of a ground floor and four recurring upper floors. Inside it, it includes many units, administrative offices, shops, and commercial units of different sizes, in addition to a spacious garage that accommodates many cars to preserve the aesthetic view of the project and the safety of your car.

As for the design of Iguall, it came in a new and distinctive form from the outside, keeping pace with the global development that suggests luxury, in addition to its glossy glass façade that reflects the lights, giving it a charming appearance that catches the eye, as well as the use of the finest types of construction and finishing according to international standards. As for the design and finishing of Iguall Mall Cairo The new one from the outside, the real estate developer was keen to choose designs and decorations that made it more distinctive, and commensurate with different high-end tastes.

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you find in Iguall Mall, Fifth Settlement

Unfinished surprises continue in Aegwal Fifth Settlement for the sake of all investors and visitors, and you will enjoy everything that the real estate developer has established for your comfort and well-being, so Upwide has added a lot of wonderful and important services that meet all the requirements and needs of customers and investors, and it has also added a package One of the most enjoyable recreational activities to keep you entertained while you are in the mall.

  • The security system in Iguall came with all its technological development, as a high-quality camera system was used that covers all parts of the project, in addition to that the security personnel are distributed in a way that guarantees security for all units and individuals.
  • Iguall includes halls for holding conferences, seminars, and others for holding parties, which are equipped with the latest audio equipment, screens, and other technological equipment.
  • Iguall New Cairo includes a large gym with all the sports equipment and devices that help you build a perfect body.
  • The real estate developer took care of the children and created a designated area for them that includes many different amusements and games under full supervision to ensure their safety.
  • The mall includes many local and international restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and drinks in the hands of the best chefs.
  • There are plenty of ATMs, so there is no need to leave the project for any reason.
  • To ensure the convenience of customers and avoid overcrowding, all entrances and exits of the mall have been equipped with an automated system.
  • The real estate developer has provided central air conditioning in Iguall, Fifth Settlement, that works automatically to maintain the temperature throughout the day to provide a suitable environment that helps investors get their work done.
  • A commercial area that allows shopping lovers to choose between a wide range of stores for the most famous and important brands in all fields.
  • Iguall Mall in New Cairo also includes a supermarket that provides you with food commodities and daily necessities that you may need.
  • On all floors of Iguall Mall, New Cairo, there is a set of screens to display advertisements, and it also helps you reach your goal with ease.
  • The real estate developer has provided high-speed internet service for all units of Iguall Mall, New Cairo.
  • The real estate developer is interested in providing a lot of services for people with special needs to help them obtain their requirements with ease.

Unique features that you get upon receiving your unit in Iguall Mall

Upwide Company was keen to provide a very distinguished service to all customers and investors of Iguall Mall, and it also sought to make Iguall Mall New Cairo a place for rest and recreation and not only work, through an additional set of features in addition to the endless services provided.

  • Iguall Mall New Cairo includes a large garage that works mechanically to preserve your car and prevent traffic jams.
  • There are electric elevators throughout Iguall Mall in New Cairo, and there are many escalators distributed evenly throughout the mall to facilitate movement between floors and of them.
  • Providing an integrated system that works automatically against fires to save your property from loss.
  • Walking paths in a charming atmosphere interspersed with green patches.
  • There are places equipped for reading lovers in Iguall Upwide, with many books in various fields.
  • A large reception hall has been equipped on every floor inside Iguall Mall, providing services to customers and investors at a sophisticated level befitting them.
  • Iguall Mall operates with a clean energy system to generate electricity to maintain a healthy life within the project.
  • The real estate developer was interested in providing facilities such as bathrooms and others so that you do not have to leave Iguall Mall in New Cairo and waste your time.

