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Harmont Tower New Capital Mall 

Harmont Tower is the legend that everyone will talk about inside the New Administrative Capital, which provides all Egyptian and foreign investors with a golden opportunity for successful, integrated investment within the largest investment area in the Middle East, which is the New Capital, and implemented by a leading real estate development company that excelled in its implementation. Precisely, it is a Prime company.

Harmont Tower Mall, the administrative capital, contains a lot of interesting services and countless features, which create a suitable environment for you in which you can accomplish what you do with the greatest luxury and sophistication, and every part of the project includes many green patches and landscapes that give you activity And vitality, in addition to the presence of fountains at the entrance to the project, which gives a sense of luxury and sophistication, all of these ingredients, and the real estate developer did not neglect to provide the finest and most luxurious designs and finishes, whether from the inside or outside so that a mall is a meeting place for people of good taste and senior businessmen.

Your unit in Harmont, the new capital, has a special character in terms of attractive design and a pleasant view and provides the largest amount of space that allows various activities to take advantage of the opportunity, in addition to that, Prime Real Estate Development Company has been interested in setting prices that are consistent with the various capabilities of different investors and providing a long-term payment system to You can easily start your dream without any burdens.

Harmont Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital
Harmont Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital

Harmont Tower, the new administrative capital

The real estate developer has succeeded, by all standards, in choosing a very suitable location for the construction of Harmont Mall, which guarantees permanent success for its owners, as a result of the exceptional features that the site includes that help the continuation of your business.

Harmont Tower is located between the northern axis of Bin Zayed and the government district and overlooks a street with a width of 50 meters, which gives you more than one reason to take the initiative to book a unit in Harmont, the most important of which is the ease of access to it from all directions due to its proximity to the most important main roads as well, so the road is no longer a burden It also mediates many other investment and residential projects that are occupied by a high population density, which guarantees that you will receive a lot of visitors on your project daily and achieve the highest profit return.

In addition, Harmont Tower is located near all government institutions, agencies, and major companies, as it occupies a large and important position, in addition to its proximity to the most important service, entertainment, and complementary areas that facilitate everyone in the New Capital to fulfill their requirements and one of the most important additional features of the site

  •  Harmont Tower Mall is a short distance from the Cairo-Suez roads, the regional ring road, and the middle ring road.
  • The mall is only 500 meters away from the Gold Market.
  • It is a short distance away from the most famous government districts in the New Capital, such as the Governmental District and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Harmont Tower is steps away from the new monorail station.
  • Harmont, the administrative capital, is located near People’s Square.
  • Harmont Mall, the New Capital, is close to the largest and most famous religious landmark in the New Administrative Capital, which is Masr Mosque.
  • Harmont Tower is easily accessible to the government district within a few minutes.
  • Harmont Mall is close to pharmaceutical and petroleum companies, as well as hiking and shopping.
  • Among the most famous projects near Harmont Tower, the Capital, Cubes Tower, and Diwan Mall Downtown.

 The space and design of Harmont by Prime Real Estate

As Prime Real Estate Development Company has come back to provide everything distinctive and different from its previous projects, and to complete its surprise, it presented to all its customers Harmont Mall, the new capital, with everything new, and excelled in exploiting every piece of the project space to show Harmont in a wonderful and attractive way that grabs the spotlight from its competing projects. On the other hand, Harmont Tower occupies an area of ​​about 2,600 square meters, and the project enjoys the most beautiful natural view of an 8-acre garden that allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Prime Real Estate Development Company hired Mimar Company, which took over the construction side of the project, and the engineering shape of Harmont Mall was designed in the form of the letter L so that all units have a wonderful view of the landscape and water bodies spread in all parts of Harmont Mall, and the mall includes a glossy glass facade designed in the European style The luxury that suits lovers of creativity and sophistication.

All these aesthetic elements and the real estate developer did not forget the final design and decorations of the mall from the inside, inspired by the West, which gave Harmont Administrative Capital another aesthetic flavor that increases its effectiveness, in addition to using the latest scientific and technological methods in which the project was built in order to show us an elegant appearance that no one disagrees with.

Harmont Mall, the Administrative Capital, consists of a large garage consisting of four floors, a ground floor, and 12 recurring lofts. The real estate developer has excelled in dividing the mall from the inside to contain the largest number of units of various sizes while preserving privacy and tranquility as follows

  • The ground floor is allocated to shops and commercial units within Harmont Tower.
  • While it includes the first and second floors for commercial units as well.
  • For the rest of the floors from the third to the twelfth floor of the administrative units.

 Get exclusive integrated services inside Harmont Tower New Capital Mall

In Harmont, the new capital, you will leave all burdens and enjoy the finest group of integrated services aimed at your reassurance, comfort, and well-being, in order to feel that your presence with us is not limited to practical life only, but also to find everything you dream of in one place, through which you can find all your requirements in an elegant manner. one of the important

  • Harmont Tower, the new capital, is fully secured with high-quality surveillance cameras covering every inch of the project, and the security staff has been chosen very carefully in order to be up to the responsibility that guarantees you a safe working life.
  • High-speed internet service is available for all units of Harmont Tower Mall and outdoor spaces so that you do not have the burden of dealing with telecom companies.
  • In Harmont, the capital, there is a huge group of international and local shops that will give you an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • One of the most important services available within Harmont Tower, the New Capital, is the food court, which includes many varied restaurants and cafes that provide their services to the fullest and at a level that suits you.
  • Harmont Tower was operated by the smart facility system, starting from entering the project through the electronic gates.
  • Harmont Mall has central air conditioning that works automatically to maintain the temperature inside the project to be perfectly suitable for your comfort and well-being.
  • The real estate developer was interested in creating a children’s entertainment area that contains many tools and games that develop your child’s mental abilities.
  • Providing many ATMs to facilitate your financial transactions within Harmont Mall.
  • Harmont Tower includes a maintenance and cleaning team who are always working in order to maintain the aesthetic view of the project, and the continuation of your work always without interruption.
  • A large supermarket that provides you with all the food commodities and needs that you may need at your convenience in Harmont Tower.

