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project name Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed
unit type Townhouses, apartments and villas
owner company Emaar
installment systems The customer pays 5% down payment and the rest paid in installments over 8 years
location In Sheikh Zayed, in the best strategic locations, which is the Dabaa axis, 13 minutes from Al-Faraj Road, 15 minutes from Al-Dabaa Road and 1.5 km from Beverly Hills

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Emaar launched its luxurious project within the most prestigious cities and named it belle vie egypt. It has designed elegant and luxurious European-style designs that have a distinctive luster, in order to guarantee its residents luxury and sophistication, and it always seeks to develop communities and redefine living standards with high quality and puts your needs and aspirations in the first place. the first in Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed.

The company chose the distinguished location of belle vie emaar Compound, as it is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, and it is one of the integrated residential complexes, which includes all the services needed by the residents in addition to the recreational services that make life better, in addition to its views that the units enjoy, and the spread of water bodies that give an atmosphere of calm and relaxation within Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed.

The location of Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed

The best strategic location, which is the Dabaa axis, has been chosen for the construction of Belle vie egypt the heart of Sheikh Zayed, as it has a direct view of the Dabaa axis with the desert intersection, and it is 1.5 km away from Beverly Hills.

The most important features of Belle Vie Project Sheikh Zayed

  • Belle vie emaar Project is close to the most famous roads, specifications, specifications, and road. Al-Faraj Road is only 13 minutes away, Al-Dabaa Road is about a quarter of an hour, and the Green Belt Road is only 17 minutes away.
  • Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed directly overlooks the most important road, which is the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The distance between the compound and Beverly Hills is more than 1.5 km.
  • vie belle project is close to the most important axes of the 6th of October, which is the 26th of July axis.
  • Belle vie emaar Compound is a short distance of about 20 km from the traditional roads in Cairo.
  • Tahrir Square is about 28 km away.

The space of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed

Emaar, the real estate developer, was keen to choose the appropriate space for vie belle project, as it occupies a space of 500 acres, and a suitable part has been allocated to create stunning landscapes, gardens, and parks that surround the compound from all sides, providing comfort within your unit, and another part of vie belle project has been identified for constructions and buildings that include a number of different units in terms of spaces and types.

Services available within Belle Vie Project Sheikh Zayed

Belle vie new zayed contains a huge number of services that you could not find anywhere else, as the owner company has provided everything you are looking for within this project, including these services:

  • There are strict services available within Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed, as security and guards have been set, which are available 24 hours a day, to secure Belle vie new zayed compound.
  • Distinguished medical services within Emaar belle vie project, including a pharmacy, which has all preparations and medicines available throughout the day.
  • Full attention to the educational aspect. Educational facilities are represented by international schools and universities, which have the best and most highly qualified teachers in Belle Vie.
  • Within the project yard, there is the largest sports club that allows you to enjoy activities and sports in Belle Vie Compound.
  • A range of sports fields, such as a football field, a squash court, and tennis, as well as a field where different sports can be played inside Belle Vie.
  • A service area with major cafes and fine restaurants serving delicious food and a variety of drinks.
  • Many commercial malls contain international brands, making it easy for all residents to reach them because they are located directly in front of Belle Vie towers.
  • Covered garages are designed for each unit in which any unit owner can park their cars.
  • Belle Vie includes a health club designed in a modern way, in addition to a jacuzzi and a spa house for beauty lovers, with the latest and most advanced equipment.
  • Safe play areas to entertain the children residing inside the compound with all the games suitable for them in Belle Vie Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Work has been done to provide many facilities that provide various services, such as a store that sells all goods, a bakery, a beauty salon for women, and a laundry within Belle Vie Compound.

