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project name كمبوند ايون مول العرب
unit type بنت هاوس، شقق وفيلات
owner company مراكز للتطوير العقاري
installment systems بدفع العميل 10% مقدم من قيمة الوحدة، وتقسيط باقي المبلغ على مدار 7 سنوات متتالية وبدون فوائد.
location موقع حيوي واستراتيجي في غرب القاهرة وتفصلة مسافة قصيرة عن محور جمال عبد الناصر ويطل البرج على مول العرب وقريب أيضا من نادي نقابة المهندسين

Take advantage of your special opportunity now and book your unit inside Aeon Mall of Arabia and enjoy the finest services and the best prices!

Aeon October Towers is one of the twenty most luxurious towers in the world. It is among the projects of Markez, a leading real estate development company in Egypt, headquartered in Kuwait.
Aeon mall offers you unparalleled service through a high-end living experience that offers a variety of services and multiple facilities.

Aeon Project can achieve the difficult equation through the architectural design, the different residential units in terms of space, the high towers, and the factors of sustainable security for 24 hours, with all that, Aeon Towers offers unparalleled special prices and payment methods for the longest possible period.

AEON Compound Location

Marakez has chosen a special location for its huge project, Aeon Towers Marakez, and due to its vitality and activity, it has chosen that location for it to be very close to the main roads and axes.

The most important features of Aeon Tower 6th of October:

  • Aeon Towers Marakez is located in the west of Cairo, close to the most important roads and main axes.
  • Aeon Compound. is separated by a short distance from the main axis, which is the axis of Gamal Abdel Nasser.
  • Aeon  October Project directly overlooks the Mall of Arabia, as you can reach it within a few minutes.
  • Aeon mall is located next to the biggest club, the Engineers Syndicate Club.
  • Aeon  Very close to Nile University and Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

The space of Aeon Compound 6th of October

The appropriate space was chosen for Aeon Compound, as it is located on a land of about 21 acres, and it consists of four towers, each tower contains a group of residential units of different sizes, each of which consists of 22 floors, and is characterized by a unique architectural design, and these towers are unique with endless enormous characteristics, as they provide the residents with comfort, pleasure and luxury, as all the towers have a stunning panoramic view, which brings comfort, fun and enjoyment of clean air.

Distinctive services available inside Aeon Towers Compound 6th of October

The enormous services within the compound are what distinguishes this residential complex that it provides you with unparalleled ways of life, as it combines the quiet style of life and the modern style at the same time, and among the services provided by the executing company are the following:

  • An international arena that includes a number of restaurants and cafes that are designed according to the latest international models and befitting the owners of high taste inside Aeon October.
  • A special entertainment area for children with all the various games that are appropriate for their ages and are safe for them, ensuring that they spend the best time inside Aeon Towers Marakez.
  • Major entertainment services where there is a health club with a gym with modern equipment for lovers of fitness and muscle building, and a Spa House for lovers of luxury in Aeon  Project.
  • Attention to public security, where security and guarding were set on a large scale at the entrances and exits of Aeon Towers Marakez in order to greatly secure it.
  • A large number of modern surveillance cameras and the latest technologies have been distributed, and they work 24 hours a day inside Aeon Compound.
  • Multi-purpose courts where you can play all your favourite games from football and basketball, and they are fully equipped in Aeon Project.
  • Seating areas have been allocated amidst the green spaces, characterized by calm and serenity, so you can enjoy inside and give you a sense of psychological comfort inside Aeon Marakez.
  • Each housing unit within Aeon Compound has private underground garages, which are designed on the modern parking lift system, which achieves organization in it, and this ensures the preservation of the civilized form and the prevention of overcrowding in Aeon Project.
  • Premium free internet services that work all day within Aeon 6 October project yard and are of the highest quality in Aeon Project.

The features of Aeon Mall of Arabia Compound

  • One of the most important features of the compound is the vast green spaces carefully distributed throughout Aeon Marakez and occupy the largest proportion of its huge space in order to make the most of Aeon Compound.
  • The distinguished geographical location, as it surrounds the main roads and axes, and is close to the most important institutions inside Aeon 6 October.
  • The spread of swimming pools in front of the residential units gives you a great deal of complete privacy and enjoyment of recreational services in Aeon.
  • Artificial lakes of various shapes and sizes are spread in the yards of Aeon Marakez , which achieves a civilized and attractive style in Aeon October.
  • Inside Aeon compound’s courtyards, there is a Club House that includes all the various entertainment services that fulfil your desires.
  • There is a commercial area with a number of supermarkets and hypermarkets that provide you with the necessities and meet the basic needs of the family inside Aeon 6 October.
  • Special tracks for running and walking with a length of at least 800 meters among the green spaces and away from the public road guarantee you freedom and security at the same time.
  • Modern electric elevators with distinctive panoramic views, which are dedicated to each tower, provide you with ease of transportation.
  • A mosque within Aeon project yard with a large space that includes a large number of worshipers to perform the obligatory prayers in Aeon.
  • A distinctive infrastructure that includes many different services within Aeon October project, which preserves the look and aesthetic appearance of Aeon compound.

Book now your special unit and enjoy the most important services and benefits and endless fun inside Aeon Mall of Arabia!

The units within Aeon Tower Project 6th of October, and the most important spaces

Aeon project consists of a group of very high residential towers with multiple spaces, which distinguishes it from other towers as its height reaches 22 floors for each tower, and the most important characteristic of these four towers is that they are connected and separate at the same time, as each tower has green spaces and bathrooms Private swimming pool, but all the towers are connected to each other by a wide walkway.

Aeon October compound contains a variety of residential units, including (apartments, penthouses, and studios) They are 616 units, and the units’ spaces start from 58 square meters to 210 square meters, and the real estate developer has made sure that each unit has different spaces from the other in order to meet your desires and purchasing possibilities.

Prices announced by the real estate developer and payment systems available at Aeon Mall of Arabia

The developer Company, Markaz, was keen that the prices within Aeon October project be distinctive and at the same time suitable for all customers’ capabilities and fulfill all their desires when purchasing an integrated unit inside Aeon Tower, however, it announced distinctive payment plans that enable you to own the unit you desire with ease.

Note that the lowest housing unit within Aeon project, which is the studio, starts from 1,400,000 EGP up to 2,300,000 EGP for the highest studio unit, which is a studio with a space ranging from 58 square meters to 68 square meters, as for units consisting of two rooms, their price ranges from 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and penthouse units start from 20 million Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems announced for owning a distinctive unit inside Aeon Mall of Arabia

You can reserve your special unit on the installment system by paying a 10% down payment of the unit value and in installments the rest of the amount over 7 consecutive years without interest.

For more information, you can contact us!

The real estate developer, marakez Development

Aeon October compound is one of the most important projects set up by Marakez, one of the leading real estate investment companies. It has implemented many huge projects all over Egypt, and since the date of its establishment in 1999 AD, it continues to achieve multiple successes and has become a prominent name in the Egyptian real estate market. It also enjoys extensive experience in this field and has become one of the major competitors in the market, as it is known for its credibility and good reputation from its customers.

Among the most prominent of its previous projects, which achieved great success, are listed below:

  • Mall of Arabia development.
  • District Compound.


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