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East Lane New Cairo Mall

Urbnlanes Developments launched its latest investment project, East Lane Mall, which is located in the most important and prestigious new city, Fifth Settlement, that vital area that is always targeted by people of good taste, and it occupies a very special location that contributes to the success of your investment immediately, in addition to containing many services and features that help you meet your requirements and create a wonderful atmosphere that also helps you harmony and relaxation to restore your activity and vitality.

Enjoy the beauty of nature in East Lane Fifth Settlement, represented by water bodies of all kinds and attractive shapes, and vast green spaces that wrap around the mall to breathe clean fresh air, as well as choose the best designs and decorations executed by major companies in the latest western style that suits the high taste of senior businessmen and investors.

East LaneMall is a perfect real opportunity to start any new investment activity that gives you all the choices of the announced units to find ones that are consistent with your activity and the space you imagine, with prices and payment plans that are comparable to other investment projects in the region.

Where is East Lane Mall located?

Urbnlanes Developments has succeeded in choosing East Lane’s location to be an easily accessible target that can be reached from all parts without bearing any burdens due to its proximity to most of the new strategic roads, and it also enjoys a very lively and upscale location that has proven its importance in recent times, as it is a meeting place for people of good taste that guarantees investors the constant influx of visitors.

Where East Lane is located on southern Teseen Street in Fifth Settlement, a city famous for its luxury, which includes within it a lot of residential, investment, commercial, and other very important projects, and East Lane is located near all the recreational and basic service areas, which gave the mall location the utmost importance, so Urbnlanes Developments was keen to include in its new project all these wonderful features, which also include the following:

  • East Lane Mall, New Cairo, is located near the Suez-Ain Sokhna Road, the Middle Ring Road, and Al-Amal Axis.
  • East Lane is just a few steps away from the American University, Future University.
  • It is only 30 minutes away from New Administrative Capital.
  • One of the most important projects near East Lane New Cairo, which is populated with residents, is Greya Compound, State Compound.
  • East Lane, Fifth Settlement, is close to the Air Hospital.

Space and design of East Lane New Cairo Mall

The total space that East Lane occupies is estimated at 5,000 square meters, that space showed the real estate developer’s ingenuity in exploiting it to ensure all residents comfort and tranquility while enjoying the most beautiful scenic views, services, and entertainment means, so that space was divided between the space of ​​the mall building and the green spaces that wrap around the entire project, which came with delightful designs and shapes, and the large landscape, in addition to the water lakes and fountains that suggest the sophistication of the place and the luxury that you can only find in East Lane Fifth Settlement.

East Lane consists of a ground floor and four upper floors, and the real estate developer excelled in dividing the mall from the inside to occupy the largest number of units of different sizes while keeping partitions to give investors and customers more calm and privacy to help them focus on their work, so the mall was divided from the inside as follows:

  • The ground and first floors of East Lane Mall include shops.
  • For administrative units and offices, it starts from the second floor and ends with the fourth floor.
  • A large plaza area in East Lane Fifth Settlement has been allocated for restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • The management and operation of East Lane Mall, New Cairo, has been entrusted to the famous Enova Company, which also manages Al-Futtaim Group.

Submitted by Urbnlanes Developments in cooperation with Engineer Raef Fahmy, who is well-known for his previous successes, with the highest quality and most accurate standards, and this interest appeared in every detail of East Lane, which is a painting rich in components and attractive elements represented in the luxurious, glossy, heat-reflecting facades mixed with calm natural colors, the facades of the place not only presents an external image that is visually distinct from other places but also provides a distinct atmosphere and atmosphere that distinguishes itself from competitors. As for the interior finishes, it came according to the latest international trends in the field of decoration, and it is implemented with the latest technology methods so that it does not have an error rate to suit those with good taste and those looking for exclusivity and distinction.

Enjoy a range of exclusive services that you find in East Lane

If you are looking for basic and recreational facilities and services, you will find in East Lane all that you are looking for in terms of shops, children’s play areas, landscaping, and other distinctive facilities, here you will feel that you do not need to leave the project because it provides you with all the basic services that you may need, and it is presented in a luxurious manner that enables you to supply all your needs with ease.

