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project name El Shorouk Springs Compound
unit type Townhouse, Twin House, Apartments and Villas
owner company El Nasr Contracting Company, known as Hassan Allam
installment systems The customer pays an advance of 15% and pays 15% within 3 years 5% each year and the rest is paid within 7 years
location In the heart of Al Shorouk city behind Total station, 10 minutes from New Cairo, it is also close to my city and the smart village and a few minutes from the biggest famous clubs, Al Shorouk Club and Heliopolis Club.

Own a distinctive unit at the best prices and the finest international finishes inside El Shorouk Springs Compound!

El Shorouk Springs project is considered one of the best and most prestigious residential compounds located in the most famous cities in Cairo, which is the city of El Shorouk, a charming city characterized by wide and paved roads that bring a large number of cities closer. El Shorouk Springs Compound is one of the residential achievements proposed by the most famous real estate development companies in Egypt, namely Al-Nasr General Contracting, famous in the name of Hassan Allam, as the compound includes a large and varied number of residential units, which meets the desires and capabilities of a large segment of customers in El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam.

The units in El Shorouk Springs Compound are designed in the latest international models that give it an attractive luster, and it has the latest finishes that are unmatched in any other project, and it also enjoys the best distinctive prices that suit all customers and are in line with their purchasing capabilities. Therefore, the company has provided convenient payment methods to facilitate owning the units inside El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam.

Springs El Shorouk compound location

El Shorouk Springs Compound is unique in its wonderful location, which the real estate developer was keen to provide when establishing the project, as it is located directly on the Suez Road, and what increases the importance of this project in the eyes of investors is that it is near the main roads such as Al-Hurriya Road within El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam.

The most important features of Springs El Shorouk location

  • Few minutes from the most famous city, which is New Cairo.
  • El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam compound is located behind the most famous main station, Total Station.
  • El Shorouk Springs is separated by a short distance from the second gate of Madinaty, and it is also a short distance from the Smart Village.
  • Springs El Shorouk is distinguished by its location just minutes away from the biggest and most famous clubs, namely El Shorouk Club and Heliopolis Club.
  • El Shorouk Springs project is close to the best educational services represented by international schools, institutes, and universities.

The space of ​​Springs El Shorouk Project

El Shorouk Springs residential project was established on a vast space to ensure the inclusion of a huge number of services that meet the needs of the residents, green spaces, gardens, parks, and distinctive landscapes that surround the project from all sides, and a space has also been allocated for buildings and construction within El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam, as it is located on a space of about 150 acres, and it also includes a number of different units in terms of spaces and types, as they are designed with the finest building materials.

The special services provided by Springs El Shorouk City Project

Hassan Allam Holding has been keen to provide a huge number of services, whether recreational or basic, in order to provide the desire and needs of many customers in El Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam, and these services are as follows:

  • A huge health club, containing a spacious gym and containing the latest sports equipment to ensure you the best level of performance, and what distinguishes the club is that it contains a training staff at the highest level in El Shorouk Springs Compound.
  • Under each unit there is a car park, a special space has been allocated to accommodate a large number of cars, and it is fully secured within El Shorouk Springs.
  • Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day, which provides them with a completely safe environment, and many customers are interested in providing the service, and this means obtaining the highest degree of protection for the population.
  • Barbecue and party venues have been allocated amidst the green spaces, so you can enjoy the outdoors inside El Shorouk Springs Compound amidst the enchanting nature.
  • Track for walking and enjoying walking and running in the middle of green spaces and gardens, with a track dedicated to all cycling lovers, away from the road for cars.
  • An area that includes luxury restaurants and a number of various cafes, which meets the wishes of the residents of the compound and many of those who frequent this integrated city inside El Shorouk Springs Compound.
  • El Shorouk Springs Project has a number of modern electric elevators that allow you to move easily between floors.
  • An infrastructure that includes a number of services including water, electricity, and natural gas, which ensures the complex’s attractive urban look in El Shorouk Springs Compound.
  • Free internet services that work with the best modern technologies that serve the residents and residents of the compound.

The most important features of Springs El Shorouk

  • One of the unique features of the project is that it is located in the best locations that connect to the most important roads and main axes in El Shorouk Springs Project.
  • Springs El Shorouk is also unique in that it contains a number of pharmacies and medical centers, ensuring the provision of the best level of medical and treatment services to all residents of El Shorouk Springs Project.
  • Water bodies of very splendor and luxury are represented by water fountains and artificial lakes and these services are distributed to all residential units in Springs Compound.
  • Hassan Allam company has allocated a large space of ​​the project land to establish a number of large sports fields that enable you to play all games, including football, tennis, and squash, to meet the requirements and needs of many customers within El Shorouk Springs Project.
  • Green spaces, landscapes, and gardens occupy the largest space of ​​the project land, and this vast space is estimated at 82% of the land of El Shorouk Compound.
  • Distribution of a number of different swimming pools in terms of size and depth, making them suitable for all residents of the compound and for all ages inside El Shorouk Springs Project.
  • El Shorouk Springs contains a commercial area and includes a high-end shopping mall with a number of shops that display the best fashion and the most luxurious brands and brands in Springs El Shorouk.

The units within Springs El Shorouk Project and the most important spaces available in it

Hassan Allam company has implemented the project on a large space to include a number of various and different units, as it includes (apartments – villas – townhouses – and twin houses), each of which has a space that differs from the other and with distinctive internal and external finishes that suit the tastes of customers in El Shorouk Springs.

As for the spaces within Springs El Shorouk , distinct and different spaces were chosen between the units in order to suit the customers’ desires and in line with them, apartments are starting from 173 square meters up to 223 square meters, and the villas came with various spaces, starting from 447 square meters and ending at 586 square meters, and townhouses units with wonderful designs start from 330 square meters up to 420 square meters inside Shorouk Springs.

Special prices for the Springs El Shorouk project

Take advantage of your opportunities to get luxury units in Springs El Shorouk at reasonable prices and suitable for many customers. You only have to contact us for more information about the most important prices, which have been announced as follows:

The price per square meter within the luxury project in the project city has been set to start from 19 thousand EGP, and it is considered one of the most important and best prices announced in that high-end area compared to all the services that the customer enjoys inside it, as the apartments start from 3,287,000 EGP inside El Shorouk Springs.

The most important payment systems announced to own an integrated unit

The owner company offers easy payment opportunities and various alternatives that the customer can choose from according to his circumstances and purchasing desire, the most important of which are the following:

  • You can pay a downpayment at the time of booking of 15% of the value of the unit, then 5% is paid after one year from the date of contracting.
  • Then a 5% downpayment is paid after two years from the date of the contract, 5% is paid after three years, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years.

For more information, you can contact us!

The Real estate developer of Springs El Shorouk – Hassan Allam

El Nasr Contracting Company, known as Hassan Allam, is the official owner and executor of the Springs El Shorouk residential project, with a huge budget of over 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds. It is also one of the most important companies affiliated with the Ministry of Public Business Sector, the Holding Company for Construction and Development. It was established in 1936 and has a long experience in the world of real estate and construction up to 84 years, and it also includes a large number of engineers and experts in the field of real estate.

During its long career, the company has been able to present a large number of achievements and giant projects in various Arab countries, the most important of which are Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Libya, and Iraq. It is one of the companies that have obtained the ISO certificate, and the Order of Merit, due to the major projects that it contributed to implementing, which was credited with increasing the national income and developing the Egyptian economic program.

The most important projects that the company has submitted and achieved great success


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