 Unparalleled exceptional features within Harmont Tower

Starting with booking a new investment unit in Harmont, the New Capital, you will have many advantages that help you to carry out your work in a suitable environment, and on the other hand, you will enjoy a lot of entertainment and stunning views to spend the finest and most beautiful times through which you will renew your daily activity.

  • Harmont, the Administrative Capital, is environmentally friendly and works using solar panels to keep your business going in a calm and clean atmosphere.
  • Harmont Tower Mall includes many elevators and escalators distributed evenly throughout the project to prevent overcrowding and facilitate movement between the different floors.
  • Harmont Tower, the New Administrative Capital, has a wonderful view of the green spaces that provide all occupants of the project with a clean atmosphere and a breath of fresh air. It also gives you a breathtaking view of an 8-acre garden for you to relax and listen.
  • Inside the capital’s hormones, there is more than one large display screen for advertisements and another for maps that make it easy for you to reach your goal with ease.
  • Providing a central shower within Harmont New Capital, distributed to all units, restaurants, and cafes.
  • The entire Harmont Tower project is insured with the latest self-extinguishing devices that ensure peace of mind at all times.
  • The real estate developer provided more than one power generator that works automatically when the power goes out.
  • There are places on the roof designated for sitting and enjoying stunning landscapes, and the real estate developer has provided entertainment services for you to spend the happiest times.
  • The real estate developer took care of people with special needs and provided them with many facilities and services within Harmont.
  • Inside Harmont, there is a very large garage that can accommodate more customers and investors, and it is secured with the latest devices and equipment.

The types and sizes of the units offered within Harmont Tower, the new capital

The real estate developer was inspired by the idea of ​​establishing Harmont Mall, the new capital, from the requirements of the investment market recently, so it is a mall that includes the two most searched types by investors from all directions, as it is a commercial and administrative project with a total of 240 units with many and varied spaces suitable for various activities, in addition to providing more than A model of design and finishing consistent with all high tastes.

One of the most important features of Harmont Tower units is that all of them have an attractive view of the green spaces scattered in all parts of Harmont Mall, from the inside and outside, and you can see them easily from within the panoramic facade of the units.

  • The space of commercial units in Harmont New Capital starts from 23 square meters.
  • While the space of the administrative units within Harmont Tower Mall starts from 36 square meters.

Prices of administrative and commercial units in Harmont Mall, New Capital

Take advantage of the opportunity and take the initiative to book your unit in the most important new cities in Egypt, the Middle East, and the Middle East, at the lowest price per square meter within the New Administrative Capital, and the prices varied due to the advantages that each unit includes such as location, view, and space, but all of them are within the average purchasing power of everyone who wants to build a brilliant future for themselves. And achieve a high return on investment.

  • Units’ prices on the ground floor in Harmont, the Administrative Capital, start from 90,000 EGP.
  • While the unit price per meter on the first floor starts from 70,500 EGP.
  • The unit price ranges per meter on the second floor and starts from 65,000 EGP.
  • As for the administrative units in Harmont Tower, the capital, the price per meter starts at 18,700 EGP.

Payment and payment systems provided by Prime

Prime Real Estate Development Company wanted its first projects within the New Administrative Capital to have a special character that meets several conditions and factors that attract many to it. Indeed, it was able to make Harmont an integrated project, starting from choosing the location, through services and features, to your investment unit at the best price, and it was not satisfied with this. A payment method has been developed that enables business owners to easily own a new investment unit in Harmont, with exclusive discounts for cash payments and installments as well.

  • The customer can pay a contract down payment of 15% of the total unit price, then another 15% is paid as a receipt payment, and the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over 10 years.
  • There is an exclusive discount on purchasing commercial units and shops in Harmont, the capital, up to 15% of the total unit value in installments, and 50% when paying the unit value in cash.
  • There was also a mandatory lease contract with a return of up to 18% of the total unit value, in order to provide all investors with a guaranteed opportunity to profit without any obstacles.

 The real estate developer and his most important previous works

Prime Developments, the owner and executor of Harmont Mall, the administrative capital, is considered one of the largest and most important real estate development and investment companies in Egypt for more than 15 years.

The most important thing that distinguishes Prime Real Estate in the implementation of its projects is that it always pays attention to the smallest details and adopts a professional style and application of quality standards from the beginning of the implementation of the project until the customer’s hand over the units, so it was able to easily gain the trust of its customers to a great extent over the previous years, as it seeks to provide everything that is new and comfortable It is distinguished in the world of architecture, and it is in contact with the world of international architectural decorations to apply it with the latest means to satisfy its customers, and this is what makes it always in the first place. 

Previous work of Prime Real Estate Development Company

  • Establishing a mini compound, El Kawther Heights.
  • The establishment of View Aqua consists of 108 hotel apartments.
  • Construction of Revira Mall in Hurghada.
  • Majra project in El Gouna, consisting of 308 hotel housing units.
  • Establishing 15 individual housing projects in New Kawthar and Arab neighborhoods.
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