Investment units and their various areas within the Fifth Settlement

Iguall Mall New Cairo, that name that carries within it a large investment energy, Upwide Company succeeded in developing it to be a distinctive mark within the Fifth Settlement area and its neighboring areas. It was implemented by skilled consultants and engineers in this field and with the highest standards of accuracy until it became the most integrated investment project in The region has all the success factors for any new project within it, whether administrative, commercial, or medical, in addition to providing many spaces for each type to meet all requirements and capabilities.

  • The administrative units and office space in Iguall New Cairo start from 38 square meters and reach 72 square meters.
  • While the commercial units and shop space start from 60 square meters and reach 237 square meters.
  • There are also pharmacies available for sale with an area of ​​60 square meters.

All the units of Iguall Mall, Fifth Settlement, have many advantages, as each unit has a wonderful view of the aesthetic landscapes spread throughout the land of the project, not to mention the finest and most luxurious interior designs and finishes with a high taste that befits senior businessmen and investors, in addition to providing more than one finishing model for each type. One of the types of units located inside Iguall provided that the administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished, Ultra Super Lux, and as for the commercial units, they are delivered semi-finished.

Advertised unit prices for all units of Iguall Mall New Cairo

It is known that the more capabilities and advantages of what you want to buy, the greater the financial value, in Iguall Mall you will get all the services and features you want, and in addition to that you will enjoy the beauty of nature and harmony that takes you to rest, restore your activity and start your work again.

In addition to providing all the ingredients that help the various modern projects to succeed from a distinguished location and a huge space with international design and equipment, the difference and distinction appeared here and the real estate developer put the customer in the first place and announced the date of receiving the units at unbelievable prices as follows:

  • The price of administrative units and offices starts from 2,193,750 EGP up to 4,158,000 EGP.
  • The prices of the commercial units and shops in Iguall Mall range from 9,695,150 EGP up to 30,454,500 EGP.
  • The price of the pharmacy in Iguall Mall is 11,970,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • An amount of 10% of the total value of the unit is paid as a maintenance deposit.

Payment systems provided by Upwide

Iguall Investment Mall gives its customers and investors a great value for a price in the average of all purchasing capacities, however, the real estate developer has taken care to establish payment facilities and payment systems over long periods of time, so from now on you can own a new high-level administrative, commercial or medical unit very easily.

  • The customer can pay a contract down payment of 5% of the total unit value, then another 5% after three months have passed from the date of the contract, then 5% after two years and a description have passed, provided that the rest of the amount is paid over a period of 4 years.
  • You can also pay a contract down payment of 15% of the total unit price, then pay 5% after two and a half years, and the rest of the unit price is paid over 5 years.
  • A contract down payment of 20% of the total unit value, then 5% after two and a half years have passed from the date of the contract, and the rest of the amount is paid over 6 years.
  • Note that all installments are paid equally over the installment period.

Seize the opportunity and take the initiative to book your unit now in the most prestigious and vital area in Egypt, which is Iguall Mall, New Cairo, and get the largest return on investment in the shortest possible time.

The real estate developer and their most important work

Upwide for Real Estate Investment is the sole developer of Iguall Mall in New Cairo, and it is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East that was established 40 years ago by chairmen of the board of directors who work hard and give in order to reach the customer to a high degree of sophistication and urbanization, and they are Mr. Hani Al-Rifai, CEO of the company, and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid, head of the commercial sector.

In order to complete the circle, the company includes a group of its sons, engineers, and consultants, who were able to implement many successful projects in the most demanding areas, until it gained a lot of the confidence of its customers and increased it more through its interest in the customer after-sales, so it occupies a very large position among many other projects. Rather, on their head.

All Upwide projects have designs on the latest international trends executed with high accuracy, in addition to providing all basic and recreational services that work for the convenience of customers, all of this did not exclude prices, as it is always interested in setting prices and payment plans that are absolutely unparalleled, unlike other companies One of her most important previous projects

  • Granoy Mall, New Cairo.
  • Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Developing the tourist walkway in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Several investment and administrative projects in the 6th of October City.
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