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project name Edelma Sahl Hasheesh
unit type Studios, penthouses, chalets and apartments
owner company Anchor Development
installment systems The customer pays 15% of the unit value in advance, and the rest is paid over a full 7 years.
location On the Red Sea coast on the Red Sea coast on the Red Sea coast in the heart of the wonderful city of Sahl Hasheesh, it is a short distance from the beautiful tourist promenade that extends for about 12 km on the seashore,

Enjoy a special world of magic and beauty in Edelma Sahl Hasheesh

Looking for the most unique tourist areas in Egypt? Sahl Hasheesh is a great choice for travelers interested in the fresh air, sunshine, beach exercise, and scenic views.

Here in Edelma Tourist Resort, you will find all that and more. Inside it, you will feel the true meaning of living a life of luxury and well-being, and this project has many of the various ingredients for success that make it always your first destination for a wonderful vacation full of calm and privacy.

The uniqueness in Edelma Resort begins with the beautiful designs of international standards on which it was built, as it simulates the most luxurious major projects in terms of beauty and sophistication.

This distinction extends to the units designed in a wonderful modern way and makes you live in an atmosphere of enjoying this unique combination of green spaces and the picturesque beach that the entire resort overlooks. Book your unit now and enjoy a luxurious life in the heart of Sahl Hasheesh within a unit specially designed for your comfort.

The unique location of Edelma Sahl Hasheesh Resort

The executing company chose a distinctive strategic location for its new project on the Red Sea coast, where the project enjoys the most beautiful view of the pure seawater and the soft white sand, which provided the project with all the elements of comfort, calm, and luxury away from the crowds, noise, and sources of pollution.

Edelma Resort is located in the heart of the wonderful city of Sahl Hasheesh, it is a short distance from the beautiful tourist promenade that extends for about 12 km on the seashore, which connects a number of different villages and resorts within the city, and this promenade contains a large number of luxury hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and other vital facilities.

In addition to the presence of Edelma Sahl Hasheesh near the distinguished tourist landmark (Arrival Piazza), which contains a number of buildings with modern architectural design and decorated in a distinctive way that creates an atmosphere of romance and tranquility in the place, as well as several other places with an attractive aesthetic form dedicated to photography, as well as the presence of areas to hold weddings and various events inside this landmark.

The proximity to these areas and other vital and important places certainly increases the promising investment opportunities in it.

The pleasure life you deserve is waiting for you inside Edelma Resort Sahl Hasheesh

If you are looking for comfort, beauty, luxury, and tranquility in a coastal resort and a different life, then Edelma Resort Sahl Hasheesh is the one that will achieve everything you wish and search for, It is a charming place overlooking the Red Sea in a breathtaking view to see the pure turquoise water that harmonizes with the golden sands and the colors of the clear sky in a divine natural palette that refreshes hearts and relaxes souls, and we will mention in the following some of the features that are offered within this upscale resort:

  • Anchor Development, the executing company, scrutinized the selection of an excellent strategic location for the construction of the Edelma Resort, which overlooks several areas of important importance and is intended by many residents.
  • This unique tourist resort has many delightful landscapes formed by a mixture of the ornate green spaces spread throughout Edelma Project and the very beautiful azure beach that the project overlooks.
  • Edelma Hurghada carries distinctive international designs, as all units overlook various water spaces, whether it is the seashore or the swimming pools located inside the place, or they overlook both.
  • Providing a large number of swimming pools of varying sizes to suit all ages.
  • Allocate different places and spaces for holding barbecues and equip them with all the necessary tools.
  • A distinguished tourist walkway inside the Edelma Resort enables you to enjoy exercise in the morning in an atmosphere of calm and mental serenity.
  • This project also holds a number of different shops that meet all the needs of you and your family.

A selection of services was provided at Edelma Sahl Hasheesh

Fun, luxury, and well-being you will find in Edelma Resort, which is considered one of the finest resorts in Hurghada. Its distinctive name indicates a beauty worth discovering, as it is a beautiful place that looks like a small oasis in the heart of Sahl Hasheesh. Here we will present the distinguished services available in the project:

  • Providing a group of restaurants and cafes that offer the best international and Egyptian food and drinks to enjoy your meal in the fresh air and the beautiful view.
  • In addition to the presence of a large underground garage that can accommodate a large number of cars, which prevents crowding in Edelma Hurghada and is also fully secured to provide the necessary protection for residents’ properties.
  • Security and protection are the most important factors available at the highest level.
  • The company that owns Edelma Sahl Hasheesh resort has provided trained security personnel and surveillance cameras deployed around the clock to monitor all movements in the place.
  • The presence of an integrated maintenance center within the village that serves all units and facilities to always protect them from any damage.
  • Dedicated places for reception services that work all the time to help residents and answer their questions.
  • Providing housekeeping service continuously.

Hurry now to book your unit in Edelma Sahl Hasheesh to enjoy all the luxury and services that help you live at a high level and enjoy a summer life full of happiness and fun.

The various units and their space within Edelma Resort

This touristic icon was built on a large space to hold more than 85 residential units, ranging from chalets, apartments, penthouses, and studios of different sizes.

Edelma Resort consists of several buildings, each of which has 3 floors, and a private elevator that serves the residents of the building, in addition to several apartments with bedrooms ranging from one to two rooms, and some units also include private swimming pools to ensure the required privacy for you and your family.

The owner company of Edelma aims to the convenience of the customer and fulfilling all his desires, it has worked to provide several residential spaces within Edelma Resort, starting from 47 square meters, and they will be delivered to the customer with a modern, fully finished system to bear the burden of equipment and finishes.

The available prices and payment systems

The company executing the project provides units within Edelma Resort at reasonable prices, and with different payment methods that suit its valued customers, as follows:

  • Units prices inside Edelma Project start from 700,000 EGP.
  • As for the payment system, the customer pays 15% of the unit value in advance, and the rest is paid over a full 7 years.
  • In addition to an 8% maintenance deposit.
  • The units will be delivered after 3 years from the date of construction, i.e. the year 2024.

So book your unit in the best places in Sahl Hasheesh, the area that provides a distinguished and wonderful life and a unique standard of living worthy of all people, so that you can go to it anytime you want throughout the year.

The Owner Company of Edelma Hurghada, Anchor Development

Since the establishment of this company, it has been trying hard to provide the best various engineering projects in the Egyptian market to compete with the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. Indeed, it has succeeded in providing a number of successful architectural works in several places, including the 6th of October, Sahl Hasheesh, and Sheikh Zayed.

It was also not satisfied with building various projects only, as it also provides a variety of services in the field of real estate such as financial support, engineering consultancy, and other works that increase its progress and superiority in this field. Among the important projects that the company has implemented are:

  • Up Villa Compound 6th of October.
  • Red Crawl Resort Sahl Hasheesh.
  • Atrium Mall Sheikh Zayed.
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