  • The security system in East Lane New Cairo came with all its technological development, including high-quality surveillance cameras, and security personnel trained to deal with emergencies, and the security coverage in the project takes place 24 hours a day.
  • Entry and exit from East Lane are through electronic gates for added security.
  • East Line Mall has an integrated maintenance team that performs its work periodically to maintain the continuity of work in the project at the highest level.
  • East Lane New Cairo works with the smart facility system by providing automatic air conditioning to maintain the temperature inside the mall, and a modern lighting system.
  • All units of the project are equipped with a central shower, to support your well-being.
  • East Lane Mall includes a group of cafes and restaurants of the highest quality, and its services are provided by the best chefs.
  • Many ATMs so you do not have to leave the project.
  • Large halls in East Lane are equipped with the latest audio-visual technology for holding conferences and meetings. It is also designed with a sophisticated taste befitting the social level of senior businessmen and investors.
  • Major telecom companies have been contracted to provide all units within East Lane with high-speed internet service.
  • Happy times your child spends in East Lane Mall, where a recreational area has been allocated for them with many recreational activities and entertaining games, and it is characterized by bright colors and is attractive to the child to make beautiful and unforgettable memories.
  • A unique shopping experience that you will enjoy in East Lane, as the mall is equipped with a wide range of local shops and a group of international brands that give you all the options.
  • The hypermarket also provides you with all the commodities that you may need in your daily life.

Unique features that you will get upon receiving your unit in East Lane Mall New Cairo

In its new investment project, East Lane, Urbnlanes Developments relies on discrimination and is keen to provide all the requirements and well-being of investors, so it has taken care to add another set of unique features, which also contribute to managing your business in a calm atmosphere full of positive elements, the most important of which:

  • The entire East Lane enjoys the most beautiful view of vast green spaces, artificial lakes, and dancing fountains, all of which add to the luxury and sophistication of the place.
  • A large garage to preserve the cars of customers and investors.
  • Providing many escalators and elevators with panoramic facades to facilitate movement between floors.
  • The mall includes a large hall equipped to receive visitors and help them to reach their goals.
  • The real estate developer has been interested in creating a high-quality infrastructure in East Lane, including electricity, natural gas, sewage, and a water network designed at the highest levels to ensure its long-term safety.
  • Generators in the project generate power in the event of a power outage.
  • A fire security system that triggers an alarm in case of an emergency.
  • East Lane includes an integrated team for maintenance work, which provides its services periodically to maintain all facilities.
  • In East Lane, there are outdoor seating areas.

Investment units and their various spaces within East Lane

East Lane Mall has a variety of commercial and administrative units, which come in different sizes to suit all activities, and all units enjoy a wonderful view of the landscape and artificial lakes, in addition to the impressive interior designs provided by Urbnlanes Developments with the help of major companies specialized in this field.

It has worked to ensure that the interior designs are modern European with international touches of a sophisticated and luxurious character, suitable for all tastes, in order to provide you with a high level befitting your position, and all offices and administrative units are delivered fully finished with air conditioners and facilities, while all commercial units are delivered in a semi-finished system so that the customer can add his own vision in the place and appropriate to the nature of the activity he wants.

  • The administrative units and office space in East Lane start from 55 square meters.
  • Also, the commercial unit space starts from 55 square meters.

Unit prices and payment systems announced for all units of East Lane Mall

The prices of the units announced in East Lane New Cairo Mall varied according to the unit size and type, and the real estate developer’s keenness to provide competitive prices that help all investors to own a new commercial or administrative unit in the most vital areas in New Cairo, bearing in mind that these prices are unparalleled compared to all the services and advantages provided by the real estate developer, as the unit meter price in East Lane Fifth Settlement starts from 65,000 EGP.

And for more exclusive surprises within East Lane, the real estate developer presented a very comfortable installment system over a long period of time, as you do not bear any additional financial burdens, as the customer can book a new unit in East Lane by paying only 10% of the total unit value as a contract advance, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 6 years.

The real estate developer and his most important work

The ownership and implementation of East Lane Mall, New Cairo, belongs to Urbnlanes Developments, which was established in 1994 AD, with about thirty years of experience in this field. It is owned by businessman Emile Abdullah, who is well-known for establishing high-rise towers in the State of Kuwait. It also has many previous projects in all real estate fields in Egypt, with a very huge investment volume that reaches more than From 10 billion Egyptian pounds, and the company includes four other companies working in more than one field, and it includes a huge group of engineers, consultants, and workers, numbering 3,600 working hands in order to raise the level of its customers to the highest levels of luxury and sophistication.

Thanks to the projects it has presented in recent times, Urbnlanes Developments has been able to occupy a very high position among other companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and all its projects enjoy providing the best international designs and finishes implemented with the most accurate modern standards that attract people of good taste, in addition to the privileges and services that you will have within what you do, in addition to that it always works to gain the trust of its customers and not bear any burdens, so you will always find that profit is the last thing you think about.

Among its most important previous projects:

  • AUM The American University in Kuwait, which is the largest university in the Middle East.
  • Levels Business Tower New Capital.
  • Building economic and governmental institutions in Kuwait, such as the Ministry of Finance.
  • The company specializes in projects related to the royal family in the State of Kuwait.
  • Handing over more than 60 projects and 20 towers with heights exceeding 40 floors.
  • Delivery of multi-use buildings in Sheraton, Maadi, and Mokattam, Egypt.
  • It owns many areas in Fifth Settlement, specifically Teseen Street.


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