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Wingate Mall New Cairo

Wingate Mall is the most important investment project implemented by Wealth Real Estate Development and Investment Company to serve senior businessmen and investors from all over. Prominent in the New Cairo area, especially the Fifth Settlement, a meeting place for people of good taste.

Wealth has succeeded in providing all the needs and requirements of customers and investors inside Wingate Mall through a variety of services and features that can only be found in such an integrated image through a leading company in its field, in addition to choosing the architectural shape of the mall from the outside to be an eye-catching attraction. To it, as well as international designs executed in a professional style mixed with luxurious decorations.

Wingate includes within it all types of investment units that are suitable for starting all kinds of activities of different sizes, not to mention the wonderful view of the green area and water bodies spread throughout the project that helps you get out of your daily burdens, all of these elements that were provided by the real estate developer and the customer’s comfort and luxury was not possible. And he did not forget to provide competitive prices to the extent that guarantees that you will not bear any burdens.

Wingate Mall, New Cairo
Wingate Mall, New Cairo

Location of Wingate Mall, New Cairo

Wingate Mall occupies a very special location in the vibrant heart of New Cairo, specifically on North Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement. It mediates many high-end residential communities.

The real estate developer was keen to build Wingate Mall in New Cairo near more than one road and a main axis to make it easier for customers and businessmen to reach the project without any fatigue, such as Ain Sokhna Road and the Middle Ring Road, and one of the most important features of the location

  • Wingate is close to many medical and administrative centers in New Cairo.
  • Wingate Mall New Cairo is steps away from Al-Nasayem Hospital and the CMC Corporation.
  • Wingate is a short distance from Mobil Gas Station in New Cairo.
  • It is only 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Wingate Mall is located very close to the American University and the German University.
  • One of the most important commercial projects near Wingate Mall is Egoal and Terrace Mall.
  • You can reach Wingate Mall from Cairo International Airport in just 15 minutes.
  • Wingate Mall is only 12 minutes away from Bin Zayed Corridor, the Corridor of Loyalty and Hope.

The space and design of Wingate Mall, Fifth Settlement

The area of ​​​​Wingate Mall, New Cairo, and the exploitation of every part of it in a professional manner that gives the eyes an aesthetic view and a sense of comfort, to suit the general taste of senior businessmen and investors, and Wingate Mall occupies an area of ​​​​land of about 15,480 square meters, that area was divided between the area on which the mall building is located, The rest is for the various green spaces, artificial lakes, and fountains that give a sense of luxury and sophistication. The mall consists of 6 upper floors divided as follows.

  • Three floors of commercial units of various sizes.
  •  Three more floors for administrative and medical units.

 The first thing that Wealth sought in Wingate Mall is to reach the customer with a unique experience that is unparalleled in any other project by bringing stunning international designs, whether for the mall from the outside or the mall from the inside, with a wonderful mixture with the best finishes and decorations that are consistent with all high tastes, that design Executed by skilled engineers and consultants in this field.

A group of exclusive services that you will get at Wingate Mall New Cairo

One of the most important features of investing in Wingate Mall, New Cairo, is that you will find within it an integrated life that is not limited to work only, and you no longer need to leave the mall for any reason, as everything you need is around you, and you can easily and elegantly meet all your needs, in addition to providing much entertainment means that help you to go out for a while, regain your activity and start your work again, and among the most important services available within Wingate New Cairo

  • Wingate Mall New Cairo is completely covered and the front and back exterior spaces are covered with high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor all internal and external movements security personnel are professionally distributed in every inch inside Wingate to maintain your security and belongings, in addition to that entry and exit from the mall are through electronic gates.
  • The real estate developer has provided ATMs in more than one place within Wingate to facilitate your financial transactions.
  •  The mall includes many shops for various activities, as well as local and international ones, to provide you with all marketing options.
  • Get a fit, athletic body inside the largest gym in Wingate Mall, which is equipped with the latest modern sports equipment and equipment.
  • In Wingate Mall, New Cairo, there are many restaurants that offer delicious food and the best restaurants that serve the most delicious drinks in a wonderful atmosphere.
  • If you are a fan of watching Arab and foreign films, Wingate Mall gives you a special experience through cinemas equipped with the latest means and audio-visual equipment.
  • Providing high-speed internet service to all units of Wingate Mall, Fifth Settlement.
  • Wingate has a maintenance team that performs its work periodically for each part of the project, and they are trained to solve faults in the fastest time and with the highest quality.
  • Cleaning and sterilization work is done periodically throughout the day in order to preserve the health of our customers and investors.
  • The mall includes a large market with all the food commodities and your daily needs that you may need.
  • In Wingate, there are medical clinics equipped to receive clients, equipped with the latest medical equipment, and a distinguished group of doctors in all specialties.
  • The mall contains halls equipped with the latest audiovisual means for holding conferences and meetings, with impressive designs that are suitable for high-ranking visitors.
  • The mall has central air conditioning that automatically adjusts the temperature to make the atmosphere suitable for your work.
  • The real estate developer took care of the project’s infrastructure in order to always maintain the general level and Wingate, and provided all services such as drainage, natural gas, electricity, and water.

