Bluebay Jory – Bluebay Jory Ain Sokhna

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project details

project name Bluebay Jory
unit type chalets
owner company Marseilia Company
installment systems Flexible payment systems starting from 5% down payment and up to 20% repayment savings from 3 years to 6 years
location A charming and picturesque location in the heart of Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea, 65 km from Hurghada and only 80 minutes from New Cairo. Blue Bay Asia is located about 140 km from Cairo on Zafarana Road.

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Enjoy luxury in the best tourist resort in Ain Sokhna with vast green spaces and life near the sea.. all this and more in Bluebay jory

Bluebay Jory Ain Sokhna occupies the first place as it is the most requested area by customers and visitors, as it is the third phase of Bluebay Sokhna Project, and that is, it has great commercial and recreational services, making it the first choice for those who want to own a unit in Ain Sokhna is for enjoying holidays throughout the seasons, and therefore many consider it one of the best tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna.

This amazing resort is one of the projects of Marseilia Group that it recently launched, and it includes a group of distinctive units and chalets that directly overlook the sea and with distinctive facades, and the developer has provided distinctive and unbeatable prices to facilitate you to choose the right unit for you with the highest level of excellence and luxury.

The location of Bluebay Jory

Bluebay Jory is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna, which overlooks the Red Sea, where the privileged location was chosen to be an unparalleled summer destination throughout the year, it also links the most important main roads and is close to the most luxurious and famous tourist resorts, as all units overlook the sea directly, and that is one of the most important advantages it enjoys.

The advantages of Bluebay Jory are as follows:

  • Bluebay Jory is located at a distance of 65 km from Hurghada-Cairo Road, which makes it easy for you to quickly move to and from it with ease.
  • Bluebay Jory Resort Ain Sokhna directly overlooks the largest sea, the Red Sea.
  • Bluebay Jory is only 80 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • Bluebay Jory is located about 140 kilometers from Cairo on Zaafarana Road.
  • Bluebay Jory is also 45 minutes away from New Administrative Capital.
  • Bluebay Jory is close to the major tourist villages, including the coastal marina.
  • Bluebay Jory is also minutes away from Suez Road, and the Red Sea.

Bluebay Jory Ain Sokhna space

The resort is classified as one of the most prominent resorts and tourist villages in Ain Sokhna, and it offers its guests an ideal level of luxury in addition to many unique activities that you can do during your vacation.

The owner company was keen to choose the most suitable place for it, as it was built on a very large space of 243,600 square meters, including a number of residential buildings from luxury chalets, in addition to the green spaces and picturesque landscapes that surround it from all directions, which gives Bluebay Jory resort beauty and gives its residents psychological comfort and recreation.

Enjoy the services provided by Bluebay Resort Ain Sokhna

One of the things that helped greatly in the success of Bluebay Jory is the services provided within the resort that meet all the needs of visitors and owners, including:

  • A golf course inside Bluebay Jorywas designed by one of the most famous offices in the design of golf courses in the world, and it has all the necessary equipment.
  • Lots of other entertainment services at Bluebay Jory, such as the most famous restaurants and cafes, in addition to places to go out and party places that you can enjoy in a wonderful atmosphere.
  • Sports facilities at Bluebay Jory and academies to practice tennis, running, football, and many different sports
  • Inside Bluebay Jory Hospitals and health units with a high level of equipment, as well as the presence of mosques, pharmacies, and a veterinary clinic for animal lovers.
  • A luxury shopping center in Bluebay Jory for shopping lovers that enables you to buy inside Bluebay Jory Resort Ain Sokhn with ease without leaving it,
  • A water play area and a yacht marina, as well as a center for diving, various activities, and cruises within Bluebay Jory.
  • Aqua Park inside Bluebay Jory entertainment area where you can spend the best fun times.
  • Within Bluebay Jory Ain Sokhn, there is a hotel with the highest level of distinctive services, with
  • Housekeeping service, and it has fully equipped rooms at Bluebay Jory.
  • Malls and major stores at Bluebay Jory provide you with all the requirements of the highest international brands and brands that help you shop with ease without going out of its scope.
  • A large health club imside Bluebay Jory that includes gyms with the latest equipment, a Spa House, a Jacuzzi, and distinctive sauna rooms, which enable you to relax and enjoy recreational services.
  • High-speed Internet services with modern technologies that work throughout the day and continuously.
  • A distinctive infrastructure with all the services that help customers within Bluebay Ain Sokhn.
  • Each unit within Bluebay Jory resort has elevators for each unit.