The most important unique features of Belle Vie Project

  • The strategic location on which the project is located is one of the most unique features of Emaar belle vie compound, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes, which enables you to easily reach anywhere else.
  • Enjoying swimming in Urban Beach, available to all residents, which distinguishes the project from others.
  • The units within Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed enjoy unparalleled decorations inspired by the modern world style.
  • Open spaces for hiking in the fresh air or enjoying cycling, and has wide paths for walking and running.
    Spectacular gardens with artificial water fountains, which are designed in the latest styles, and ultimately reflect a view of the top of beauty in Belle Vie.
  • Work has been done to provide the scenic landscape that surrounds belle vie compound, which is represented by green spaces and water bodies from lakes and water fountains that operate throughout the day.
  • Shops and administrative offices in order to provide all purposes and services to the residents inside Belle Vie Compound.
  • Inside belle vie compound, a lake was designed with a wonderful modern design, occupying about 450 square meters.
  • Periodic maintenance of the various units and facilities, as well as cleaning services throughout the week within Belle Vie.
  • A number of swimming pools designed to suit all residents, in various shapes and sizes.
  • There are areas for barbecue parties in the middle of the gardens, and there are other areas for holding various parties such as birthdays in Belle Vie.
  • The landscape occupies a large space and gives a wonderful view of belle vie compound, which achieves psychological comfort and relaxation.

The units available within Belle Vie Project and the most important spaces

Belle vie new zayed compound includes distinct units that differ from each other in terms of spaces and types, as it consists of a ground floor topped by three other floors, varying between (apartments, townhouses, independent villas, and twin villas), and diversification has been made between them to suit the desires of all customers and conform to their needs, especially with the opportunity for them to choose from a wide range of spaces according to their capabilities in Belle Vie.

As for the spaces of the apartment units, they generally range from 75 square meters up to 213 square meters up to 215 square meters and vary among themselves in terms of the number of rooms. There are Townhouse Middle units starting from 194 square meters up to 200 square meters, and Town Corner starts from 200 up to 284 square meters inside Belle Vie, and there are standalone villas starting from 204 square meters up to 527 square meters, as for duplexes, it starts from 164 square meters up to 260 square meters inside Belle Vie Compound.

While noble units start with a space of ​​278 square meters, forte units have a space of ​​492 square meters, and Icon units start from 253 square meters.

Prices announced by the real estate developer

The prices offered for these units are in line with the number of services and advantages that Emaar belle vie offers you, as it offers you a different and sophisticated lifestyle that you will not find anywhere else, and an opportunity to start a better future for you and your family in the best location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed and the prices start in the project as follows:

The price of apartments starts from 4,300,000 EGP up to 5,200,000 EGP and consists of 2 to 3 rooms, while townhouses start from 8,800,000 EGP up to 9,400,000 EGP and includes 3 rooms in Belle Vie, while Noble units start from 14,900,000 EGP, while forte units It starts from 34,000,000 EGP, and Icon units amount to about 13,700,000 EGP within Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed.

Payment methods announced by the real estate developer to own a unit within the project

The most affordable payment system that all customers are looking to find has been implemented and is already available within Belle vie zayed, which allows customers to pay the unit price in installments over 8 years, provided that a reservation downpayment starts from only 5% of the total price, meaning that the customer will be able to pay for the unit comfortably without any trouble in Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed.

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Real Estate Developer – Emaar Development

Emaar is the real estate developer of the luxurious Belle Vie zayed Project and has more than 15 years of experience in completing many large projects. Its projects are always distinguished by the sophistication and the most beautiful destinations in the Egyptian market, and it is always looking forward to becoming the first provider of the lifestyle community in Egypt, and thus aims to continue to maintain its great position in the Egyptian real estate market, and Emaar has carried out many huge projects inside and outside Egypt that have achieved the best successes and became one of the developers who have extensive experience and compete with the largest real estate companies.

The most important projects that she created and achieved success:

Large projects outside Egypt presented by the company:

  • Tower Khalifa
  • Boutique Hotel Dubai City
  • Dubai Opera District
  • Presidential Rest House Dubai
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