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project details

project name Elegantry Mall New Cairo
unit type Bank clinics, shops, administrative offices and commercial units
owner company Catalyst Developments
installment systems The customer pays 20%, 25%, or 30% down payment, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 30, 36 or 42 equal payments.
location In New Cairo close to the Ring Road and Suez Road, which enables residents to easily reach many vital areas and few minutes away from Mobil gas station

Elegantry Mall…the best commercial projects in New Cairo

Take a short tour to get acquainted with the largest commercial, administrative, and medical complex with all services available!

Elegantry Mall New Cairo is characterized by the availability of all the capabilities that make it a unique environment for work; With its luxurious modern designs and its privileged location in the heart of New Cairo, as it is a wonderful place to enjoy the finest and best services, in addition to its units designed with varied spaces and tastes to suit all customers.

Catalyst Developments has also taken care of executing the project on a large area of ​​about 5,353 square meters occupied by many green spaces that provide an atmosphere of tranquility suitable for work and has developed an unparalleled price plan to attract more people who seek progress and success.

Start your project now in Elegantry Fifth Settlement, in an environment conducive to work and prosperity.

Elegantry Mall location

Enjoy being inside the largest malls that offer a new concept of luxury and recreation.

Elegantry project is characterized by its lively and active location close to the Ring Road and Suez Road, which enables residents to easily reach many vital areas, as well as near the following:

  • Mobil gas station, just a few minutes away from Elegantry.
    New Cairo Court.
  • New Administrative Capital and the district of Maadi; Elegantry mall is about 30 minutes away from them.
  • The British International School and the School District in New Cairo.
  • Fifth Settlement, including its distinguished service facilities, high-end residential projects, restaurants, cafes, and various recreational services.
  • Baghdadi Square.
  • The famous teseen street.

Units inside the Elegantry Mall and their different spaces

Catalyst Developments has allocated 5,353 square meters of space for all the services it wants to provide to customers. It has also built Elegantry Mall on approximately 47% of this space and exploited the remaining part in the green spaces and the wonderful landscape that all units overlook, which Adds an aesthetic look.

The most important characteristic of the mall is the diversity in the spaces of its units so that each customer can choose the unit that suits his activity, and this distinction appeared through:

  • Elegantry mall contains various types of units, including commercial units whose spaces start from 81 square meters, and administrative and medical units whose spaces start from 71 square meters.
  • The developer relied on smart systems in designing Elegantry project, as well as flexible spaces, starting from 46 square meters, up to 2,900 square meters.
  • For those who wish to expand their unit, Elegantry New Cairo project provides additional units for business owners.
  • The presence of a large secure garage that can accommodate many cars (more than 224 cars).
  • The number of commercial units reaches 2,900 units.
  • Elegantry mall includes a large dining area that has been designed in a sophisticated and distinctive way to accommodate 868 people.

Services offered by Elegantry Mall New Cairo

For everyone who wants to start his own business amidst many distinguished services, Elegantry Fifth Settlement is the perfect place!

The most important services available within the project are as follows:

  • The spread of green spaces, which are equivalent to nearly half of Elegantry project area, for more relaxation and psychological comfort amidst the picturesque nature.
  • Many services within Elegantry mall make the work environment easy and comfortable, such as babysitting services, dry cleaning, and car maintenance.
  • An upscale Food Court area with many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks, and excellent service 24 hours a day.
  • Elegantry contains A health club with dedicated gym and spa areas and the latest sports equipment, in order to maintain the fitness of Elegantry customers.
  • Fast internet service for all units inside Elegantry mall.
  • Regular maintenance services to solve various malfunctions.
  • Elegantry mall includes 10 modern elevators, including medical services.
  • Elegantry project contains Meeting rooms with the latest audio equipment and characterized by a large space.
  • Building a secure garage on a large underground area that can accommodate a huge number of cars to prevent congestion in front of Elegantry catalyst mall.
  • Office for booking flights to all parts of the world.
  • Systems for dealing with fires and emergencies.
  • The spread of security services, guarding, and modern surveillance cameras that work throughout the day and everywhere inside Elegantry mall catalyst.
  • Electronic gates for a greater sense of security.
  • There are exchange offices and automatic teller machines, in addition to various banking and financial services.
  • Cleaning workers inside Elegantry mall.
  • Elegantry mall houses power generators that automatically turn on when the power goes out.

Prices and payment systems within Elegantry Fifth Settlement

Elegantry is one of the best offered commercial projects that have payment methods commensurate with all financial capabilities of customers.

In addition to Elegantry project’s distinguished and different services and various spaces for the units; It offers a variety of prices that are not competitive with other projects, in addition to flexible payment systems and the receipt of fully finished units.

Those prices are as follows:

  • The price of administrative units starts from 5,130,000 EGP.
  • The price of medical units starts from 2,499,000 EGP.
  • The price of commercial units starts from 7,040,000 EGP.

The payment systems that facilitate the customer’s payment process are also clear through the following:

Medical clinics and administrative units

  • The customer pays a 20% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest of the amount is to be divided into 30 equal payments.
  • The customer pays a 25% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest of the amount is to be paid in 36 equal payments.
  • The customer pays a 30% downpayment of the unit price as a contract provider, and the rest of the amount is to be divided into 42 equal payments.

Commercial Units

The customer in Elegantry pays to purchase his commercial unit within Elegantry Fifth Settlement, with a 30% downpayment of the unit price, provided that the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 48 equal payments.

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The Owner Company Of Elegantry Mall

Catalyst developments is your chance to get the highest return on investment; The company specializes in the development and establishment of a wide range of commercial projects and relies on very important criteria in the implementation of its business, which are:

  • Choose the perfect location.
  • Diversity in units spaces.
  • Innovative and international designs.
  • Good facility management.
  • International standards in construction and building.

As one of its huge, high-quality projects, Catalyst Developments launched Elegantry Mall New Cairo, which is unique in its active location in Fifth Settlement, its global urban designs, and the diversity of its units to suit a large segment of customers.

The company’s previous projects are:

  • Cairo Capital Center Project Fifth Settlement.
  • North Plus Project New Cairo.
  • Business Plus Mall New Cairo.
  • Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo.


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