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project name Floria New Capital Compound
unit type Apartments
owner company Four Seasons Group
installment systems The customer pays the unit price in equal installments within 10 years without a provider
location In New Administrative Capital, which is the eighth district R8 in plot L1, close to Al sefarat district, the ministries, the government and presidential district, and the financial and business district, which includes many branches of international banks, corporate headquarters, and the global stock exchange.

Enjoy with all your family members living in Floria New Capital

Floria Administrative Capital is one of the finest residential complexes established by Four Seasons Group in New Administrative Capital because it has all the necessary factors to live a life of high luxury, calm, and comfort, in addition to being located in the heart of the eighth residential district R8, which is characterized by its economic and commercial activity, in addition to its proximity Of the main roads and axes and many vital areas and government interests such as corporate headquarters, banks, schools, and universities.

Floria project is built on a large space of ​​about 23 acres and includes many apartments with breathtaking designs that overlook the picturesque landscapes of green spaces and charming water bodies that add a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere to the project.

The spaces are varied to suit all tastes and needs, and the prices are distinctive and unbeatable, in addition to the presence of very convenient facilities; Book your unit now inside Floria New Administrative Capital; It is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Take the opportunity and live in the best locations in Floria Compound New Capital

The real estate developer chose the location of the compound very carefully in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in New Administrative Capital, which is the eighth district R8 in plot L1, surrounded by a group of vital and high-end service areas and close to the most important roads and main axes that facilitate the process of moving to and from it.

The most important advantages of the project site are as follows:

  • Floria is close to Al sefarat district, the ministries, the government and presidential district, and the financial and business district, which includes many branches of international banks, corporate headquarters, and the global stock exchange.
  • Floria is located near the fairgrounds and the Cairo Opera House.
  • Floria project is close to the most famous landmarks such as the Green River which is considered as the longest chain of parks in the world.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Floria to the New Capital Airport.
  • Floria Four Seasons is located close to the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • Floria is a few minutes away from Al-Massa Hotel, Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

The residential units and their different spaces

You have a golden opportunity to live in the most prestigious areas of New Administrative Capital within Floria; Where it has all the necessities of a luxurious life, starting from the distinguished geographical location and high-end designs that keep pace with the modern era, to the residential units that vary in their areas and are surrounded by the most beautiful wonderful landscapes that are comfortable for the eye for more recreation and tranquility.

  • The real estate developer has established Floria New Administrative Capital on a space of 23 acres, and green spaces, water bodies, and service facilities constitute the largest percentage, estimated at 80%, while the residential units represent 20% of the total space.
  • There are spacious apartments with spaces ranging from one to four bedrooms, and their areas start from 115 square meters up to 330 square meters.

The unique features of Floria CompoundNew Capital

Floria New Capital Compound owners used all the factors that make Floria New Capital an ideal place to live a luxurious life free from any disturbance, where calm and psychological comfort within unique housing units located amid green spaces for renewal of air and recreation, and the most prominent advantages of Floria Compound include:

  • The strategic location of Floria Compound in the eighth residential neighborhood in the heart of New Administrative Capital, which is one of the most economically and commercially active neighborhoods, in addition to a village of the most important cities, regions, and important neighborhoods, along with main roads and axes.
  • The green spaces surrounding the residential units within Floria New Capital which are represented in the public gardens and parks, which contain plants and flowers of bright colors and beautiful landscapes.
  • Artificial lakes with their sparkling crystal waters and dancing fountains add a kind of charm to Floria New Capital Compound.
  • Swimming pools are distributed harmoniously and vary in size and depth to suit adults and children inside Floria Compound.
  • The interior unit designs are characterized by a high degree of luxury, sophistication, and modernity; Where it appears with wonderful views of the wonderful landscapes around within Floria New Capital Compound.

Get endless services in Floria New Capital Four Seasons

If you are a lover of luxury and comfort and want to live in a quiet, elegant place far from noise and pollution; Now you have to book your unit inside Floria Compound, which is full of many integrated services, the most important of which are:

  • Tracks dedicated to walking, running, and cycling away from car roads to maintain the safety of the residents of Floria New Capital Compound.
  • Safe garages that accommodate the largest number of cars residents inside the project to prevent them from accumulating in front of the units inside Floria New Capital.
  • Security and safety, where there are surveillance cameras distributed everywhere, in addition to the presence of security crews working 24 hours a day without interruption in Floria New Capital project.
  • Floria contains Gyms with the latest types of devices and equipment, in addition to the presence of a group of the most skilled experts and trainers.
  • Kids Area contains a wide range of safe games and various recreational activities for children and is appropriate for their ages in Floria Four Seasons project.
  • The real estate developer was interested in establishing a group of restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services, represented in the finest types of drinks and the most delicious dishes and eastern and western foods inside Floria New Capital Compound.
  • A huge commercial area that contains a mall and a number of shops that provide many goods and services, in addition to the presence of the most famous international brands to satisfy different tastes within Floria New Capital.
  • A gym with playgrounds to practice your favorite sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and others for more luxury inside Floria  Compound.
  • Club House has been equipped to the highest level with the latest types of equipment in addition to many recreational services to reach the highest level of luxury in Floria New Capital Compound.
  • A health club that includes a gym, spa house, sauna, and jacuzzi for more luxury and recreation Floria Four Seasons Compound.
  • Modern electric elevators for easy moving from one floor to another.
  • A mosque in a wonderful Islamic style to perform prayers and religious rites.
  • A 24-hour pharmacy with all kinds of medicines and various treatment services.

Unit prices and payment systems within Floria New Capital

The real estate developer was keen to set surprising prices for all competitors and suitable for all customers, compared to the wonderful advantages and services that customers and investors can benefit from.

Unit prices vary according to their spaces and location; The price per square meter inside Floria Four Seasons starts from 15,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems, Four Seasons Group for Real Estate Development has set convenient facilities suitable for all customers, whereby the customer pays the price of the housing unit over the longest possible payment period of up to 10 years in equal installments and without any interest.

For more information about the project; Connect with us!

The real estate developer of Floria New Capital

Four Seasons Group for real estate development is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate and has won the confidence of a large number of customers and investors, as its architectural designs are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and modernity, and keep pace with the modern style, it is also characterized by simplicity of style, accuracy and mastery, and it delivers the required units on time, helped by the presence of a large group of the most efficient experts, engineers and skilled workers, who have great credit for its development.

The compound is one of the most luxurious and prestigious residential compounds that it has established and dedicated all its energy and material and technical capabilities to provide all customers’ needs and achieve the sufficient amount of luxury they are looking for.

The company has implemented many successful projects, the most important of which are:


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