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project name Heartwork Mountain View New Cairo
unit type Clinics and administrative offices
owner company Mountain View
installment systems You can pay 10% of the unit value and the rest in installments over 8 full years, or pay 5% of the unit value and pay the rest over 6 years.
location In New Cairo, in the heart of the Compound Mountain View iCity New Cairo, inside the Golden Square, close to El Patio Oro Compound and Hyde Park.

Heartwork Administrative Mall New Cairo

Heartwork Mall is the first global administrative complex on Egyptian territory, and it is one of the most important projects that Mountain View Real Estate Development and Development has worked on.

Providing a suitable work environment is one of the important pillars in building a distinguished administrative society, and this is what Mountain View Company has taken care of, and its motto is to develop all the elements of happiness, which are the heart, mind, soul, and body, it was keen to find all the ways that enhance these elements within the work environment.

Therefore, it worked to provide several factors to achieve its logo inside Heartwork mall, in addition to the fact that the project is located in a unique location in Fifth Settlement and this is one of the most competitive features that the place enjoys, also, wonderful green spaces surrounding Heartwork mall were provided on each side with several seats for visitors to enjoy this beautiful splendor, and the executing company worked on providing different administrative spaces to suit all customers.

Interior and exterior design of Heartwork New Cairo

The presence of a unique and distinctive engineering design that provides all kinds of comfort and tranquility inside and outside the offices and administrative centers located in the mall is what the developer of Heartwork Mountain View project has provided to its clients.

Achieving the four pillars of happiness is important within the work environment, and Mountain View Company has hired the largest international organizations, namely (DH™ Global) and (Callison RTKL) to design the project in an elegant and attractive manner that provides all the elements of luxury for the place, so they designed offices with a number of comfortable seats It has a distinctive shape as well as a modern lighting system that relies on providing natural, comfortable lighting for the eye.

In addition to filling the place with green spaces inside and outside the buildings, equipped with several seats designated to take a rest and meditate in a calm atmosphere, the spaces within the Heartwork Mall have varied greatly to suit all tastes, so make sure to purchase your unit now before it is too late.

Heartwork Mall Fifth Settlement location

Heartwork Mountain View is located in the heart of Mountain View City Compound New Cairo, and it is a very vital place and this location is one of the best places in Fifth Settlement, minutes away from several important main areas, including:

  1. Heartwork is located inside the Golden Square, which is one of the most important and most famous areas in New Cairo.
  2. HeartworkIt is located close to El Patio Oro Compound and Hyde Park.
  3. IHeartworkt is also two minutes away from Suez Road and Future City.
  4. As well as Heartwork is proximity to New Administrative Capital, about 10 minutes by car.
  5. Heartwork is about 15 minutes from the American University (AUC) and Cairo International Airport.

Units spaces inside Heartwork Mountain View

Due to the unique design on which mountain view Heartwork Mall was built, it is built on a space of 38 acres and contains offices, administrative buildings, meeting rooms, some cafes, and restaurants, in addition to clinics and areas designated for beauty with its own entrance and other various facilities.

As well as being inside the Mountain View iCity Compound, which makes it close to several malls, cinemas, pharmacies, nurseries, gyms, and various gardens. The spaces inside Heartwork Egypt mall range from 55 square meters up to 500 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in Heartwork Mall Fifth Settlement

Prices are one of the most important competitive features of any project, and because the company that developed the mall is always keen to gain the trust of its customers and provide them with the best, it has worked to provide payment systems and distinct prices to meet all their requests.

  • The price per square meter inside Heartwork Mall starts from 29,000 EGP up to 34,000 EGP for semi-finished units.
  • Heartwork unit prices start from 1,644,500 EGP.
  • As for the fully finished units inside Heartwork, the price per square meter ranges from 32,000 EGP to 35,000 EGP.
  • 10% of the unit value can be paid, and the rest can be paid in installments over 8 full years.
  • Paying 5% of the unit value and pay the rest over 6 years.

Features in Heartwork Mall New Cairo

  • Heartwork project carries all the different factors of success in terms of the distinctive location, unique designs and competitive prices, as well as various services and facilities to suit all tastes.
  • The presence of green spaces around Heartwork Mountain View from all sides, which increases the atmosphere of calm in it, so that visitors can enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature, and these green spaces extend to buildings and roofs of buildings to decorate them and increase their splendor.
  • Providing dedicated rooms for meetings and training centers in Heartwork.
  • Heartwork Mountain View includes unique interior designs with various spaces to provide a more comfortable work environment.
  • The presence of several different entrances facilitates the movement of entry and exit to and from Heartwork mall.
  • The presence of several restaurants and cafes serving healthy foods and drinks within Heartwork.
  • Heartwork project was provided with a large car garage to prevent overcrowding and crowding.
  • Heartwork Providing elevators and escalators to fully serve the mall visitors, in addition to the presence of specialized beauty centers and clinics with their own entrance.
  • Heartwork Providing the place with surveillance cameras and guarding continuously to increase the protection and security inside it.

About The Owner Company

Mountain View is one of the most important Egyptian real estate companies, which is always competing to be at the top among its peers, so it works continuously to provide the best engineering works of a global architectural nature, which contains all the services and facilities required, in order to ensure that it closely maintains the trust and love of the customer.

Among these projects that the company submitted to the Egyptian market are:


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