The features of BlueBay Jory Resort

  • The resort is distinguished by its presence in one of the best places on the Red Sea, where the beaches are blue, the white sand is abundant and the landscapes that you will not find anywhere in the world except Bluebay Resort.
  • The design was done with the help of the most famous architectural design offices in the world, where the design is based on the Italian, Greek, and French architectural styles to appear to us in a creative and beautiful form.
  • You can go to the natural beaches and enjoy them, or use one of the best lakes and swimming pools designed creatively.
  • Stunning views and wonderful green spaces in order to enjoy the beauty of nature, where the large space allowed the presence of a large spot of these spaces.
  • Beauty salons for more entertainment, beauty lovers.
  • Attractive artificial lakes and waterfalls designed in the latest international styles make you feel comfortable and relaxed in that place.
  • Wide underground garages that are sufficient for a large number of cars for the residents of Bluebay Jory resort.
  • A children’s area with all kinds of fun games.
  • Bluebay Jory resort also has a forested area for all adventurous activities.
  • An area for photography lovers and capturing the best entertainment shots.
  • A lake has a number of colorful fish that you can enjoy looking at.
  • Long waterway where you can enjoy the best times and recreation in the clean fresh air.

Special prices inside Bluebay Ain Sokhna and the most important payment methods

Marseilia offers a variety of prices for owning units in this resort, as the unit prices range from 1,100,000 up to 1,550,000 EGP, and these prices are the most appropriate at all in this distinctive coastal area and compared to the huge amount of distinguished services that the residents will receive, and you can contract to own the different units in the Bluebay Resort and pay and pay for more than one system put forward by the contracting company.

Distinctive units and the most important spaces within Bluebay Jory Ain Sokhna

Bluebay Jory is one of the resorts with a special character that many Ain Sokhna lovers recommend, because it has a special character and is designed in a modern architectural way, which makes you enjoy the summer vacation and enjoy all the entertainment in it. It also includes several types of luxury chalets that are unique with very splendid views of the sea with its blue waters and white sand that gives you an atmosphere of enjoying life and recreation in the open air.

The spaces of the units start from 40 square meters up to 105 square meters, and they are fully finished and the latest finishes that suit the residents of the resort, as well as the best recreational services at the Bluebay Jory Resort.

The most important payment systems announced by the company that owns the project

  • You can pay a 5% downpayment and the rest in installments over 3 years.
  • Or a 10% downpayment is to be paid, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 4 years.
  • Or you can pay a 15% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.
  • Or pay a 20% downpayment with the rest in installments over 6 years without any interest.

For more information, you can contact us!

The real estate developer

Marseilia Company is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established in 2001 and since that date, it has been working hard in establishing and developing many major projects throughout Egypt, it has a permanent slogan, which is “Together we sing to build a life” and it is considered a product of the largest companies contributing to investment, tourism and contracting activities.

It has extensive experience in real estate development, as it has diversified between projects, establishing tourist resorts, shopping centers, and huge residential projects, all of them have achieved the highest standards of quality and complete perfection, and enjoy great fame and reputation throughout the Arab world, and have become one of the companies seeking more safe investment and a wide urban renaissance.

The company is owned by a group of client men who have risen and expanded, and they are as follows:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors Sami Abdel Rahim Fouad Abdel Raouf.
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yasser Ali Ahmed Ragab.
  • Board member Youssef Mohamed Fayez Ahmed Al-Sharafi.
  • Board member Sherif Mohamed Abdel Aziz Selim.
  • Board Member Ahmed Fouad Hassanein.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Mohamed Fathallah Mohamed El-Sayed.

It has many previous projects that have achieved tremendous success, and other current projects, the most important of which are:

  • Marseille Resort 1
  • Marseille Resort 2
  • Marseille Matrouh
  • Marseilia Beach 1
  • Marseilia Beach 2
  • Marseilia Beach 3
  • Marseilia Beach 4

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