The most important features that you will find upon booking your investment unit within Wingate New Cairo

Wealth Real Estate Development Company has provided many exclusive features that all lovers of sophistication and creativity are looking for, which always aim to achieve the highest levels of luxury and relaxation, helping you to raise your performance in the activity you do in order to get your work done in a short time, and one of the most important features announced in Wingate

  • Get enough rest and enjoy the picturesque landscapes represented by the green spaces, artificial lakes, and fountains located in all parts of Wingate.
  • On every floor inside the mall, there are toilets for men and women.
  • Wingate Mall New Cairo has a modern garbage collection and recycling system.
  • In order to keep your business always going without any interruption, the real estate developer has provided a group of generators that operate automatically in the event of any malfunction.
  • In Wingate, New Cairo, a mosque designed in the ancient Islamic style to hold prayers.
  • Wingate has a reception hall that provides all services to help you reach what you seek.
  • A large and secured garage that accommodates large numbers of cars to prevent congestion and preserve the aesthetic view of the project.
  • The real estate developer has provided a lot of escalators in more than one place within Wingate, and there are also modern elevators to make it easier for customers and investors to move between the different floors.

Types and sizes of units offered for sale in Wingate New Cairo

Wingate New Cairo is an integrated project that embraces within it all types of investment units that fulfill all the activities required by investors, and the real estate developer announced that it provides a lot of internal space for each unit in order to find what suits your requirements and capabilities with ease, in addition to having a space designated for storage far from the units in order to You invest all the space in your unit according to your needs.

The developer was also interested in designing and finishing all units with the highest quality in a modern Western style, and Wealth was keen to provide commercial, administrative, and medical units in one place as an integrated community that carries within it all the services that meet all requirements.

The commercial units are delivered semi-finished so that you have complete freedom to choose the finishing that is consistent with the activity presented to it, while the administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished with air conditioners.

  • The space of the commercial units in Wingate Mall, Fifth Settlement, starts from 50 square meters.
  • While the space of the administrative units and offices in the project starts from 58 square meters.
  • There are also medical units of various sizes starting from 58 square meters.
  • All Wingate Mall units will be delivered in 2025.

Advertised unit prices in Wingate Fifth Settlement

Wealth Real Estate Company was keen to present one of the most prominent integrated investment projects in New Cairo with all the elements and means that help you succeed in what you are doing, and announced a competitive price plan, which came as a pleasant surprise to all investors and businessmen, in addition to the presence of many basic and recreational facilities and services that It makes you feel luxury, comfort, and reassurance, which are fully consistent with the announced prices for all Wingate Mall’s commercial, administrative, and medical units. 

  • The price per square meter of commercial units in Wingate Mall, New Cairo, starts from 100,000 EGP.
  • For administrative units and offices, the meter price starts from 50,000 EGP.
  • While the price per meter for the medical units in the northern 90th Wingate starts from 50,000 EGP.

Payment and payment systems provided by Wealth Real Estate Development

Wealth has introduced many payment systems with great facilities for paying cash because customers and investors do not bear large financial burdens, and through it, you can start realizing your dream of an unexpected financial return through which you can reach your goal with ease, and you will also get discounts Huge when you book the unit inside Wingate Mall, New Cairo, during the launch period.

  • The customer can pay a 10% downpayment of the total unit value, and the rest of the unit price via installments over 4 years.
  • You can also pay a contract down payment of 15% of the unit price, and the rest of the unit price via installments over 5 years.
  • It comes as no surprise that there are any maintenance or garage fees.

The real estate developer and their most important previous works

Wealth is the owner and founding company of Wingate Mall, New Cairo, and its investment project was built in this area specifically because it knows well that the Fifth Settlement is the interface of people with good taste, and it presented us with its integrated project that includes all recreational activities and basic services so that it is the perfect choice for you.

Wealth Real Estate has a great experience that extends for more than 22 years since its inception, as it was established in 2002. It is also the authorized agent for Liebherr. Wealth Real Estate enjoys a precedent of success that is characterized by international designs and wonderful interior divisions. Also, the Administrative Capital and launched a huge investment project that attracted the attention of all investors and customers from all over, and one of its most important features is its first and last concern to satisfy the customer in terms of prices and payment plans, and one of its most important previous projects inside and outside Egypt

  • Compound Rixos Resort Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.
  • Noor Mubarak University in Kazakhstan.
  • Gefal Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Extension of Al-Safwa Hospital on the 6th of October.
  • A social residential compound in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • It launched 3 hotel towers in Dubai.
  • A residential compound in the 6th of October City.
  • A medical residential compound in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Green belt project in the 6th of October City.
  • Omar Abbasi Hospital in the Mohandessin neighborhood.
  • Many residential projects in the industrial area.
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